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GeoVenture 2017 Changes!

Please note the changes to GeoVenture 2017. This will now be a one day event on Saturday, August 19th. There will be no camping this year! Friday night bonfire and Sunday morning CITO have been cancelled.

Saturday, August 19
Coffee Event in Gimli 10-11am. Walk the boardwalk, enjoy the artisans, sign the log.
GeoVenture Challenge 1-5pm (Starting at Gimli Beach)
GeoVenture Supper Windup in Gimli 5-7pm - The Oldie Cafe in the Gimli Hotel 21 Centre Street

GeoVenture 2017: Canada 150

We are just 18 days from the 12th Annual GeoVenture in Gimli!

It is International Geocaching Day on Saturday, August 19, what a great way to celebrate!

Below are some links to the information and where events are being held. It is VERY important that you log your will attends as we need to know how many people to expect!

Friday, August 18 7-10pm (Group Use area C)

Canada Day Breakfast event!

Happy Canada Day! (It's Canada Day in Newfoundland.)

Three things to note for attendees of the breakfast event.

1) We have an overwhelming response to this event. 50+ have posted a will attend!
(A great problem to have!) We know that some people will be coming near the start of the event and leaving early, some arriving later. In talking with Salisbury House, the room we have can hold 40. Anyone beyond that capacity will need to be seated elsewhere in the restaurant.

GeoCoin liquidation!

GeoCoin liquidation!
The MBGA is blowing out all the remaining coins (which isn't very many now) for $5.00 !!
Supplies are limited (we have 18 of the 11-12-13 coins) the link below has a photo of that coin. (These coins may go quickly and if they haven't sold tomorrow, they will be available at Thursday's event.)

We do have 50 of the MBGA 10th anniversary coins, but we have special plans for those. Look for details about the Canada 150 MBGA coin race soon. The race WILL be launching on July 1st, from the breakfast event.

Cool Caches in Canada!

4 cool caches... one of them owned by Manitoba's own bergmannfamily! (Unfortunately, we have to travel to Alberta to find their cool cache.)

Read the blog HERE!

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