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Milestones achieved in June 2013

After a hiatus, the recording and calculations of member milestones returns. In the past, there was an automated script to handle this task. Due to gc.com site changes, this is done manually. As well, in the past, the lowest milestone that was recognized was the 100th cache find.

July 2013 Summer Hiding Contest

Welcome to the July (and now August and September) hiding challenge! July of 2013 is dedicated to the kids. Yes, Geocaching as a whole is all about the kid inside of us all, this challenge is all about the little ones. As Geocaching has grown, the number of families with kids have discovered how much fun it is has grown. This year's Geoventure theme is 'The Games People Play.' The theme of this year's hiding challenge is an extension of that. Hide and Seek, hide/find the thimble/treasure, geocaching... games that kids play.

Okay, I think you have the point.

GeoVenture 2013: The Games People Play

The Manitoba Geocaching Association (MBGA) is hosting its 7th Annual GeoVenture Event!

Friday, August 16th - Sunday, August 18th
Group Use Area #1, Site #6
Birds Hill Provincial Park

Coordinates: N 50° 01.375 W 096° 54.467

This event is open to everyone. Whether you've been caching for a long time, are relatively new at it, or are just thinking about trying it sometime, we are looking forward to meeting you! The main event will take place on Saturday, but feel free to drop by anytime.

Video: on the hunt for fun with geocaching in Manitoba

Global TV Winnipeg's Dan Grummett recently filmed a Focus Manitoba segment on Geocaching. Have a look!


It’s a worldwide treasure hunt that’s becoming more popular in Manitoba.

Geocaching is the endless search for hidden objects, guided by clues and Global Positioning Systems. There are thousands of hidden geocaches in Manitoba alone; millions around the world. And for some Manitobans, finding them is a full time obsession and popular family activity that can lead almost anywhere.

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