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10th Anniversary Logo

Hello Everyone,

Below I would like to introduce our new 10th Anniversary Logo! We felt we needed to have a fresh brand look going into our 10th year and this is it! We will be building a bit more on this in the months ahead.


Milestones achieved in December 2014

Congratulations to the following MBGA members who achieved milestones in December 2014! Who knows where we'll all be at the end of 2015!

600: Awol
800: mrbanjo60, rufusandpals!, Moose623
1,200: NovaToba
1,300: thewark
1,400: Geo-Smart
1,500: freebill
1,700: icimondo
4,000: 4elements5senses
4,500: Bike_4_me
6,000: okeeffek

12-13-14 Coin Update

First off, we are sold out! A successful event and fantastic turn out. There are just a handful of people who have yet to pick up their coins. They will only be held for 3 months following the event before they are put up for sale again.

I've had to do some digging to find out the meaning behind the design on the coins. So far, this is what I have for information.

One of the writing systems used on the coins are Gallifreyan, a writing system in the Doctor Who TV series. The rest is copied from a GeoSwag post that didn't quite reveal all the mysteries in this coin.


Milestones achieved in November 2014

Congratulations to the following MBGA members who achieved milestones in November 2014!

500: Old Guys 21, binibini, checkerberries, MarcoIslandGuy
800: MarcoIslandGirl(MIG)
900: Jesterotr
1,000: KURT B
1,100: Carl the cat, JollyJones
1,300: Geo-Smart, BeesCook
1,400: East_man
1,500: jorole
1,600: darth daul
1,800: kissme11
2,500: goldfinch99
3,000: gnirips
3,500: winnipegk5
4,000: rungirl159
4,500: trag_cachers
10,000: RW/RW
22,000: ruylopez
23,000: JB.

12-13-14 Geocoin Events - Winnipeg and Dauphin

On Saturday, December 13, the calendar can be read as 12-13-14. As in previous years, a special geocoin is being created to commemorate the occasion. And also as in previous years, the MBGA has ordered a custom coin featuring our corporate colours. Coins can be pre-ordered through our discussion forum. Events are taking place in Winnipeg (GC5GPRN) and Dauphin (GC5GD8G), where cachers will have their first opportunity to see and pick up up their coins.

The Winnipeg event is taking place at Smitty's restaurant, #8-2305 McPhillips Street (in Garden City Shopping Centre).

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