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Geocaching is a worldwide adventure sport which utilizes GPS devices to hide and seek hidden containers called geocaches. (Learn more about geocaching) To get started geocaching, all you need is a GPS receiver and a geocache location. (Learn more about getting started) You can find a nearby geocache location at geocaching.com by entering an address or town into the search box.

The Manitoba Geocaching Association (MBGA) strives to advance the sport of geocaching through social activities, public education and promotion of geocaching. (Learn more about the MBGA).

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Upcoming events

Board of Directors Meeting - September 29, 2009

MBGA Directors Meeting September 29, 2009 Jeffrey's Restaurant


Steven (ertyu), Tim (TurdleEggs), Dani (dani_carriere), Jacques (OHMIC), Stan
(Ztirnats), Mike (glacier_ice), Jeff (Hogger Jeff & the Piglets)


Sandra (junglehair), Jon (Trove Chasers), Jayson (Jaypeg), Carmène (Mosaik Voyage), Joe Graves (Shinook & White Juan)


None present

Cacher of the Month - September 2009

Xplorer and Ramblin' Rose

Xplorer and Ramblin' Rose
Xplorer and Ramblin' Rose

It's improvising time again. WHAT?...NO PROFILE PICTURE!!! Now I have to read their own description.
Wow, Xplorer and Ramblin Rose are two people that enjoy life, being with their grand children and each other. With thirteen grandchildren I assume they have been married for a few years, which is an accomplishment nowadays.
Sorry, but I can’t make anything up about these people. They are genuinely nice people that everyone should get to meet. Congrats Xplorer and Ramblin Rose on being the Cachers of the Month.

  1. When did you start Geocaching?
    March 12, 2005 with the 'Pointed House' (GCM73R) as a team although Xplorer found 2 before that while snowmobiling with FreeS and Curiouser and Curiouser (Teal's Treasure, GCJMHA) on Jan. 29th and 1Q4J (FLGC) in Feb.

Cacher of the Month - August 2009



I have been deprived of an improvising intro this month. Someone decided that they would be nice and get it all right!

May we present, for your worship and admiration, glacier_ice! Caching since late 2006, glacier_ice has recently been snatching up the finds and dealing out the clever hides! He recently made is 1000th cache find and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon! Is there anything glacier_ice can’t do?

  1. When did you start Geocaching?
    My first cache find was November 11, 2006. That was a bit of a how-to, lesson.