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MBGA Goes RVing

What: The Manitoba RV Show
When: Saturday, March 12
Time: 10AM - 7PM
Where: RBC Convention Centre (filling the entire, newly expanded third floor.)
GC.com Event Link: http://coord.info/GC6BM24

Come visit our trade show booth and say hello!

The 2016 Manitoba RV Show has kindly invited the MBGA to host a booth along with other exhibitors. This year, they are creating a 5,000 square foot campground complete with real trees to show what camping life is like.

Milestones achieved in January 2016

Congratulations to the following MBGA members who achieved milestones in January 2016!

600: The DoWoP’s
800: NomadBakers
1,000: ShopCrazy, yakherder, lap
2,500: Geocacher Ken
7,500: okeeffek
11,000: Peter and Gloria

Notice of change to the board of directors.

Effective January 21, 2016, Yogi® has stepped down from the MBGA Board of directors. He relinquishes his duties as Treasurer. In his place, we welcome VA as the acting Treasurer.

Also effective January 21, 2016 the board of directors also welcomes epatzee as an interim Member at Large.

A huge thank you to Yogi® for several years of dedication to the MBGA.

Milestones achieved in December 2015

Congratulations to the following MBGA members who achieved milestones in December 2015!

500: Zhunter2, beancounter69
600: abeja2
800: ShopCrazy, Pika78
900: MarcoIslandGuy
1,000: festucafinder, Jesterphox
1,500: The Black Flight
1,700: Carl the cat
1,900: wally_k
2,000: pinch3
3,000: Geo-Smart, H.erectus&Lucy
6,000: GG+J
9,000: Wagonmaker

So begins a new year. Make it memorable!

List of Upcoming Events

Hi everyone!

Below is a quick list of events or dates we will be holding events in the next several months. We are planning a fund raising campaign to raise funds for 24 new GPS units that will be used in training sessions with groups. We have seen an increase, year over year, of requests for group training programs and our aged stack of GPS units just don't cut it anymore. We will be offering Cache (Cash) Calendars for sale at all of these events we are planning.

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