Welcome Introduction

Geocaching is a worldwide adventure sport which utilizes GPS devices to hide and seek hidden containers called geocaches. (Learn more about geocaching) To get started geocaching, all you need is a GPS receiver and a geocache location. (Learn more about getting started) You can find a nearby geocache location at geocaching.com by entering an address or town into the search box.

The Manitoba Geocaching Association (MBGA) strives to advance the sport of geocaching through social activities, public education and promotion of geocaching. (Learn more about the MBGA).

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Upcoming events

  • No upcoming events available.

October Milestones

Congratulations to the following MBGA members who achieved milestones in October 2016!

200: Klyne
400: sjmuldrew, WiiFore
300: JAB007
500: mairne
600: Jan&Ken, lord yorlik, QuiltinAnnie, ZooCroo, checkerberries
800: Gyrfalcon09

1,200: warnor
1,300: yakherder
1,400: the DoWoP's, stingy bandits
1,500: MarcoIslandGuy
1,600: Sunny Owl & Hubby,
1,700: tuppergurl
1,800: MarcoIslandGirl, GoogleEyes

2,000: ShopCrazy, thewark
2,500: Gidobear, Semb
3,500: torossi
4,000: Geo-Smart, Erocks
4,500: Awol, MLKoop, rika72
7,500: bergmannfamily
8,000: trovechasers, ertyu
12,000: Pete

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2017 Reflections of Geocaching in Manitoba

Our calendar is coming! GET IT HERE!

Filled with 13 photos submitted by Geocachers of Manitoba, this wall calendar is sure to entice you to get out Geocaching in some of the beautiful locations across our Province.

We are offering an early bird price of $15 for calendars pre-sold online. When the Calendars are in stock and sold at events, the price will be $20.
Only those pre-paying online qualify for the special $15 price. If you are paying later, when picking up your calendar, the cost will be $20.

September Milestones

Congratulations to the following MBGA members who achieved milestones in September 2016!

400: Amethyst Rain.
500: WpgBeachers

1,000: fuellbrats
1,100: Hakliva
1,200: 2TG
1,400: MarcoIslandGuy

1,700: AF Girl
1,900: jorole, icimondo
2,500: Jesterphox.
3,000: dtex
8,500: O'Keefek

Top three geocachers with logged finds for September:

Semb - 237
Geocacher Ken - 215
JB - 208

August Milestones

Congratulations to the following MBGA members who achieved milestones in August 2016!

200: - mairne, Flying Walrus.
400: - epatzee
500: - Jan&Ken, lord yorlik.
600: - campceo
700: - Les roux.
800: - plainesrebel.

1,000: - Raven87, Marcel9, roadfinder724.
1,100: - Warnor.
1,200: - yakherder, FlutieFans.
1,300: - The DoWoP's, HRPlett, the Doctor 155.
1,400: - zankat.
1,700: - MarcoIslandGirl
1,900: - ShopCrazy.

2,000: - Semb
3,000: - BeesCook
3,500: - joust gezzin, Geocacher Ken.
4,000: - TSK
4,500: - Xplorer and Ramblin' Rose.
7,000: - VA
31,000: - JB