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October Stats Report - compliments of Geocacher Ken

Ladies and Gentlemen. Pardon the interruption. Now presenting, the October milestones and stats report.

The following MBGA members reached milestones:
300: skylar 1232003
400: Fiona & Shrek, brian-i
500: Pembina Dan
900: Cool Andrew 132, Hockey_family

1,000: Plainesrebel.
1,200: Jaremian.
1,300: lord yorlik, hct81
1,400: Sam and Lily.
1,800: the DoWoP's

2,000: JAB007
2,500: 1purplemonkeydishwasher1
3,000: 2rjs, KeeGee.
8,500: bergmannfamily.

10,000: okeeffek
12,000: 4elements5senses
36 geocachers hit milestones with only 19 being MBGA members.

Events this week

Make sure you check out this week's events.
GIFF event in Morden by Semb Saturday 4 Nov
GIFF event in Winnipeg by The Muppets, and Dani 5 Nov

Updates for the week

A couple updates for this week, from ShopCrazy
1) the trial website was a bust (it was not at all scaleable to the level of our old site, I am exploring some other options, expect new things in the next week or so.

MHz - Need Lunch #3 Event on Tuesday

Just a reminder Mhz is hosting a lunch event this Tuesday.

Mark your will attend here!

Where: Big Guys Ranch and Saloon
Address: 200 Meadowood Dr
When: Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Time: 12:00-13:00

September Milestones and Stats - They never made it here.

Ladies and Gentlemen, coming to you via satellite from downtown Toronto, Ontario. It's the September milestones and stats. Congrats to the following MBGA members. You just made the list!!!
September milestones:
500: Auntie Mo
700: campceo
800: abeja2, CoolAndrew132, Bluenoser2.
900: WolskiWarriors, plainesrebel, NomadBakers.
1,100: santivaomnes, JOYOFJOY, QuiltinAnnie, Raven87, Jan&Ken, rengens,
1,200: lord yorlik, Old Guys 21, Jesterotr.
1,300: mairne.

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