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Cache of the Month – August 2010

Elk Island Splash

Elk Island Splash

Elk Island Provincial Park was simply a vague rumour to me until 2006. That summer I met a life long resident of Victoria Beach while holidaying there for a few days. Our conversation about the Island piqued my curiousity. I soon checked it out using Google Earth which has very good resolution in the area. That revealed a mile long beach on the Island’s western shore. I was hooked and decided I had to visit it. After a couple of exploratory hikes I realized what a beautiful and elusive piece of nature it is; and not a geocache in sight! With the incentive of the 2007 MBGA “Splash” cache hiding event and inspiration from my favourite wilderness cache “Mantario Majestic”, I decided to design a challenging multi cache that would give geocachers the opportunity to explore the Island.

Cacher of the Month - August 2010


lap (far left) with his grandsons and son-in-law.

I remember back to mid-2005 when a series of caches started to pop up in the Morden area of the province. At the time, there were not many caches in this area. I think that lap has single-handedly increased the geo-tourism in the area. Many caching excursions have been planned to find all the caches in SouthWestern Manitoba with a lot of focus being placed in this area. Fast forward to 2010 and we now have many other cachers hiding in this area, and it's still a destination for caching weekends. With the Morden Corn and Apple festival having just completed, I'm sure he's seen more hits on his caches.

Cache of the Month - July 2010

The Frozen Pirate’s Treasure

Here be a photo 'o a Devil sea monster that was guardin' me Treasure

So me Treasure has be named Treasure 'o th' month, what an interestin' honour. Interestin' in that 'tis chest was one that I had found in me garage 'n was 'bout to throw it out. But we had a great raid on a merchanct ship 'n our haul was more than our holds could carry. So 'tis chest was painted wit' our symbol, filled wit' th' Treasure 'n hidden in a deeply wooded spot in th' far North.

Here be a photo 'o a Devil sea monster that was guardin' me Treasure.

But, a scurvy pirate dont want his treasure to be found by thieves, so 'tis tricky to speak 'bout 'tis one. I have hidden it quite well, so I be confident that th' thieves 'n muggles gunna not be able to find it. However, i reckon perhaps that th' tale 'o 'tis treasure be best told by them who have sought it out.

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