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MBGA Chat Room

The Manitoba Geocaching Association hosts a chat room for general discussion.

For those familiar with IRC, the server is irc.mbgeocaching.ca, and the channel is #mbga.

Connect using Java Client

Connect using CGI Client

Other Clients:

  • Mozilla -- Mozilla has a built-in client.
  • Firefox -- Download and install the chatzilla plugin.
  • mIRC -- A stand-alone IRC client for Windows.
  • Visual IRC - A free stand-alone client for Windows.
  • Pidgin -- A standalone chat client supporting just about every chat protocol there is, for Windows and Linux.

Once you've got a client installed, clicking on the URL irc://irc.mbgeocaching.ca/mbga will connect you.

Helpful chat hints:

  • To change the channel topic - "/topic #mbga <new topic>"
  • To privately message another chatter - "/msg <nickname> <message>"
  • To change your nickname - "/nick <new nickname>"
  • To perform an action - "/me <action>"

Statistics for the channel are available at http://www.grnbrg.org/mbga/chat/stats/