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Milestones achieved in June 2013

After a hiatus, the recording and calculations of member milestones returns. In the past, there was an automated script to handle this task. Due to gc.com site changes, this is done manually. As well, in the past, the lowest milestone that was recognized was the 100th cache find. Due to an increase in the number of geocachers, the low number for tracking purposes is 500.

Congratulations to June's milestone achievers!

500: S.T.D.K, roadfinder724
700: GeoJoeJaneCashaJace, Bogbug
800: Yogi®, The Black Flight
900: TripleSTrio, Shebaz Jenkins
1,000: jabbywockyz, tracama, kruzrrr, wally_k
1,100: blueriders
1,200: goldfinch99, zankat
1,300: 0011mixam
1,400: Paggi, joust gezzin
1,500: icimondo, holydragon33, kissme11
1,600: Lynda L., Stonagal, Clan Lonewolf, Derivative, beancakes
1,700: sisterlinda
1,800: 4elements5senses, rika72, devildawg
2,000: roddandtoddflanders, torossi
2,500: rungirl159
3,000: trag_cachers, T S K
4,000: bergmannfamily
4,500: klblue
7,500: RW/RW
8,000: None
8,500: Peter and Gloria
15,000: OHMIC