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Cacher of the Month - September 2010

Flotsom and Jetsom

Flotsom and Jetsom

Flotsom and Jetsom

The first time I had an opportunity to meet Flotsom and Jetsom was at an event held at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in 2008. They worked with the Manitoba Zoological Society (of which, they are members), and with the MBGA to create several themed and educational caches within the zoo, an event, and a challenge. They had cachers roaming around the zoo, attempting to be stealthy with the myriad of zoo muggles also wandering about. The day was a lot of fun, family friendly and very well organized. Since then, they have also hosted and co-ordinated two more Zoo events with new caches and new challenges each year. Many new geocachers are introduced to the sport through these events. I'm very proud to have them as our Zoo ambassadors to geocaching.

Cache of the Month – August 2010

Elk Island Splash

Elk Island Splash

Elk Island Provincial Park was simply a vague rumour to me until 2006. That summer I met a life long resident of Victoria Beach while holidaying there for a few days. Our conversation about the Island piqued my curiousity. I soon checked it out using Google Earth which has very good resolution in the area. That revealed a mile long beach on the Island’s western shore. I was hooked and decided I had to visit it. After a couple of exploratory hikes I realized what a beautiful and elusive piece of nature it is; and not a geocache in sight! With the incentive of the 2007 MBGA “Splash” cache hiding event and inspiration from my favourite wilderness cache “Mantario Majestic”, I decided to design a challenging multi cache that would give geocachers the opportunity to explore the Island.

Cacher of the Month - August 2010


lap (far left) with his grandsons and son-in-law.

I remember back to mid-2005 when a series of caches started to pop up in the Morden area of the province. At the time, there were not many caches in this area. I think that lap has single-handedly increased the geo-tourism in the area. Many caching excursions have been planned to find all the caches in SouthWestern Manitoba with a lot of focus being placed in this area. Fast forward to 2010 and we now have many other cachers hiding in this area, and it's still a destination for caching weekends. With the Morden Corn and Apple festival having just completed, I'm sure he's seen more hits on his caches.

Cache of the Month - July 2010

The Frozen Pirate’s Treasure

Here be a photo 'o a Devil sea monster that was guardin' me Treasure

So me Treasure has be named Treasure 'o th' month, what an interestin' honour. Interestin' in that 'tis chest was one that I had found in me garage 'n was 'bout to throw it out. But we had a great raid on a merchanct ship 'n our haul was more than our holds could carry. So 'tis chest was painted wit' our symbol, filled wit' th' Treasure 'n hidden in a deeply wooded spot in th' far North.

Here be a photo 'o a Devil sea monster that was guardin' me Treasure.

But, a scurvy pirate dont want his treasure to be found by thieves, so 'tis tricky to speak 'bout 'tis one. I have hidden it quite well, so I be confident that th' thieves 'n muggles gunna not be able to find it. However, i reckon perhaps that th' tale 'o 'tis treasure be best told by them who have sought it out.

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