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Fun logs
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Joined: 12 Feb 2006
Posts: 368
Location: Manitoba-Westman

PostPosted: Jul 17, 2006 4:02 pm    Post subject: Fun logs Reply with quote

I recall one of the categories for a prize for the blitz caches was the best log entry. Some cachers are very talented loggers either with clever writing or interesting stories. Here's a few we've stumbled across, please feel free to add to the list:

Log by gumpy for Quarry Heights (MBGA Blitz)

Log by Lizardo for Take a Risk on Me

Log by grnbrg for Blitzing this one?  Better bring a bucket!

Log by TurdleEggs for Sunken Treasure

Log by The-Stuntman for Untouchable

There are plenty more out there, these are just a few starters.

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Joined: 23 Apr 2006
Posts: 228
Location: Manitoba

PostPosted: Jul 17, 2006 10:05 pm    Post subject: RE: Fun logs Reply with quote

May 28

Exchange District Blitz

by Dani carriere


-- Edited by slippery_1 at 17:06, 2006-07-17

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Joined: 27 Sep 2005
Posts: 248
Location: 49°48.505', -97°08.066'

PostPosted: Jul 25, 2006 2:02 pm    Post subject: RE: Fun logs Reply with quote

Dragonfreys wrote:

Here's a few we've stumbled across, please feel free to add to the list:

TurdleEgg's 'found it' log for Lotto 6/49, District 1 by ertyu.

Definitly a fun log. However, I think that in order to be eligible for the "Best Log" category of the Summer Blitz event, it needs to be a Blitz cache, and the 6/49 series isn't...

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Joined: 12 Feb 2006
Posts: 368
Location: Manitoba-Westman

PostPosted: Aug 16, 2006 4:24 am    Post subject: RE: Fun logs Reply with quote

An epic tale:

foodninja's log for Welcome to the Swamp 

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Joined: 12 Feb 2006
Posts: 368
Location: Manitoba-Westman

PostPosted: Sep 09, 2006 3:39 am    Post subject: RE: Fun logs Reply with quote

Blitz or no, this log is hilarious, unless of course you were there:

Log by Lizardo for Conquista Del Mundo - Iceland

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Joined: 02 Sep 2005
Posts: 497
Location: Winnipeg

PostPosted: Sep 09, 2006 5:04 am    Post subject: RE: Fun logs Reply with quote


It's encouraging to know that my logs are being read.  Now I know that when I snap my femur or fall into a fissure in the Whiteshell, I can upload my misfourtune to the cache page from my Blackberry as I lay there dying in the hopes one of you will stop laughing long enough to rescue me.

I want to go caching with foodninja.  Any guy that thinks he can walk across netley marsh is my kinda cacher. 

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Joined: 23 Apr 2006
Posts: 228
Location: Manitoba

PostPosted: Sep 09, 2006 8:52 pm    Post subject: RE: Fun logs Reply with quote

OMG so funny, this has to be the most hilarious log entry (at the expence of your misfortune) that is have ever seen.

Well worth the price of admission,

"My focus was suddenly directed to my groin as it was trying to get my attention and tell me to close my legs to prevent severe damage. I landed on the branch like a cowboy on his horse. I didn't see the cache land because of all of the stars and tweety birds flying around my head."

Har Har Har a Northern Hurrumph

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Joined: 28 Jun 2006
Posts: 110
Location: Winnipeg

PostPosted: Sep 11, 2006 11:33 am    Post subject: RE: Fun logs Reply with quote

I want to go caching with foodninja.  Any guy that thinks he can walk across netley marsh is my kinda cacher


Thats just because you know I will do the stupidest thing out there. I still hopping to do untouchable this year.  open for suggestions..

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Joined: 25 Apr 2005
Posts: 556
Location: Winnipeg

PostPosted: Sep 12, 2006 4:20 am    Post subject: RE: Fun logs Reply with quote

Here's my short list of blitz logs:

glen meadow

May 26 by TurdleEggs (640 found)
After finding stage 1 I stopped for a breath mint and accidentally swallowed the cache instead of the Tic Tac. I should have the container back in place in a day or two though. If anybody needs the coordinates in the mean time, just email me.

May 1 by Lizardo (501 found)
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. FTF!! Gnarly's no tougher than that sissy gnome on the Travelocity commercials. C'mon out beard-boy! Bring your best game! Woo-hoo!
Ok, now that I have that out of my system. Nice hide. I can't decide if having done Gnarly's other bridge cache made this one easier or harder. In any event, I did the extended mix of the happy lizard dance when I found stage one. Yes, I was alone. Oh God. Please don't let someone have taken a picture of that.

Stage 2 doesn't exactly *pop* out at you either. Nice hide all around. I took the laser pointer with interchangable lenses. Left a led flashlight keychain.

PS- The lenses for the laser pointer project different pictures when you attach them. A lion, a star, etc. One of the lenses for the laser pointer has the outline of a naked woman. This discovery was cause for another happy lizard dance. But just so you don't buy these and hand them out at your son's birthday party, or your next church function. Thought I would save you some embarassment...or a subpoena.
PPS-No, Bevro, you can't borrow it.

May 3 by MLKoop (622 found)
Rushed right over to Lizardo's house to see his new toy. I hadn't seen one of those since I bought M those flannel jammies.
It's nice to see that Lizardo is recovering from his bout with mono so quickly. Getting all those FTF's seems to be a helping the process! We are all hoping you can get back to work soon.


July 4 by polarbeardiggers (530 found)
16th/from 17 today,at 3:58 pm,i have words for this hungry blitz,we took a straight bee-line to the cache watching the numbers getting us closer,well carefully stepping over the poking branches my dam pant leg got caught on a invisible barb wire,well if i didn't go down like dead holy mackeral,or like a fresh cut timber tree,or a like a polarbear getting shot in the back of the head,well after landing fully on the crunching ground,lil digger wanting to laugh right away was more in shock that his fully grown father could lose his stalky balance,asked " oh ! are you all right? " the very curious lil digger, (smirking i bet you )i will not repeat what i said,feeling really more embarrassed ,than the blood dripping from my arm,for that split moment i was going to eat your cache when i found it,but i had time to reflect after lil digger untangled my pants off the wire,the only way to get up was to remove my pants and not wearing any undies,i felt alittle more at ease,after redressing we found your overkill pkgd cache,i just signed it,was hoping to get the chinese coin but someone beat me to it today,i will be breathing down his neck soon as well,but we had a good laugh about it back to the car when lil digger kept re-enacting the crash site in his view of course,half a thanks for your treasure,.

May 2 by ertyu (890 found)
Nice walk: not found
Cool area: not found
Bench: not found
Hungry? Yes

jokers decoy

May 2 by Lizardo (501 found)
Gnarly, was that you watching me last night? I thought I smelled something, but I dismissed it as just marsh gas. But it must have been your stinky britches. Well I am glad after all that my nighttime excursion bore no fruit as I would have missed the lunchtime caching extravaganza with the gang.
So what's the deal 1Q&4J? Did you think us city folk didn't get enough water this spring? I'm up to 3 caches that required the use of my wellies and I'm not done yet.

2nd to find...again! Man, am I ever tired of ertyu saying, "Here it is!". Next time I lose my keys, I'm calling him to come over and find them.

Great hide. Liked the outer container. Glad you didn't use a real one. That would have been yucky.

a boys pocket blitz

June 18 by Dragonfreys (262 found)
Was passing by and couldn't let a cache pass by, nearly caused an accident, trying to get over to the curb lane. Had an arguement with a large juniper bush (who was winning)until with some relief I was told that it wasn't there. Pulling my eyeball off the stake I had impaled it on, I pointed it in the right direction and quickly located the goods. This urban caching is downright dangerous! T-hammer keychain, L-butterfly, TFTC.

raiders of the cache stash

July 2 by MLKoop (622 found)
After a good fight, we managed to wrestle the coordinates from the Boa Constrictor. We then fought off some very territorial red winged blackbirds. At the second stage, we found some very helpful caretakers, although they had no idea were the final treasure was located. That is some hideaway, especially considering that it is still standing after I climbed to the top, well almost to the top. The third stage had us guessing for a while. We really liked the guard at the final stage. We had heard a lot about him, but had never actually met him before. I'm sure glad I didn't try to steal his treasure at the bridge. We left a City of Winnipeg pin and didn't take anything, we know better. Thanks for an enjoyable afternoon.

June 15 by Lizardo (501 found)
awesome('o-s&m) adj.
1 : expressive of awe
2 : inspiring awe
3 : GCW316 a Raiders tribute cache located near Morris, MB
- awe·some·ly adverb
- awe·some·ness noun
Where to start? From the clever puzzle to get the coordinates, to the optical puzzle, the cemetary (complete with a fantastic local history lesson - thank you, Lori.), the INCREDIBLE structure that I loved climbing, and the final location that is taken right from Spielbergs notebook.

I can not imagine a better cache at which to celebrate my 400th find. Simply awesome.

PS- Tobey got her ass stuck in the tree and I didn't. hehe

June 15 by 3T's&aG (459 found)
1 cache owner regalling us with stories and following us on her three wheeler: $2.00
2 cachers out for a day of caching in the Morris area: $81.99
Being there to share in the 400th find of one of your favorite cachers: PRICELESS (Many Congrats Lizardo!)
My hat is off to 1Q4J on this truly amazing cache! I had a great time doing this cache (yes, my ass did get stuck) as evidenced by the pictures! Thank you! T #8 token, L childhood!

P.S. I climbed higher than Lizardo...hee hee.

May 24 by Curiouser and Curiouser (88 found)
As the soundtrack of Indiana Jones swelled inside my head, I dodged numerous booby traps*, solved puzzling puzzles, braved dew-drenched grass**, and came face to face with my own mortality! And just when I thought I had triumphed, yet another obstacle was placed in the dimly lit path. Darkness fell, and with no beam to guide me (and my adventuresome parents, Xplorer and Ramblin Rose), peril and hopelessness abounded. I faced an old nemesis who jealously guarded the way. "You!" I gasped. Then I summoned new resolve. "I have known you of old!" I boomed. "I knew you before you even had a name to speak!" ***
Then the sound of a motor brrrming its way up to us. Lo! it was the Queen on a thundering chariot casting beams of flameless fire, illuminating our map and saving the day.
Clap Clap Clap Clap
All my gratitude for an excellent adventure.
I traded one snake for another, took wooden coin #2 and a 1Q4J poker chip.
*This may or may not be entirely true.
**This may or may not sound particularly menacing, but the dangers of catching a chill are not to be taken lightly.
***This dialogue may or may not have taken place primarily in the imagination, though stemming from a physical presence at the stash.

mrs wilsons ghost

May 27 by MHz (712 found)
#490. My goodness queen, what a tall tale you tell. Just had to check it out. Set out after dark on this starless night with a flash and rumble in the sky. Peered in the windows looking for a sign of Mrs. Wilson but the kitchen is just too far away to really get a good look. Wait! What's the strange eerie noise? Wait! There it is again!....Gord....please stop yawning, I know it's late! TNL poker chip. TFTC! MHz and Gord from Morris

May 23 by Xplorer and Ramblin' Rose (205 found)
The witching hour we dare do this one at night with Mrs. Wilson's ghost perhaps still lurking around??? Let's go for it - the GPS is jumping around wildly - is she still around and angry that her 'story' has been published on the www??? Her restaurant still serves wonderful food, we especially recommmend the cinnamon buns, the coffee and the soup (people come all the way from Niverville on a date to this place, does that tell you something??? OK, they were seniors, but...who cares?) Found fairly quickly. That light is pretty bright when you are skulking around in the dark, expecting the 'law' to appear at any time, esp. when CC had warned us that could happen. Left LED flashlight, Took FTF Wilson's cert. and will use it happily! RIP, Mrs. Wilson! SLTFTH, TFTC


June 17 by polarbeardiggers (530 found)
polarbeardiggers were out in the area,thought we would stop to visit this one,after taking apart the wrong container,we decided to recheck our gps,after taking it apart and using the spare parts from the first container,we were able to supercharge the geko,after turning it on,it literally flew out of my hands,and magnetized itself to the real container,i'm not kidding,had to turn it off to get it back into the car,then we were able to make trades,took the flashlight,and traded some chop sticks and some sparklers,signed the logsheet and left a calling card,thanks for the adventure,.

May 25 by Curiouser and Curiouser (88 found)
I was nearly psyched out at the cache site and paranoid that I would be tripping some alarms or something. But when I did retrieve the cache I shouted with delight and then dodged like a trapped bunny as some big trucks went by. I almost curled protectively around the container and attempted a roll into the long grass in order to hide, but I decided against that. Hopefully whoever it was wasn't looking my way.
I commend you for an excellent container. My 75th find! Left water gun, took nothing.

jack be nimble

May 7 by 1Queenand4Jokers (802 found)
25/26 8:00 Hey Jack! You are no match for the Jokers. We leapt delightedly in the puddles and giggled with glee at the find! We jumped for joy – literally. (And you’ll see pics) We got very wet and had fun at our 25th of the day – definitely a new record for us! We left our poker chip and some coins and took nothing. You’ve been BLITZED. Thanks to all and to all a good night –well maybe just one more….Thanks 3T's.

gravel and wave

June 25 by Lizardo (501 found)
Just when it looked as if I wouldn't be getting this cache this weekend due to there only being 24 hours in a day and us having scheduled at least 30 hours of activities...I got it! There was a small window of opportunity, so I took it.
Although I had found stage 1 with ertyu on our last excursion here, in true Lizardo fashion, I left the coordinates at home. I raced from our cottage on block 12(south shore) to the stage 1 location. My mileage was alot more than that of the crow as I had to circumnavigate the lake. I re-found stage 1 and was back at the dock within 40 mins.
I hop in to my borrowed boat wondering to myself if Relic could part with it for an hour or so. Following nearly the same path I did yesterday to Teal's Treasure, I approached the lonely island. After circling, I found a place to land my craft that wouldn't get me too wet. Again, in true Lizardo form, the landing site was on the opposite side of the island from where the cache was. After sidestepping the pile of bones and fur that was once a small buck deer, I made my way to the cache.
Coordinates were good, and the find was made. The container was wet inside, but the logbook was snug in its baggie. All was well. I dried the cache and put it back upside down. Maybe this will keep it dry.
Nice cache. TNLNSL

May 21 by 1Queenand4Jokers (802 found)
Lord of the Flies we rename thee! An adventure worthy of the hardiest voyageur that evers paddled the Lakes of Whiteshell! Monstrous motorboat sought to impede our progress repeatedly. We were anxiously hoping it wasn't a Stuntman or Ertyu or Lizardo zooming by to capture the FTF as we paddled our hearts and arms out. Was that canoe in the distance M and L Koop returning triumphant? Did Little Bushmen find a way to attach his amazing mountain bike to some flotation device in order to thwart our attempt at an FTF?
How desperate were we to use up all our energy for one Blitzin' cache? The waves made the miles seem endless. The flies made the miles seem unbearable. We paddled on. Having read "Paddle to the Amazon" surely this should be a minor challenge. The wind grew cold. The waves grew higher. The flies got bigger. We neared the shore.

We breathed a sigh of relief which was short-lived since we began to cough and spit and sputter. Slapping ourselves silly to keep the flies from entering every available orifice must have looked ridiculous but we could not see each other in the black haze of flies. Oh for a head to toe bug screen outfit.

Then the awful bloody rotting putrid aroma of death greeted us. Had the loon given up its last to protect the cache? No - instead a poor buck or doe (we couldn't tell) had breathed its last and was a feast for countless types of wildlife and bugs. We battled our way through thousands of greedy flies to reach the cache.

We came -we saw-we conquered. And we left - making haste.
"Fresh meat" they screamed and turned on us in hungry desperation. We fled - by foot then water. They followed - stalking us relentlessly for almost a mile til finally our speed and the quickening breeze made them turn back to hunt other prey.

We neared the shore and loaded the canoe and headed to the cabin. It was a relief to be home - UNTIL we saw...the hungry flies waiting at the door and peering into the window and SAW TO OUR HORROR - meaty bloody steaks - DEER???

canoe cottonwood

August 30 by 1Queenand4Jokers (802 found)
With the song "My paddles keen and bright, flashing like silver, follow the wild goose flight dip dip and swing" in our hearts we set off for this adventure.
It was 2:45 p.m. when we arrived. The five of us had squished into our sporty sun-roofed Grand Am (a courtesy car). It had just a large enough trunk to hold a 2 man rubber dinghy with 2 paddles and one life jacket. The young Jokers 3 all had swim trunks on... We launched the dinghy and off they paddled. Sometimes in circles but slowly moving with the current toward the Great Cottonwood. Joker 1 and I, their Queen, meandered close to the river's edge sometimes sinking in quite deeply in the muck n' mire encouraging the Jokers 3 to keep moving forward.

The river alas, not very deep, needed to be portaged at several places. The Queen slurping along grabbed the rope and gave them some "horsepower". 3/4 of a mile is a long way when the river is low and the current slow and the muck and the mire deep.

What's that we hear in the crackling brush? A deer so proud and fleeting. What's that we see slapping its tail? A sleek beaver warning of danger.

Onward, another bend in the river and another...Suddenly we come to a place where it narrows. A time of decision - will the final cache be on this side or that of the river. The Jokers ferry their Queen and Her Joker across. Sadly Queen's instincts were wrong so the Jokers 3 journey on with an audience.

The Great Cottonwood looms overhead and the youngest leaps overboard landing in the mud nimbly and off to find the cache. Much hilarity is experienced with the slurping noises of 6 feet marching in the Red River gumbo. The cache is found and signed by the Jokers 3 and they paddle across to their mentors.

With the current just strong enough to make the way back challenging in a dinghy we decide to use the path which is well worn and seemingly barren. We begin to march back triumphantly. "Ouch ooch youch" lots n' lots of acorns on the path make for some tender tootsies for our barefoot boys. We arrive back at 4:45 p.m. proud of being 3rd to find this cache! Tauntingly we say, "Come on you cachers heading for 500-1000 or more? Where are you? Just doing the easy ones 3 steps from the path?"

Thank you for the adventure - Blitz On!

project goose food

May 26 by MHz (712 found)
#485. Nice park! I like the paddle through duck wash! Had trouble putting the cache back as a mower muggle moved into the area and decided to take a break and feed the geese and goslings! Waited them out 10 minutes and got the cache back in place (I think) It stayed put anyway. TNL poker chip calling card. TFTC! MHz

manual gps trilateration

July 4 by ertyu (890 found)
One long night of calculations to trilaterate a position, one GPSr trilaterating its heart out to pin point the same position over and over again, one determined geocacher circling the position and one cache that was just as determined not to be found. The neighbors started giving me looks as they drove by and I kept parking at this spot, taking a fresh look each time and still not finding anything. GPS was working perfectly and pointed me right at the same spot every time, but there was just nothing there to find or so I thought. I had to work the geocaching phone network only to get pointed back to what I had been looking at the whole time. And finally tada, a very cleverly hidden cache, hope the hide maintains itself, its tricky! FTF and was rewarded with a dinner at chez Dragonfreys. TFTC!!!!!


June 30 by Lizardo (501 found)
What a groovy cache. Drove around the slums of LaSalle for a while. It's really sad that people have to live in squalor like this. Can't imaging having to go through life living in a house that backs onto a golf course.

This is a very challenging hide! Lots and lots of great hidey holes to choose from! Found it after about 10 mins.
Took nothing, Left my heart.

electrical engineering

May 29 by TurdleEggs (640 found)
01000110 01010100 01000110 00100001
I just couldn’t resist taking the trip out to Dorsey at lunch today.

My old college notes must’ve made it to the burning barrel, so I ended up turning to Hawaii for supporting material to solve this unique and clever puzzle.

As I passed the neglected cemetery, I was pleased see the hide was in one of my favorite kinds of parks. I stopped by bonfire point and walked the last 200 m. At one point I though ertyu was going to make me climb a tree fort, but then I spotted the well camouflaged cache (good use of local resources ertyu). The weather was actually quite pleasant at lunch, so I sat down and enjoyed the view while I signed the very snazzy log book.

If you approach from the south, in the tangle of structures and cables you may notice a REALLY BIG three phase line leaving the station. This is the 500 kV AC line to the states. You may wonder why convert the DC back to AC before sending power to the US. The downside to DC is it’s very expensive to convert it from AC to DC and back again. The AC line to the states feeds several cities on its way to Minneapolis and it would be too expensive to build a converter station at each of these taps.

You may also notice some rather strange looking lines on wood poles on the west side of the road as you drive towards the cache. They’re very heavy conductors on relatively small insulators. This is the electrode line that goes off to a REALLY REALLY big ground rod so the +/- 500 kV DC line can run on only the positive conductor (pole) and use the earth for the return path (there’s another huge ground rod at Radisson).

If you spot any tall one legged steel towers carrying just two conductors, these are the DC lines completing their 900 km trip.

This was great puzzle ending in a nice park with a fantastic view.


gsis mission 1

June 18 by MLKoop (622 found)
Retrieved mission details on 06/06/17. We then retreated to a nearby coffee house were coffee, black is the hardest beverage available. We were studying the information gathered so far and since the Oilers were putting the boots to the Hurricanes, we decided to continue the mission the next morning.
By the time we reached the lookout points the next morning, the tire smoke from the previous evening's drag races along Main Street had cleared. After scanning the area and reviewing the clues, we narrowed the prospective field to a few cooridinates. We had enlisted the help of a sharp eyed local who located the Currency Exchange Cache.

We left some Australian and United Kingdom currency, which should help defray some of 007's cost over runs. Since we were on a roll, we decided to attempt Mission 2 immediately

falcon beach

May 27 by gumpy (264 found)
Little diggers and I started racing to the container, it was sweet he was even wearing camo pants. Trying to be like Gumpy. It almost gave me a small glimpse into the future of having Gumpy jr. out caching with me. Found the cache as a winded Polarbear came up. This was the last cache of the day and just wanted to thank team Polarbeardiggers for taking me out to find a couple with them today, had a great time, Polarbear is someone you can talk, laugh and poke fun at and he can do the same and you know it's all in good faith and fun and what seems to be hard core razzing is just teasing out of respect for their accomplishments. I hope to do more caching with them in the future.

bouncy bridge

August 7 by The Old Bat (309 found)
Cacheing with Junglehair is always an adventure. If she isn't upsetting the neighbours by parking on a public easement (what that was all about, we'll never know) she is losing the cache in the drink. She found it, she lost it so we let her fish it out all by herself with only words of encouragement like "EEh that water looks pretty gross". and a few giggles at her expense. Had a fun time with this one, bouncy bridge and all. Thanks,

by the marina
May 21 by skaven (206 found)
Revenge is sweet. Ambushed by Jaypeg while searching for the cache. Came on with a fury. Thought it was the RCMP in an unmarked SUV. DOH.
It was not until they identified my wife that we realized we had met two months ago at the house of a mutual friend. This was of course before Jaypeg's geocaching days. I would have recognized him earlier had he had the telltale signs of a veteran cacher. The stench of Deet, the head down posture, cramped left hand permanently formed into the shape of a GPSr, a pocket full of trade goodies that look like you emptied the pockets of a 1 year old biy before you do the laundry (except the frog, that is Jaypeg's).

TNLNSL. Hope to see you all again soon.

willow island

August 31 by 1Queenand4Jokers (802 found)
Stinging Nettle's latin name is Urtica which comes from uro, meaning "I burn".
The Romans are credited with bringing seeds of this plant with them into Britain; by flogging themselves with the plants, they reportedly kept warm in the colder northern climate. Like the Romany, the Romans employed nettles in the following manner: bunches of fresh nettles were tied together, and the afflicted area of the body was thrashed repeatedly to create heat in the limbs and to stimulate blood circulation.

It is estimated that Germans harvested over two thousand tons of wild nettles to weave fabric for their soldiers during the World Wars. Stronger than flax, fiber from white dead-nettle was also spun into fishing nets by North American Indians.

Nettles have a long history as a treatment for rheumaticism and muscle/nerve pain like sciatica and lumbago.

What does this have to do with this cache -well we (all 5) managed to touch every leaf near the cache site in an attempt to locate the cache. This site could become a shrine for miraculous healings soon. Ah the miracles of Willow Island.

P.S. We perservered and found it! One might say the nettle tested our mettle! TFTH

May 15 by Lizardo (501 found)
Kind of a nifty picnic spot. Who built this? Someone with too much time on their hands, that's for sure.
"You know what this creek needs, Bob?"
"What's that, Gerry?"


" island?"

"Mark my words. People will come from miles around to see it. There will be canoe routes, and a picnic shelter. It will be a beacon of tourism for the entire area. I foresee a future where tourists will come here just to see it. They will have been guided here somehow...some unseen force...some sort of signal...SPACE signals!

"er...Space signals, Gerry?"

"Yes! Unseen signals from space will draw them in. They will be unable to control themselves! It will be awesome!"

Or something like that. Anyhow, good cache. In searching for the cache I touched some sort of thistle-like plant that is making my finger swell. And after re-reading my log I fear it may be affecting my already tenuous grasp on reality. Be cautious.

blitzing this one..bucket

July 19 by SmartJeff (112 found)
Was biking through the forest to gather a few caches I'd missed in the spring when things were considerably more moist. Came upon this one and sort of wished I'd braved it back then. Stood for some time pondering this as the forest was getting darker. Undeterred by the diminishing traces of deet on my skin, the mosquitos supped heartily. Suddenly I realized I'd packed something in my backpack that could enable me to get at the cache. I was torn because I wanted to use it for the reason I'd brought it and if I were to use it to retrieve the cache I wouldn't be able to. Would it even work? Would it be enough? I went for it and... success. The cache was mine. TNLNSL TFTH

May 29 by grnbrg (247 found)
A hiders' tale of woe.
Ahhh, it's the last weekend of May, and the last chance I'll have to place a cache before the May Madness Blitz event closes, and I haven't even started yet. I've got an idea, but that's it. Time to get busy....

What's that? Sunday is going to see temps of 30+? We'll definitely need to go to the beach and enjoy that. But that means I need to have the cache constructed and placed *today*. Ouch. Well, let's get started... First stop, Home Depot. Ahh, they don't have everything I need -- I still need caps... Oh well, I'll grab what I can and try the next place.

McDiarmid Lumber. No caps. Candadian Tire. No caps. Grrrrrr. Rona. YES!! Finally! I've got everything I need. WHAT?!!? Six o'clock?!!? Auggh!

An hour later, and I've got everything constructed and gathered. I hope the pipe glue holds. Two hours of light left -- I hope it's enough!

Off to the park -- I've scoped the area with Google Earth, but haven't actually *been* here yet. Half an hour wandering down paths, and looking for the perfect spot, and I find it. Great location, not too far from the path, fairly dry, and not too visible. I spend the next 30-40 minutes carefully arranging the cache the way I want it. People are really going to enjoy this.

I finish up, and note that it's now shortly after 9pm -- sooner than I expected! I might get in to the late showing of the DaVinci Code tonight after all! Back to the car!

Almost back to the trailhead (about 700 metres), and a little voice nags at me in my head... I pull out my GPSr, and zoom out from the spot I had just set up and marked. What the heck?!!? An "unknown" cache, ~76 metres from where I had just spend 45 minutes placing my cache! Too close!! I don't remember that one, but it's right there. Grrrr! Back we go.

Hrmmm. The other cache is on the island. Mine isn't. Maybe the reviewer will allow it? No, not worth the risk.... I retrieve the cache from it's perfect spot, and begin again. Maybe more north? Slog, slog, slog, sploosh. Up to my knees in marsh water. Great. This is *not* where I want to be. Back we go. Where the heck is the path?!!? Slosh, slosh, slosh. Ahh here we are. Too bad my boots are soaked through now. And the light is dieing. Great. And this thing is getting heavy.

Another 20 minutes of searching, and I've got a new location. Not as nice as the first, a little more visible, and a little less suitable for the finders, but the light is going fast, and it's here or nothing. 20 minutes more and I'm done, and am now glad for the clear, wide path back, because the light is gone.

A short walk, and I'm back at the car (stopping to mark the trailhead and parking lot on my way out). I'm hungry, tired, wet, muddy, and smell like a marsh. Ugh. Time to go home and have a shower and go to bed.

Sunday morning, and I have a chance to fill in the details on the cache page. And I check out the cache that forced me to move last night....


Permanently. The hider has moved out of province.


Cache hiding is not for sissys.

Enjoy this one!


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PostPosted: Sep 12, 2006 4:24 am    Post subject: RE: Fun logs Reply with quote


May 9 by Wagonmaker (383 found)
"What are you doing over there?"
"Uh.... just checking things out..."
"Is your girlfriend down there?"
"Uh... no... uh... haha, I was gonna swim across the river... haha..."
"Oh, uh... I just... uh... never mind."
"What's that in your hand? A bomb?"
"No, it's... just a box..." *rattles cache*
"...Alright... just keeping an eye out for these things..."
Replacing the cache was an adventure, to say the least. A plethora of vigil lawn bowlers made stealth an asset, but still I was noticed.
Took postcard with the postal code RQP 017.

on comet, cupid

June 15 by The-Stuntman (575 found)
And to think I could have been looking around the border and maybe down the barrel of a US Customs gun. Those guys have no sense of humor.
Picked up the Compass TB.
Thought I left a carabiner I see it's still in my car.
Signed the log The-Stuntman


June 4 by Wagonmaker (383 found)
I, too, fell into the "decoy cache" trap, marvelling at the intricacy of the cache container. Walked away to sign log and found only a graffiti'd Bible!
The cache wasn't hard to find after that!
Took postcard P9A 005
[view this log on a separate page]

June 4 by kimpete (85 found)
Our 75th find. A very quick and easy find considering GPS accuracy was between 30 and 115 metres. Kim spotted a small metal container, about the right size to hold 30 post cards and a log book, so we sat down on the ledge and waited for a muggle free moment to retrieve it. Unfortunately, it wasn't the cache, it was a bible with a metal cover. Lots of hand-written comments inside suggesting a reader that was not 100% stable. An interesting find, but not what we were looking for. I glanced back to replace it, and saw the cache only about 2 feet away. Took post card P9A 012. TFTC! Where to next?

bird brain

May 13 by 1Queenand4Jokers (802 found)
What a nice big cache and a great little hiding spot too! We were so hot after this cache (the sun was getting really warm) that the youngest 3 Jokers took a quick dip nearby to cool off! Got a great picture too which we'll load.
We swapped some small items. TFTC!

May 13 by MLKoop (622 found)
The pond did have a strange squared off shape to it, the truck backed up and unloading stuff made it a dead give away. I hope the Queen was kidding about the quick dip, it wasn't really that hot. Left a City of Winnipeg pin, TN. TFTC.

May 13 by FreeS (69 found)
Thought about having a picnic on the "isthmus", but I thought I'd rather not after observing the over-green water and interesting smell. So I told the little jokers to jump into the lake instead...

blitzing the tunnel
June 19 by Cache and Cary (149 found)
Guys DO stop and ask for directions. Well, TurdleEggs ERTYU & I were really asking a cottager if we could trespass on his beautiful property (the sturdy locked gate and big NO TRESPASSING SIGN had us a little worried). As TurdleEggs mentioned he was happy to give a better route that did not use his property. Made us a little worried about what he did not want us to see..... He looked rather "dangerous", but he was helpful and nice to us.
The Turdle & ERTYU reasoned out a different route in that followed a very well maintained road to the cache. Gee, I sure am glad we used our noggins instead of sloggin through .7 KM of swamp & brush.

Took a picture of the tunnel from the bridge nearby and I aggree with TE that it would be much better with a canoe.

T: blue rope keeper L: Canadian compact brush/mirror combination


June 19 by TurdleEggs (640 found)
This turned out to be the adventure of the day. The road and gate we found to the cache had a Private Property sign on it, but goaded by the fearless ertyu, Team TEC approached the summer residence to ask permission to walk their road as clearly it led to our destination. The meatball eating mob boss that greeted us was only too happy to direct us to an another, dryer route to The Tunnel that didn’t involve crossing his property. Undaunted, we found the alternate route and made our way to this easy, drive up cache. Strangely reminiscent of P&G’s Lage-Gab #2, a grain train roared by high over head as we pawed through the cache.
This was my first visit to The Tunnel and it’s really cool! MLKoop is quite right in saying this one needs to be done with a canoe so once the Turdle-canoe is seaworthy once again, we’ll be back with paddles. TNLNSL TFTH TFTC

quarry heights

May 27 by gumpy (264 found)
*Yawn* that was a boring interpretation of what happened Diggers, but I know that embarrassment toned it down. This is what really happened. So off I went with a flash of green camo down the trail with Polarbear and little diggers hot on my trail. With three solid leaps I bounded up the rock face with backpack on shoulder and gpsr still in hand. The rocks gave me a good lead on Polarbear, but little diggers was still on my heels. I scanned the area for the new cache and quickly pointed it out to the little polarbear. That’s when Polarbear came up with his back to the endless horizon of water casting a shadow that surrounded me, his chest heaving back and forth with a snarl in the corner of his mouth. I knew he was challenging me for the FTF. Before he could get the upper hand I lunged at him and knocked him back. He staggered and fell back off the side of the cliff and tumbled down the jagged rocks edge. I figured game over, no contest, but as if he had only tripped on a twig he got up and brushed the dust off his legs. I couldn't believe it!!! He came charging up the rock face blood dripping from his brow and mad as hell. When the two of us clashed together there was fur and camouflage flying in all directions, trees toppled over that have had weathered the toughest storms, and when the dust and debris cleared I was standing on top of the bear with one foot on his back and both hands on my hips. He said in a fragile voice "" I helped him up and said "Good fight!" and gave him a rub on the top of his head. But he has no hair and I got sweat all over my hands!!! And that is when he logged the book first!! When I went down to the lake to wash my hands!!! Very clever Diggers but there will be more FTF to be had!! The End
p.s. some parts of this adventure may have been altered for your reading enjoyment.

north point

August 5 by Sam and Lily (528 found)
Spent a gorgeous day at Hecla.Ran into TurdleEggs and femme.It actually crossed my mind that he was really obsessed with this game to be all the way up here to cache.Then it occurred to me...we were all the way up here too!! We picked up the Kinser T.B. and will drop it soon.Thanks for bringing us to this beautiful area!

fishing the red

May 29 by Lizardo (501 found)
So here I am with ertyu searching around every nook, cranny, and crevice. All the time wondering to myself, "What excuse will I pawn off to these nearby fishermuggles when they ask what we are doing?". So when they ask "Are you guys Geocachers?" I am totally thrown off. Yes, we are. Even with my new relaxed state of mind, I was not able to find the cache after I had shined the brightest flashlight on the planet right at it. ertyu is the king. TFTC. Nice meeting you danger prone. You too lurker guy.
[view this log on a separate page]

May 29 by ertyu (890 found)
N 50° 02.362 W 097° 00.038
We turned up to find fishermen right around the cache site. They didn't pay much attention to us, asked about the fishing and they went back to the relaxing. Spent a good 30 minutes looking around before we started getting more aggressive and obvious at searching. All of a sudden one of the fisherman says "Are you geocachers?". "Phew!" I say, "Now we can search with impunity." I think we searched everything possible, the sun being used to the full extent in the darkness while every crack, crevice and hunk of metal was checked. Eventually it turned up, a little ways (absolutely no where near the co-ordinates in terms of a micro hidden around so many spots) away from the co-ordinates. Even thought Lizardo was yielding the sun to search ahead of me, I nabbed the FTF behind him.

hilltop blitz

June 24 by skaven (206 found)
Probably the most interesting camo scheme I have seen to date - condom wrappers and empty beer cans. Not the usual sort of geo-party event I am accustomed to attending. Obviuosly showed up late to the party. Settled for a signed log book and move on to the next cache.

May 15 by Lizardo (501 found)
MHz, I didn't realize you were a fellow KERSS grad. I should have known from your manners and high intellect.
Did you take downhill skiing class in gym here as I did?


May 4 by TurdleEggs (640 found)
Turned out I didn’t need the whips and chains for this one – but it was fun anyways The spidy sense went off and I managed to walk right to the little cache. Thanks to the caching committee that hid this one! TNLNSL TFTH TFTC

bug eyed blitz

May 4 by Lizardo (501 found)
{Scene 1}
Having been practically a resident of the area in my mis-spent youth, I knew approx. where this one would be. So I drive to the spot, park the van and go to enter the coords into the GPSr. But the current coordinates of Lizardo ARE the coordinates I am about to enter into the GPS. Creepy. Have I actually BECOME a cache? Have the lines between cache and cacher greyed to this degree? With some trepidation, I look down to see if I am covered in duck So I look around and there is nothing within 15-20 metres or more that would seem viable as a hiding spot. I am accustomed to stuntman having really accurate postings. So I e-mail him to advise him of a possible error (couldn't possibly be ME). And I head off to the other Clandeboye cache.
{Scene 2}
I decide to check the coordinates. I was wrong. Bug Eyed Cache found by Bug Brained Cacher. Apology e-mail to Stuntman, and away I go.

Nice little cache. I hope no wee muggles or teacher muggles swipe it! Thanks for bringing me back here.

$3 dollar blitz

June 25 by skaven (206 found)
As JayPeg stated, the geocacing team of JayPeg, Dark Helmet and Skaven rolled up in JayPeg's pimped out Echo with the tunes a thumpen out the massive subwoofers when some blond tart verbally accosted us. While I doubt she was truely a lady of negotiable affection, she surely thought that she was all that and a bag of chips to have caught our eye. If anything we were just determining if the shopping cart contained all the cache goodies.
An Echo may not be a premium ride but it gets the job done and beats pushing a shopping cart hands down.

If anything was to be bartered for it may have been those batteries we needed.

TFTF (again)
[view this log on a separate page]

June 23 by JayPeg (293 found)
#3 of 8 tonight
While parking for this cache, I guess we disturbed a blonde woman pushing a shopping cart. We looked at her and she yelled "YEAH RIGHT!!"

We weren't sure if she was letting us know we had found the cache or what. The only comment from Skaven was "DON'T FLATTER YOURSELF!!"

I'm sorry but when I'm geocaching I only have one focus, and that does not include blondes with shopping carts. Blondes with a fresh set of batteries might get a look from me.


time well wasted

August 21 by MHz (712 found)
I came and did waste my time for a bit. Found the first stage and was detered by the signage and traffic to go find the rest. Since I'm not really a blonde and not really a potato bug, I managed to drive home and have a shower. I don't think I will be back to finish it off. MHz

bullet hole blitz

June 5 by Sam and Lily (528 found)
The pervasive smell in a five mile radius surrounding this cache is the lingering odor of our collective neurons firing overtime.We had fun with this cache and had to rely more on our wits then our Mc GPS which only lets us figure to one decimal point.Thanks for the adventure! Although Hubby and I were too busy to even consider a hallmark, with the thrill of success fresh on our minds,.......... SL/TN/Left hand made earrings

country life swimming hole

June 3 by The-Stuntman (577 found)
HMM. How can I describe this somewhat costly caching trip. I'll put it this way.
Took Canadian Tire Money Left $25,000 Ford SUV.(+ 5L of oil)
Signed the log The-Stuntman.

hector and hector

May 24 by grnbrg (247 found)
Nice sized urban cache! (Which looks strangely familiar. ) Thanks. TNLNSL.
The Great Grnbrgini has peered ahead through the mists of time, and has seen the following log or email.... (It's hard to tell, really. Stupid mist.)

> Erm, nice cache! I found it, but, uh, accidentally
> locked the key inside. Sorry. TNLNSLLK

exchange district

May 28 by dani_carriere (126 found)
Surrealist Geocaching
OK, picture it ... you pull up in your car after 10:30PM on a Sunday night, knowing that your chance of running into a muggle is low. All of a sudden to your right, the glow of a flashlight... another cacher?

You stay in your car and watch. All of a sudden, the woman who placed the flashlight on the ground by the backlane starts to dance. Slowly she waltzes by herself, wearing a mask and black leotards.

You get out of your car to find clear sky to retrieve the satellite signal that you've lost. The woman can't see you any more because you're on the same side of the street as her. In the distance, you hear music coming from Old Market Square. After 5 minutes of trying to acquire a signal, you realize that the music is getting closer.

You turn to see a man pulling a little red wagon with a stereo system in the back... the source of the music. Behind him are about 20 people in various states of dress. Some in long flowing gowns with masks, some men in top hats with Dickensian jackets and long canes. As they pass slowly, one woman says "Hello, Danielle!"

You're spooked a little ... until you remember that when you're not geocaching and not working, you're one of them ... a theatre person... "Hi" says you. You put your GPSr to your ear to get that "phone call" ... adding to the theatrics. As they pass the back lane, they all stop to admire the woman dancing in the flash light.

The last couple to pass are dressed in street clothes. "Hi Danielle!" "Hi Hugh". The man with the wagon turns the corner and the music drifts off into the night. The woman with the flashlight stops dancing and disappears down the dark alleyway.

Time to start caching, but you cannot keep a signal. Thinking that you're getting closer to the cache, you hear the music getting louder. Time to give up the ghost. Heading back to Old Market Square, several people were dancing in silver clothes covered in clear plastic.

Where is Fellini when you need him?

Will try this again another time. This will be exponentially hard in July when the Fringe has started. (Winnipeg International Fringe Festival July 19-30, 2006)

Here endeth the longest cache entry I've ever written.

bush blitz

May 30 by ertyu (890 found)
I took the short way (aka sieging the obstacle course). A tri-lighted steel dragon challenged my entry, but on swift feet I made it to the safety of the forest. I was now confronted with a slimy river running through the moat. Some careful, light-footed steps, and I was able to skim the surface and make it to the other side. I was then trapped on the bank by an insurmountable wall. I shrunk to the size of a mouse and crawled through a tiny opening. Next I came upon a lonely back road. As I cautiously stepped across I got trapped. Oh no! I thought, some villians have planted this sticky substance here to trap innocent passers-by. After several minutes I somehow managed to wriggle free only to stumble into the swamp. I heard the steel dragon roaring behind me and I jumped into the swamp and started running. I came upon an ancient boardwalk. I placed a foot on it, testing its strength as I went. It seemed ok, so I used it to cross the swamp. Cracccck went the boardwalk as my foot broke through and I stumbled forward falling into the swamp. I picked myself up and dragged myself the remaining way out of the swamp. Finally, I thought as the forest opened and daylight could once again be seen. I had reached the promised land and now needed to search for my reward. I looked and looked and low and behold I turn up a gnomish container. Thinking to myself, good things come in small packages, I open it, poof! Reality returns and I sign the log and leave the trinkets behind, knowing I have to cross the obstacle course once again.

red rock 4

June 25 by ertyu (890 found)
N 49° 59.597 W 095° 31.326
We were suprised the FTF was still available on this one. Drove up and down the road looking for access, but couldn't find anything. Eventually found an empty cabin and walked up and assured ourselves the co-ordinates were wrong. We tried several fixes for typos and started looking around. On the last attempt we ended up on private property and got booted out. We made one last ditch attempt as we drove by another road and low and behold we ended up just outside the private property and everything started to fall into place. The FTF was mine, YIPEE! Note to past cachers, I know you were here and didn't find this one, why didn't you post your DNF?

fish n frogs

June 25 by TurdleEggs (640 found)
Apparently ertyu was blinded by the sun, because a Turdle with a single LED headlamp had to come along and show him where the cache was. This is a really nice location and I’m sure nearby cottages thought an alien spacecraft had crashed in the lake. This night-time find was the perfect cache to end our day on! TNLNSL TFTH TFTC

7up blitz

June 19 by Cache and Cary (149 found)
This was really a challenging climb for a flatlander like me. Good thing for the hint and ERTYU'S high tech caching equipment or it would have taken a lot longer to find that cache. Definitely a secure and scenic spot.
And, the only place around where my cell phone finally was able to get enough signal to warn me of a possible emergency back home. So, I sat down on the top of the hill and phoned back to somebody to investigate. Good thing it turned out to be a spurious message.

But wait, where are my fellow geocachers?! They couldn't have gone on to the next cache and left me when I told them I had to stop, could they? Yes, they did! They reminded me of the stories of the men pursuing escaped criminals with bloodhounds who had to literally strap themselves to the LARGE HOUNDS because once the singleminded animals get on the scent, they will go until they find what they are tracking, and are OBLIVIOUS to everything else.

No worries, they had to come back to the car so I just took a much need rest and listened to my stomach rumble. The bad news was that we stayed out caching so long that all the restaurants had closed (one right as we got there).

Be careful if you are doing this cache in the evening as all the wildlife wanders accross the road at this time. There were so many deer that just watched us drive by, on the way back, from only a few meters away that it seemed incredible. They were absolutely fearless of us. There where even a pair of Canadian geese waddling across the road that stopped to hiss and charge at our vehicle (we were very careful to avoid them). Roast goose came to mind.

TFTC and the VERY interesting "adventure"

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PostPosted: Oct 25, 2006 2:47 am    Post subject: RE: Fun logs Reply with quote

Another classic in the TurdleEggs / Lizardo epic:

 TurdleEggs found Don't take this one for Granted!

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PostPosted: Nov 17, 2006 3:35 am    Post subject: RE: Fun logs Reply with quote

The Fun Log bar just got set a little higher! Read on as Dani waxes poetic:



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PostPosted: Nov 17, 2006 3:55 am    Post subject: RE: Fun logs Reply with quote

I must agree with the turdle. Dani - You did a great job. I think even Poe would have liked this one.

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PostPosted: Nov 17, 2006 5:37 am    Post subject: RE: Fun logs Reply with quote

Thanks guys!  I hope I did him justice.  It took me far longer to write the poem than it did to get the cache!  I had a lot of fun trying to fit the game into the rhythm of his work.

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PostPosted: Nov 26, 2006 1:47 am    Post subject: RE: Fun logs Reply with quote

Here's a great log by Madhobbit from Exchange District.


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