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MBGA Committe Meeting - April 4, 2006

Location: Smitty’s at Pembina & Grant
Time: 8:05 --> 9:30 ish

Steven (ertyu), Brian (grnbrg), Tobey (3Ts&aG), Roger (The-Stuntman), Peter (Peter and Gloria), Scott (Lizardo), Dani (dani_carriere), Jen (ava_ad0re)

Daniel (Master Instigator), Teal (pink_panther)


Discussion of the freedom to leave committee if necessary

Importance of redundancy in positions


  • President - Danielle, backed up by Brian
  • Vice President - Brian, backed up by Peter
  • Past President - Daniel, holds position for 1 yr following term as president
  • Treasurer - Peter, backed up by Brian
  • Secretary - Jen backed up by Steven, Scott
  • Public Relations & Communications - Scott backed up by Roger, Jen
  • Training and Workshop Coordinator - Roger backed up by Tobey, Scott
  • Event Co-ordinator - Tobey backed up by Scott
  • WebSite Co-ordinator - Steven backed up by Dani, Brian
  • Youth Liaison - Teal

Task List

  • Peter
    • Contact the province to get info regarding taxation
    • Looking after the initial information for bank account
    • Tax information
    • Non-profit registration
    • Look into PayPal/Tip Jar account
    • Brian hasn’t received any money from Café Pres yet, but about $20 is there
    • Will send Scott the .pdf file with MBGA embedded
  • Danielle
    • Contact Pink Panther (Teal) to see if she still wants to continue in the role, or if anyone else, i.e. a Joker, WagonWheeler, Dani will contact Teal first
    • Dani will be transitioning the domain names to Steven
  • Brian
    • Responsible for marketing, i.e. cafe press
    • Find out regarding Bingo night at a casino, at least to get on the list
    • Roger suggested Bud, Spud and Steak idea, Brian will look into it
    • CacheGranny emailed request re: embroidered patches, Brian will look into it
    • Milestone pins, to be presented at events?
    • Make sure there is another person with the Google group password for back-up
    • Will look into if we need to be affiliated with Sports Manitoba for Bingo
  • Jen
    • Minutes to be sent to Steven
    • Retrieve News articles
    • Discuss with Steven a template for the minutes
  • Scott
    • Delegating communications - Separate emails for committee members
    • "Contact us" forms go to Scott
    • Responsible for "Cacher of the Month"
    • Discussion regarding the person in Seine River area who wishes to look after all the caches in the area - general consensus of "no" as a response.
    • MHz is the next Geocacher of the Month
    • Will try to contact Daniel for his new contact information and possibly ask for the forum Password as back-up
    • Will look into Brochures/Pamphlets about MBGA/Geocaching for KeyCon
    • Cc email addresses collected
  • Daniel
    • Responsible for the MBGA discussion forums
    • If Daniel does not wish to continue, Scott may take over, look for alternatives
  • Roger
    • Minimum of five groups are waiting to hear back from the Committee
    • Works with Public Relations and secretary
    • Spoke with Rosemary of the Manitoba Walks books by chance
    • Podcasts? .mp3 files for ipods - would this work as an audio description for the guide
    • Could/Should we write a rudimentary guide to geocaching in Manitoba?
  • Tobey
    • If other people wish to hold events, that is fine. If they want it to be sanctioned by the Committee they should contact Tobey
    • Role as a "go-to" point
    • Roger may be supplying utensils/equipment left over from Scouts (?) – will see if can be donated to the MBGA for functions
  • Steven
    • Brian and Steven will decide which hosting server
    • Work with Daniel to get all information in one location (i.e. photo galleries)
    • website maintenance

General Discussion

  • Local introduction for the website?
  • Our primary goal this year is to get the structure for the committee in place
  • Should there be an "MBGA Cache" in place for use as a training tool?
  • Scott will cc Dani all emails, contact information
  • Creation of a MBGA Committee distribution list
  • KeyCon - Science fiction convention, etc. KeyCon takes place in May, a good opportunity to inform people about geocaching with pamphlets/brochures, i.e. 250 copies – Scott will look into it. Peter will send Scott the .pdf file with the MBGA embedded
  • Future meetings - Members will be welcome to attend. Meetings to take place every few months. Post dates/times of meetings on website


  • Roger - A monthly column, like a summary of the forums and/or with submitted articles?
  • Ads on the website? Now that we have finances covered, tasteful adds are acceptable, i.e. Google ads. Should wait until all finance issues are secure
  • Brian – if we do the Bingo, we may have to be affiliated with Sports Manitoba, thus we will need a Constitution. Brian will look into this
  • Scott is to be cc’d Rogers contacts for workshops
  • Brian will add Steven and Scott to the Google list ownership

Next Meeting Tuesday, May 2nd, 8:00 pm Smitty’s at Pembina & Grant, alternate locations to be discussed in the future.
Open to the membership.
Circulate agenda around a week beforehand.

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