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2017 Reflections of Geocaching in Manitoba

Our calendar is coming! GET IT HERE!

Filled with 13 photos submitted by Geocachers of Manitoba, this wall calendar is sure to entice you to get out Geocaching in some of the beautiful locations across our Province.

We are offering an early bird price of $15 for calendars pre-sold online. When the Calendars are in stock and sold at events, the price will be $20.
Only those pre-paying online qualify for the special $15 price. If you are paying later, when picking up your calendar, the cost will be $20.

Reflections of Caching in Manitoba Calendar contest 2016

Here we go! Below are the 30 entries for the 2016 Reflections of Caching in Manitoba Calendar contest!

The full sized photos, their titles and the submitted stories can be viewed here on our Flickr stream. Or you can click on each photo individually.

It took a bit longer to get this on the page as we were trying to find a simple photo contest host. That proved to be challenging so we're kicking it old school.

To make your entries count, first log into the site ( <-------------- on the left <-------------- ). Then view the 30 photos below and make a note of your 12 favourites. Then click here to enter our forums where you can reply to the post with your vote!

Thanks for voting!

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Journey Through Time

Skoki along with friends at the Assiniboine Park Zoo, the Manitoba Geocaching Association, and Beaverlodge School are hosting an event at the Assiniboine Park Zoo on Saturday, October 29, 2016. Join us in the fun started at the zoo by our geocaching friends, Flotsom and Jetsom!

Log your will attend here!

The event will begin in the zoo classroom with a brief introduction to geocaching, along with some tips and tricks of the game for beginners. Please feel free to sign the event log book as you check in, and pick up your game sheet.

Cachefest 2016

Cachefest 2016

If you're looking to seize a day, unlike any other than make your way to Dauphin this September. You are the hero that Dauphin deserves and the one it needs right now! Answer the call because your presence is requested at the biggest Superhero/Geocacher gathering this far north of Gotham City.

The Mission:
This edition of Cachefest will feature a Superhero Carnival. Each carnival station has geocache coordinates that will be unlocked after you take part in the activity. Explore Vermillion Park and unlock all the secrets that are hidden within.

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