Milestones achieved in August 2013

500: Gunnerwalker90, igaubeekae, TerryLee
600: Smudge & Daisy, Hikhik
700: Sulky61, Jesterotr
800: Hakliva
900: Flutie Fans, morty-fan
1,000: The Doctor 155, 2Tired2Think
1,100: East_man, wally_k, swelbergen
1,200: Gidobear, jorole, The Black Flight, Sunny Owl and Hubby, Yogi®
1,300: gimligliders, PelicanKru, SiaFhir
1,400: 0011mixam, 3T’s&aG
1,500: goldfinch99, jabbywockyz
1,600: holydragon33, myst354, joust gezzin, ShakaDula14
1,700: Lynda L., GroovyPinkSocks
1,900: sisterlinda, KeeGee
2,000: Stonagal
2,500: 4elements5senses
3,500: trag_cachers, dani_carriere
4,000: Skoki

Milestones achieved in July 2013

Congratulations to July's milestone achievers!

700: 156paris, thewark, hockey_family
800: East_man, S.T.D.K
900: abbyspeople, Charlie0460, PilotMounders
1,000: Yogi®, Oakbank24
1,300: jabbywockyz, goldfinch99, Tracker 70, GroovyPinkSocks, pinch3
1,400: Antihiro
1,500: ShakaDula14, Paggi, Google Eyes
1,700: ArtyLab & Da Missus
1,800: sisterlinda, KeeGee
1,900: Stonagal
2,000: Muz and Girlie, rika72, dtex
2,500: TXNCHK_and_MonkeyMan, Erocks, Fawnzy1987
3,000: Mindless Drifter, Bike_4_me
3,500: jbduffman, AngelFreak, GG+J
4,000: happymole
5,500: Wagonmaker, netleyhunter, glacie

Milestones achieved in June 2013

After a hiatus, the recording and calculations of member milestones returns. In the past, there was an automated script to handle this task. Due to site changes, this is done manually. As well, in the past, the lowest milestone that was recognized was the 100th cache find.

Cacher of the Month - August 2013




The first time I met our geocacher of the month, jbduffman, was at Mhz's birthday event in the Whiteshell a few years ago. He came with his friend, and previous MBGA cacher of the month, ruylopez. Around the campfire, discussion was all about caching, and a particular underwater cache in nearby Falcon Lake, Sunken Treasure. Cachers lostinsociety and Lookiemonster offered up a pontoon boat to go and get it the next day. So, first thing in the morning, at least 12 of us piled into the pontoon boat and off we went. Once at GZ, the discussion of who was going to go into the water started, then a quick blur and a huge splash as jbduffman ran, then dove into the water. 4 others joined him, underwater pictures were taken by Mrs. Trove Chasers, and jbduffman found the cache! A very memorable day. Read on to learn more about the MBGA's Cacher of the Month for August.

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