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Milestones achieved in February 2014

TWO Geocachers over 20,000 finds! WOW!


600: IceCube1
1,000: H.erectus&Lucy
1,100: freebill
1,300: wally_k
1,500: 2Tired2Think
1,900: 0011mixam, Derivative
2,000: GroovyPinkSocks
3,000: 4elements5senses
4,500: Skoki
20,000: JB., ruylopez

Cacher of the Month - February 2014




Oh, yes, they call him "The Streak" (Look at that, look at that). He is a geocaching geek (Look at that, look at that). If there's a geocache to be found, he'll be streakin' around, because he's Jordan McPeek.

What do I mean by "The Streak"? It has nothing to do with someone showing off their "shortcomings". In this case, it has to do with a streak of consecutive days with a find. This month's Cacher, KeeGee, has the longest streak of anyone in Manitoba. As of March 7, 2014, he is sitting at 1,175 consecutive days. That's 3.2 years of finding caches, often only one a day. What great restraint and preserverence he must have, as well as a patient family (although they sometimes accompany him on his hunts). I had the honour of hosting an event to celebrate KeeGee's 1,000th consecutive day of caching. I have a feeling I may need to save up some money to host the 2,000th consecutive day event. Keep reading to find out more about the MBGA's February Cacher of the Month.

Milestones achieved in January 2014

600: WpgAdventurers
700: sailordudes
900: spaceman_baz
1,300: 2Tired2Think
1,500: pinch3
3,000: TB/RB
4,500: okeeffek
9,500: Peter and Gloria

Cacher of the Month - January 2014




As is standard when I'm going to author these introductory paragraphs, I normally start on the cacher's profile page so that I can get to know them a bit better. This time was no different. I've known J&R_2003 for some time now, meeting them (mostly him) at events and sometimes on the trail. Always affable and approachable, and always will to talk about caching. When I first met him (R), I thought he was a new cacher. Little did I know that he had already amassed over 1,000 cache finds and had cached in many countries, including Afghanistan (ed: Holy Cow!). As a member of Canada's Armed Forces, R has had an opportunity to move around Canada, having several home bases. As I'm looking through their stats page, I noticed something odd. They don't have any North Dakota or Minnesota cache finds! We must remedy that! Who's up for a road trip once the weather warms up! Keep reading to find out about the Cacher of the Month...

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