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AGM Notes

A quick note after this Weekends AGM.
The proposed ammendment to the Bylaws was accepted and the following members have been elected as your board of directors for for the 2018-9 year.

Jordan - KeeGee
Kim - Skoki
Georgia - GG+J
Jay - Jabbywockyz
Loida - Okeefek
Nathan - ShopCrazy
Ken - GeocacherKen
Stuart - MarcoIslandGuy
Sue - MarcoIslandGirl
Anne - QuiltinAnnie
Kristin - Hakliva
Vonnie - V_A

We also had some excellent conversation about the future direction that the membership would like to see the association move.
1) investigate the creation of a geotour in Manitoba
2) more training seminars :
a) Basic Hides
b) GSAK basics
c) Geocaching 101 for the community
d) Geocaching phone app usage
3) maintain a level of at least 2 events per month
a) please manitoba geocachers, host an event. if you are planning let us know and we will work to prevent conflicts.
b) if no events are being planned, we will urge the board members to host an event.
c) members if you want help let us know, we will be happy to provide advice and guidance and you will get the statistics bo us for holding a geocaching event.

More to come