Cacher of the Month - March 2012

Mindless Drifter

Mindless Drifter

Mindless Drifter

Sometimes I think that this should have been my geocaching user name, "Mindless Drifter". To me, it invokes the image of a feather in the wind, going wherever the air current takes them. Or, someone who walks around in a daze most of the time. Both descriptions would apply to me. But, this write up is not about me, it's about March's Cacher of the Month! Mindless Drifter has been caching for almost 5 years. For most of that time, he cached under the name of rnakonec, which is how I know him. In that time, he has amassed over 1,700 geocaches in at least 3 countries, including Panama. Taking a quick gander at his statistics page shows that for the month of March alone, he has hit over 450 caches!! Methinks someone is working on a power trail! Congratulations, Mindless Drifter, Happy GeoTrails to you!

Battlecache III Announcement

Operation BattleCache ]|[


Due to a number of requests, we have re-opened the game entry form for players to submit Battlecache hits that they found before the close of the game. (February 29th) Please remember, the only Geocache finds that are eligible for entry are those found between November 1st 2011 and February 29th 2012.

This entry form will re-close on March 11th at 11:59:59.

Click here to view your game board and submit your entries.

Cacher of the Month - February 2012



Antihiro And Cache-Bandicoot

OK, picture it ... it's the summer of 2009 and you and your wife are expecting your first baby. You have first names for a boy or girl picked out, but nothing for the middle name. So, you decide, what's a better way of picking a name than having a cache pool with the winner given the right to give your new baby a middle name. That's what cachers Antihiro and his wife, MagenticGirl, did. They placed a cache in July of 2009, What's in a baby name?. All finders had to do was, in their on-line log, provide a guess for the date the baby was born, and it's weight (lbs and ounces). In addition, they would supply what they wanted the baby's middle name to be: one boy and one girl or one unisex name. Over the summer, many cachers found the cache and supplied name suggestions. How trusting can a parent be? They could have ended up with a baby named Susan Muggle Doe, or James Garmin Doe. God, forbid they'd have a baby named Ferdinand Magellan Doe. BTW, the family's last name isn't really Doe, I'm just using that for demonstrative purposes. Luckily, the name choices by all the finders were quite reasonable. Go to the cache page at the link above to see all the options. The baby, a girl (caches under the name Cache-Bandicoot), was given the middle name Ashley, as picked by the pool winner Glacier_ice. Read further to learn more about Antihiro and his caching exploits.

MBGA AGM and Bacon-Palooza

Please join us for the MBGA Annual General Meeting.

This is a great opportunity to find out what the Manitoba Geocaching Association has been up to for the past year and to find out what we are planning for the year ahead. We will also be having a potluck dinner and cook-off featuring BACON!

Date: Saturday, April 14th, 2012
Time: 5:00 - 9:00 pm
Location: Fort Garry United Church, 800 Point Rd

Bacon-Palooza Cookoff

There will be prizes for best main course, best side dish, and best dessert featuring BACON.

Cacher of the Month - January 2012




If you're like me, when you hear a name like "Geo-Indy", your brain automatically starts into the classic theme song. I also bet that sometimes when you're out on a geocaching quest, climbing over fallen trees, and into small caves you're singing that song outloud, aren't you. C'mon ... tell the truth. There you go. We've all done it. I even know of a certain cacher who had it as a ringtone during a flash freeze mob event. OK, back to the cacher of the month... Reading their answers to the questionnaire they were sent, I found myself nodding my head. Yes, ruylopez' puzzle are crazy hard. Yes, Z'tirnats caches are super awesome. Yes, "No Hints" hints are pet peeves of mine too. Read on, fellow cachers, and learn more about Geo-Indy. (And if you click that theme song link above, you can have it playing in the background while you're reading their cacher of the month page).

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