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Milestones achieved in August 2014

Congratulations to the following MBGA members who achieved milestones in August 2014!

500: mrbanjo60, The Art of Poise, plainesrebel, Bena+Mal, HoneyBadger84, McLaban
600: Photogirl541
700: BeesCook, Dracoribon, Geo-Smart, MarcoIslandGirl(MIG)
800: hockey_family, TeamAngryHamster, Us3Greens, yakherder
900: WpgAdventurers, IceCube1
1,000: TerryLee, darth daul, Carl the cat, JollyJones
1,100: HRPlett, abbyspeople, Shebaz Jenkins
1,200: S.T.D.K, Oakbank24, The Doctor 155
1,500: Evans Hideaway (EH)
1,800: gimligliders, H.erectus&Lucy
1,900: Paggi
2,500: sisterlinda, dtex
3,000: Ston

GeoVenture 2014: Starry Nights

Location: Bird's Hill Provincial Park

The Manitoba Geocaching Association (MBGA) is hosting its 8th Annual GeoVenture weekend!
For more info please visit GeoVenture 2014 Starry Nights.
To help us plan ahead, please post

Cacher of the Month - July 2014




With both of us being cachers for many years, I would have hoped to meet goldfinch99. Looking at his stats, I see that we only have 1 event in common, and I cannot remember if I had an opportunity to talk to him. I must work on my social skills! Not having any anecdotes to tell you about him, I'll have to rely on his caching stats to speak to me. He's been caching for almost six years now and has found over 2200 caches. Seeing that he took a 3 year hiatus, I think that's quite a feat, having amassed all but 4 of those in the last 2.5 years. I am glad that he has returned to active caching, and look forward to meeting him. Read on to learn more about the July MBGA Cacher of the Month, goldfinch99.

Geocaching Events 101

So you're a newer Geocacher and have yet to come out to an event Geocache. How do I find them? What do I do? What if I don't know anyone? These are common things that cachers think about when it comes to events.

So we'll take a few minutes to go through some of those thoughts. I will welcome feedback from people and add to this post.

Why should you attend an event? At first blush, Geocaching appears to be a solitary activity. However, most people were introduced to Geocaching by a friend. That in itself would have been fun.

Milestones achieved in July 2014

Congratulations to the following MBGA members who achieved milestones in July 2014!

500: mister music
600: BeesCook, Dracoribon, Geo-Smart, Spoon274
700: TeamAngryHamster
800: WpgAdventurers, darth daul
900: TerryLee, Carl the cat
1,100: AF girl
1,300: two gemseekers
1,400: Evans Hideaway (EH), wally_k, freebill, jorole, The Black Flight, Sunny Owl and Hubby
1,600: Antihiro, Google Eyes
1,700: H.erectus&Lucy, kissme11, gimligliders, Yogi®
1,800: holydragon33, Gidobear
2,000: jabbywockyz
3,000: Erocks
4,000: Bike_4_me, AngelFreak
5,500: okeeffek
7,000: markzsalmon
8,000: Geo

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