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MBGA General Meeting - June 19, 2005

Location: N50° 04.863 W96° 56.002
Meeting called by: dani_carriere
Type of meeting: General Meeting
Facilitator: Dani_Carriere
Note taker: dani_carriere

Dani_Carriere, Peter (Peter & Gloria), polarbeardiggers


Committee Roles and Responsibilities - Skaven

The draft MBGA Bylaws were reviewed and accepted for inclusion in the website. Positions on the Executive Committee were renamed and changes noted for update on the web site.


  • The Executive Committee must establish a set of By-Laws to establish the framework by which MBGA business will be conducted
    (carried forward from April 15, 2005 meeting)

Action items:

  • A proposed set of By Laws to be drafted for Executive Committee review - Skaven

Parkland GPS Treasure Hunt - Dani_Carriere

The Parkland Tourism board is planning a geocaching hunt. We have received a brochure via MHz.


  • We will post the brochure images on the web along with a link to their web page.

Action items:

  • Determine "when" this even is going to happen - dani_carriere by 30 June 05

Parks Canada - dani_carriere

We have been contacted by a representative from Parks Canada who would like to meet with several members of the association while she's in town on June 21st. Discussion will revolve around the interim policy of placing geocaches in national parks.


  • Dani and Peter will meet with Claire at Grapes at Leon's Centre at 6:00PM on Tuesday June 21st. Dani will contact the membership and see if anyone else would like to attend.

Action items:

  • Send email to membership to see if others would like to attend meeting - dani_carriere by 19 June 05

MBGA BBQ - dani_carriere

We've scheduled an MBGA BBQ event for July 10th. Temporary geocaches will be placed by committee members prior to the event (these will not be listed on geocaching.com). Committee members must create games, and bring beverages and side dishes.


  • Committee members can place 1 to 2 caches prior to the event, sending the co-ordinates to dani_carriere so that a list can be compiled. Notes should be sent to potential attendees to get specific head counts so that enough drinks and munchies can be purchased. Games other than cache hunts should be planned. The specifics of what side dishes to bring depends on the number of people in attendance.

Action items:

  • MBGA committee to place temporary caches in park. Co-ordinates to be sent to dani_carriere. All caches should include (at minimum) a logbook. Adding tradeable items is optional. Complete by 9 July 05
  • Send email to membership to get final headcount - dani_carriere by 3 July 05
  • Buy additional refreshments, condiments, plates and cutlery - dani_carriere by 9 July 05
  • Create games for event - polarbeardiggers by 10 July 05
  • Bring BBQ implements - Peter by 10 July 05
  • Bring Cooler with Ice for drinks, BBQ briquettes and lighter fluid - polarbeardiggers by 10 July 05

Encoder / Decoder - dani_carriere

dani-carriere has created program that uses several different encoding techniques to decode text.


  • We will make it available to the entire membership.

Action items:

  • Publish encoder page - dani_carriere by 30 June 05

Questionnaire from Member - dani_carriere

MBGA member Rhythms Master would like to work with Parks Canada to allow geocaching. He has asked if a questionnaire can be made available to the membership to get our opinions.


  • Once he sends us the questionnaire, dani_carriere will create a web page for people to fill out.

Action items:

  • Send questionnaire to MBGA - Rhythms Master by 23 June 05
  • Create web page for MBGA web site - dani_carriere by 30 June 05

Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 P.M. Next meeting scheduled for the MBGA BBQ Event.

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