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Milestones achieved in November 2014

Congratulations to the following MBGA members who achieved milestones in November 2014!

500: Old Guys 21, binibini, checkerberries, MarcoIslandGuy
800: MarcoIslandGirl(MIG)
900: Jesterotr
1,000: KURT B
1,100: Carl the cat, JollyJones
1,300: Geo-Smart, BeesCook
1,400: East_man
1,500: jorole
1,600: darth daul
1,800: kissme11
2,500: goldfinch99
3,000: gnirips
3,500: winnipegk5
4,000: rungirl159
4,500: trag_cachers
10,000: RW/RW
22,000: ruylopez
23,000: JB.

12-13-14 Geocoin Events - Winnipeg and Dauphin

On Saturday, December 13, the calendar can be read as 12-13-14. As in previous years, a special geocoin is being created to commemorate the occasion. And also as in previous years, the MBGA has ordered a custom coin featuring our corporate colours. Coins can be pre-ordered through our discussion forum. Events are taking place in Winnipeg (GC5GPRN) and Dauphin (GC5GD8G), where cachers will have their first opportunity to see and pick up up their coins.

The Winnipeg event is taking place at Smitty's restaurant, #8-2305 McPhillips Street (in Garden City Shopping Centre).

Milestones achieved in October 2014

Congratulations to the following MBGA members who achieved milestones in October 2014!

500: KURT B, MERCEDEEZBENZZ, The Hollywoods, 5GoofyGoobers, warnor, fuellbrats
600: Cyn1967
700: McLaban, P.A.C.K., roadfinder724, mrbanjo60, mister music
800: Bogbug
1,000: wing.and.a.prayer
1,100: NovaToba (formerly PilotMounders)
1,200: BeesCook, Geo-Smart, AF girl
1,300: Oakbank24, WpgAdventurers
1,400: two gemseekers
1,500: darth daul
1,600: PelicanKru
1,700: pinch3
1,900: Gidobear, holydragon33
2,000: beancakes, myst354
2,500: MuStash
4,000: ernie&bert&elmo&grover
6,500: Trove Chaser

Milestones achieved in September 2014

Congratulations to the following MBGA members who achieved milestones in September 2014!

500: 2TG, Bluenoser2, newlite
600: tlyric97, mister music, Gyrfalcon09, mrbanjo60
700: Moose623, Photogirl541
800: Beescook, Geo-Smart
1,000: PilotMounders, WpgAdventurers, GeoJoeJaneCashaJace
1,100: TripleSTrio, Flutie Fans, darth daul
1,200: thewark
1,300: zankat
1,500: wally_k
1,700: MosesRIP
1,800: Yogi®
1,900: gimligliders
2,000: H.erectus&Lucy
2,500: 0011mixam
3,000: rika72
8,000: markzsalmon
8,500: Geopahkers

MBGA Board Update

As of September 16th, Andrew Teeluck (SiaFhir) has retired as Vice President of the MBGA and stepped down from the MBGA board of directors to focus more of his time on other adventures. We wish to thank Andrew for his past 5 years of contributions to the MBGA and wish him well on the new endeavours he is undertaking.

In his place, as the new Vice President, is Josh Bernier (Stonagal). We thank you to Josh for accepting the nomination and look forward to working with Josh in his new role.

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