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Assinaboine Park geocaches

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PostPosted: Apr 06, 2011 9:45 pm    Post subject: Assinaboine Park geocaches Reply with quote

I am in agreement with 4/5 proposals by the Park but am opposed to disabling and shutting down the oldest hides in the park or the replacement of them on a 3 year basis. Some of the best hides should not be redone continually. That type of geocache hiding can feel very junky to me personally. I know I end up exhausting finds in an area but there are always a few that go missing regularly which create more room for hides.
As far as the two I adopted I would feel more comfortable if Tromelin would choose to let me know if I am to archive and rehide. They were both neat locations and ideas and I'd be reluctant to replace or create new hides there.

Time limited caches are okay for safety but not much we can do but recommend, photos of them are a good idea, an event is fine but wouldn't need to establish new hides just perhaps new creative ideas. It does feel a bit like we are being policed. If that point comes in the park then I think the park itself should do hides and put in cache goodies and maintain them throughout 4 seasons etc. Do they keep bikers out of the park after hours or skateboarders etc.? Just wondering...
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PostPosted: Apr 07, 2011 12:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

For those who weren't contacted, a message has been sent around to owners of caches within Assiniboine Park:

To: Fellow Park Cache Owners
Re: Assiniboine Park Caches

Dear Folks

As you may know, we have placed a number of zoo caches over the past few years and helped to host the annual zoo event with the cooperation of Scott Gray, Director, Park Programming We met recently with Scott to discuss the possibility of an event this year given the construction at the Assiniboine Park Zoo. It appears that only a limited number of caches will be able to be placed in the zoo over the next few years because of the redevelopment of the area, and so a “zoo event” would not be too attractive. Scott noted that the use of Assiniboine Park at large for geocaching is welcome, however, and made a number of suggestions about going forward in a way that would encourage more geocaching in the park on an ongoing basis.

Scott has made 5 suggestions that park staff would like to see implemented, and we have raised these with the MBGA. They are in agreement and have given us permission to contact you about these. So – here’s where you come in:

No caching in the park after closing time. For safety and security reasons, park staff does not want people creeping through the shrubbery after hours. We will contact “One Crazy Canuck” to have park hours posted on all the park cache descriptions.

Pictures of all caches (sites and containers) will be taken so groundskeepers and staff can be informed. One of the MBGA will look after this. This will be helpful as sometimes caches are “found” and turned in to staff and then staff will be able to either replace the cache or give it to Scott who will arrange for the replacement. Also, occasionally, caches have been placed in sensitive areas (eg our own cache placed in a retaining wall which we have since moved at the request of park staff (“NOT IN THE WALL” cache)

“Refreshing” cache sites every 3 years or so. The park would like to keep people coming back for caching again and again and recommends archiving “veteran” caches and replacing them with new. Obviously, there are some caches that have been placed to bring attention to a site of historic interest or personal importance and we aren’t asking you to move these. However, if you do have caches that could be “tweaked” with a new container or new site, it would certainly help to keep caching in the park fresh and interesting. It’s a big park with lots of potential, so we invite you to keep your eyes peeled for other good spots for caches. The goal isn’t to just add more “nanos in pine tree” but to make the caches creative and interesting on an ongoing basis. Of course, as always, please respect park boundaries/barriers and think 4 seasons (what may be a forest trail in winter may be covered with poison ivy in summer). The optimum we'd love to see is for cache owners to step up and do an annual refresh of their cache so that we can tie the publication into an annual park event

Park event. Scott has offered to provide an annual public caching program for MBGA event in the park this summer. MBGA will advise us of possible dates and when one is settled, we’ll get back to you so that you can consider launching any new caches you establish at that event. You can register them with One Crazy Canuck in advance and ask him to hold off publication until the day or week of the event.

Contact person. Scott has asked to have a liaison person with MBGA to discuss and concerns/problems and to coordinate MBGA events in the park. We have offered to do this in close cooperation with MBGA executive so that we can maintain a good relationship with Assiniboine Park. If you have any concerns/ideas about park caching, you are welcome to share them with us - Flotsom and Jetsom. We will take them to MBGA exec and to Scott as appropriate. It is not the MBGA’s or our role to be “policing” members and their caches, but we DO APPRECIATE the cooperation and good relationship with the park, and would like to build on it so that caching will be positive for all.

We hope that you will feel that these ideas will be good for all, and look forward to your cooperation, and any help you can provide.

Thank You for your caches,
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PostPosted: Apr 11, 2011 4:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

As I understand it, in a nutshell.

The part about descriptions and photos of the caches is mostly for the benefit of security and grounds keeping staff. The primary motive is that their staff is familiar with the general areas where we have cache hides. There are locations in the park where criminal or obscene things are happening. If cachers are spotted by staff while searching in known (to their staff) cache areas, we're less likely to be interfered with.

The part about the continued refreshing of caches is an expression of the park's new director's happiness with geocaching as a whole. The positives of having new geocaches inside the zoo every year is at atmosphere that he would like to recreate outside of the zoo and inside the park.

That is how I understand this from Flotsam and Jetsam. I agree that not all of the caches need to be considered for this project. Since the zoo event and caches are off the grid for a couple of years, if this can be made to work, it would be a fun replacement for that event.

"So do they sometimes hide caches in dog poo like this?" "No, that's real poo. You might want to put that down."
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