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2017 Winter Blizzard Contests

2017 Winter Blizzard

The MBGA decided we needed to get outside a bit more this winter, so we're running a winter contest! This time, we're going retro and pulling a couple of old contests out of our touques and running them again. We're even recycling the original logo.

Hiding Contest

Hide a cache during the 'Winter Blizzard'. Click for full post

  1. It must be winter friendly (AND use the winter friendly attribute).
  2. The word 'SNOW' must appear in the cache name.
  3. Caches must be published between January 1 and March 31, 2017. Winners will be drawn from the hidden caches during a pub night in April.
  4. Power trail hiders will be limited to 5 entries per power trail.

The bookmark list of hides will be kept here.

2017 Winter Blizzard

Mystery Contest

More to come on this one...