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MBGA General Meeting - May 15, 2005

Location: N49°56.200 W97°05.650
Meeting called by: Dani_Carriere
Type of meeting: General Meeting
Facilitator: Dani_Carriere
Note taker: Dani_Carriere

Master Instigator, Dani_Carriere, Peter and Gloria, Polarbeardiggers, I, M and Nano


Logo Poll Update - Dani_Carriere

Groundspeak was contacted to determine if our winning logo violated any copyrights held by them. They reviewed the logo and said that the use of the same colour scheme was a concern. In addition, the use of the Groundspeak hiker was not allowed.

The committee discussion, via email, ideas for a new colour scheme, and also approved a new design for the hiker.


  • The committee decided to go with a mono-tone logo for several reasons: If we get t-shirts or other merchandise made, it will be cheaper with less colours; It was a good match for the web site; And, some of the other colour comninations we had just didn't suit us.

Action items:

  • Create a final, good quality logo for the web site and post it online - Dani_Carriere by 15 May 05
  • Create smaller logos and supply code so that MBGA members can add logos and links the the MBGeocaching.ca website - Dani_Carriere by 15 May 05

Cacher of the Month - Dani_Carriere

How do we determine who will be the next Geocacher of the Month?


  1. Ask the current Geocacher of the Month to supply a name of who they'd like to see as the next candidate
  2. If one is not supplied, review candidate nominations submitted through the MBGeocaching.ca web site
  3. If no nominations are forthcoming, randomly select a candidate from the Top 10 lists.

Action items:

  • The cuurent Geocacher of the Month suggested the longest active MB Geocacher. Review membership information to determine who that person is. - Peter by 22 May 05
  • Conduct Interview - Master Instigator by 29 May 05
  • Post interview on web site - dani_carriere by 31 May 05

Committee Roles and Responsibilities - Skaven

The draft MBGA Bylaws were reviewed and accepted for inclusion in the website. Positions on the Executive Committee were renamed and changes noted for update on the web site


  • The Executive Committee must establish a set of By-Laws to establish the framework by which MBGA business will be conducted (carried forward from April 15, 2005 meeting)

Action items:

  • A proposed set of By Laws to be drafted for Executive Committee review - Skaven by 31 May 05

Parkland GPS Treasure Hunt - Dani_Carriere

The Parkland Tourism board is planning a geocaching hunt. How can we participate, assist them, or have them increase awareness of the MBGA?


  • We can offer to assist them by increasing the awareness of their hunt by linking to their tourism page. In turn, they can increase awareness of our organization by including a link from their page to ours.
  • Skaven is heading to Dauphin on the May long weekend and will attempt to contact them to see if there is anything that we can do for them.

Action items:

  • Contact the tourism board and open a dialog - Skaven by 21 May 05

Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 P.M. Next meeting scheduled for 7:00 P.M. on 19 June 05 at N50° 04.863 W96° 56.002

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