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Geocaching is a worldwide adventure sport which utilizes GPS devices to hide and seek hidden containers called geocaches. (Learn more about geocaching) To get started geocaching, all you need is a GPS receiver and a geocache location. (Learn more about getting started) You can find a nearby geocache location at geocaching.com by entering an address or town into the search box.

The Manitoba Geocaching Association (MBGA) strives to advance the sport of geocaching through social activities, public education and promotion of geocaching. (Learn more about the MBGA).

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Cache of the Month – November 2010

Winnie’s Big Cache

We are honoured to have Winnie chosen as Cache of the Month. Here is our little blurp and attached pic:

Our very first cache find was on June 21, 2006. It was a puzzle cache called The Ditch Digger. We were very intrigued about the significant history of “The Ditch Digger” and found this aspect of Geocaching fascinating. What a fun learning tool! Can you imagine hiding caches where you can learn some history and discover places you would never have seen? On July 18, 2006, almost one month after our very first find we would launch our very first cache hide, Winnie’s Big Cache. We spent much of that month researching the history of Winnie the Bear and the significance to Winnipeg. This would all be compiled and presented at the posted co-ordinates. We knew this cache would be a multi as there was much to learn and places to see. We thought of our grandchildren and how much fun they would have hunting down Winnie’s Big Cache, learning the history and being rewarded with a unique container, creatively coloured, hidden in the perfect spot and full of everything Winnie. We would make every attempt to use Geocaching as a fun, learning experience for all.

We have very special memories of Winnie’s FTF cacher. This was 1701eh, a cacher from Ontario who was visiting Winnipeg. When he arrived at the posted coordinates he knew he was the first to take on this multi so he continued on the adventure until he reached the cache container. It was his very first FTF outside of his home province, Ontario. We emailed 1701eh to congratulate him and so ensued a multitude of emails back & forth. Having never met 1701eh we still felt we had known him forever. Sadly, later that summer, 1701eh died in a highway traffic accident. A huge loss for his family and the Geocaching community.

Thank you for choosing Winnie’s Big Cache as Cache of the Month. Winnie doesn’t do winter shoveling so his cache is not very winter friendly but for the adventurous cacher it can be done. Winnie gets very excited when visitors stop by.
--Ztirnats & Zad

Cacher of the Month - November 2010




I remember one of the first times that I had met Pa_Bottle. It was after an event at the Round Table restaurant. The last group of us meandered into the parking lot, talking of geocaching. Pa_Bottle said that he had recently been in a southern Manitoba community doing some caching while he was running a fireworks display for their Canada Day celebrations. Then he popped open the back of his car to show us many plastic containers filled with various pyrotechnics. He pulled a few of them out, and started setting them off in the parking lot of restaurant. A great way to end a geocaching event, and an interesting way to be introduced to another cacher. To this day, I cannot say the name "Pa_Bottle" without thinking "Bottle Rocket". To me, he'll always be Pa_Bottle_Rocket, the man who likes to make things go "Ka-Boom!!"

Travel Bug FAQ

What is a Groundspeak Travel Bug?
Simply put, a Groundspeak Travel Bug is a trackable tag that you attach to an item. This allows you to track your item on Geocaching.com. The item becomes a hitchhiker that is carried from cache to cache (or person to person) in the real world and you can follow its progress online.
What does a Travel Bug do?
It's up to the owner of the Bug to give it whatever task they desire. Or no task at all. Part of the fun in owning a Travel Bug is inventing new goals for the Bug to achieve.