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MBGA Committee Meeting - December 5, 2006

Location: Jeffrey’s N49 56.729 W097 05.203
Start/Finish: 7:15 – 8:20 pm

Committee Present: Steven (ertyu), Brian (grnbrg), Tobey (3Ts&aG), Roger (The-Stuntman), Peter (Peter and Gloria), Scott (Lizardo), Jen (ava_ad0re), Dani (dani_carriere),

Committee Absent: N/A

Members Present: Paula (MHz)

Committee Member Reports

Brian (Vice-President):

  • Upgraded the software on the coin tracking website

Peter (Treasurer):

  • No more online banking because of the 2 signatures required stipulation, thus no more online statements
  • Since last meeting we have had $387.37 in income (donations, web logo, TB sales and training income) and $122.70 in expenses (bank fees and training expenses) leaving us with a total of $470.21

Jen (Secretary):

  • Kids’ Friendly list will be undertaken in January

Scott (PR and Communications):

  • Getting a few more “Contact us” emails
  • CDEM contacted the MBGA for info
  • List of other association’s web pages? There is a pinned topic in the Canada forum on GC.com. Also, Wikipedia has a list of associations on their geocaching page.
  • The Canada cache is back up, and someone has already found it

Steven (Website):

  • Updated Milestones, COTM (Bevro)
  • Waiting for the December COTM
  • Added captcha - No new spam users
  • Made form for Tobey’s Christmas Event
  • New page for bookmarks

Tobey (Events):

  • Christmas event will be potluck, not catered.

Roger (Training and Workshops):

  • Completed the first MBGA backed training class, and it was very successful
  • Brian’s suggestion – make it either all on one day, or over two weekends.
  • Student teacher conferences next year – they would like to incorporate geocaching, maybe work it into the curriculum for the fall of 2007 or 2008
  • Scott and Roger spoke to a guy from the Grand Marais Trail Association – suggested we look into “Manitoba in Motion” for government grants. They can kick in up to $3000 for organizations involved with physical activity. This is not through the Sports Federation. Scott will follow up on this
  • Contacted by Stephanie Foy (?) for a group she has (tentative date).

Danielle (President):

  • Daniel has left geocaching and we are really sorry to see him go. Some caches have been adopted, but most are going to go (probably as of Spring). He is forum administrator – does he want to continue on? Transition? Move it off? Within the next month, we need a decision on what he’d like done with the forum. Roger will confirm this with him.
  • Domain names are up for renewal in January – how do we transition, to put it under MBGA instead of Danielle’s name? Steven – we should have a free renewal and about a month and a half to do it.
  • Adsense – Hit the $100 threshold ($111 US), and we should have the cheque by mid to late January

Old Business:

  • Business cards – Danielle will resolve it for January. (The cards are to be placed in caches by committee members to advertise the association). Scott can print them off after Danielle gets him a proof image.
  • Email Addresses for MBGA committee
  • Categories on the new contact forum – one for training, web administration, PR. Can take Danielle off the General one.
  • Leisure Guide – Roger has submitted information, waiting for a response from the City. If we haven’t heard from them by mid-January, we’ll get in contact with them.

New Business:

  • Policy on tipping: i.e. if the association is paying for something that involves tipping, are we being reimbursed for that? Yes. Just make sure it is on the receipt.
  • Tobey – received an email from Nina from Worldgeocaching.com, offering to donate things for events, in return for advertising for them on the website. For events go through Tobey, for merchandising go through Brian.
    • How hard is it to do a rotating banner ad? Or add another ad instead, beneath the GPS central one.
    • Request credit instead of merchandising right now
  • Brian – developing an outline for a cache hiding course, i.e. “what you should be thinking when looking for a spot, where not to hide…” Best to post it as an event, to reach more people.
  • Renting rooms in the future – raise the enrolment price, or use Scott’s church? The Garden City Inn was good, but in the future check with Scott & Tannis to see if the church is available
  • Monthly Pub Night? I.e. the Freehouse, King’s Head. Whoever gives the co-ordinates first to Tobey is where the 1st one will be. Should it be an MBGA thing, or an individual thing? Give 14 days notice and be sure to call it something appropriate. We can try it under the MBGA. IF GC.com doesn’t allow it monthly, we’ll post it on the forum.

Next Meeting: January 16th, 7 pm, Jeffrey’s.

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