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MBGA General Meeting - June 8, 2006

Location: Big Guys N49 49.649 W097 06.356
Time: 8:06 --> 9:20

Steven (ertyu), Brian (grnbrg), Tobey (3Ts&aG), Roger (The-Stuntman), Peter (Peter and Gloria), Scott (Lizardo), Dani (dani_carriere)

Jen (ava_ad0re), Daniel (Master Instigator), Teal (pink_panther)

Members Present:
Paula (Mhz), Sandra (junglehair)

Committee Member Reports

Brian (Vice President):

  • Setup an IRC server

Peter (Treasurer):

  • Bought 32 Travelbugs and sold 21 so far
  • Look into getting discounts for the association at GPS Central
  • Balance stands ~(-$65)
  • Cafepress check is on the way (~$50us)

Scott (PR and Communications):

  • Approached SIR about advertising, will approach MEC and new outdoor store on St James also
  • Manitoba Childrens Musuem is having a geocaching camp in August, MBGA will participate
  • Contacted new cacher looking to get started and others looking for information from website contact

Tobey (Events):

  • May Blitz event generated $15 profit and was very successful
  • September event to be planned

Roger (Training and Workshops):

  • Still following up with with MB Recreational Trails and Winnipeg Trails associations (will arrange a meeting soon)
  • Encouraged Rubber Ducky resort to host/register geocaching.com event for their August event
  • Trying to contact other parties who have shown interest in past

Steve (Website):

  • Fixed some minor issues with website on new webhost

Dani (President):

  • New webhost registered and content transferred

Agenda Items

  • It was decided to keep posting the outing events to GC.com, stressing the event component, including a dinner, etc.
  • Dragonfreys is hoping to host an event July 7 in Riding Mountain
  • Possible to get gift cards etc. from a Walmart sponsorship, Brian to follow up
  • Scott was in contact with the city about adopting a park, no further info, but this is preferred to adopting a highway
  • Website requests: ability to direct contact form to the appropriate committee member, individual committee email addresses, a database for the users and travelbugs, updated forms, news on the front page, move buy&sell to forum
  • Parks Canada proposed policy includes allowing caching in parks, but tiered access in zones, from townsites where everything is allowed to volatile zones where nothing is allowed, an example cache would be a multi where you collect clues along an established clues then find the cache in a disturbed area such as a picnic area or campground
  • Roger to develop a suggestions guide for hiding caches to include such material as not using food containers and avoiding hiding locations such as play structures
  • Next meeting set for the August 3 at Big Guys N49 49.649 W097 06.356

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