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Manitoba's 1000th Active Cache!

September 26, 2006 the cache 18 Carrots hidden by MHz and Gord from Morris is published and becomes the 1000th active cache in Manitoba!

Congratulations to all Manitoba geocachers on obtaining this milestone.
It all started with the first cache hidden in Manitoba February 5, 2001 (GC21C),
which is still active in a new location.

By 2003 there were around 50 active Manitoba caches.
The summer of 2004 brought that number closer to 100.

On May 2, 2005, The Stunt-man hid Train to Nowhere (GCNQY1). The cache description reads "Hopefully this is Mb's 200th cache"

On April 12th, 2006, winnipegk5 placed the cache "ESP Travel Bug Hotel", making it Manitoba's 500th active cache.