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MBGA General Meeting - February 19, 2006

Start Time: 6:15 PM
End Time: 6:45 PM
Attendees: 36+ MBGA members
Location: Fort Garry United Church, 800 Point Road

Welcome and Introductions

  • Thank you to event organizers, Tobey (3T's&aG) and Tannis (Tannasaurus)
  • Committee members in attendance: dani_carriere (Vice-President) and Peter of Peter & Gloria (Public Relations Office - Rural)

Winnipeg Free Press Article

  • Membership increased by 58% (63 New MBGA teams)

MBGA Committee in 2006

  • Adding Treasurer role so that funds can be raised and used for MBGA functions, the website and to prevent members to have to pay out of pocket. We will still not be seeking membership fees. Funds will be raised through various opportunities (see number 6 below).
  • Recommended Structure of Committee in 2006
    • President
      • nomination: dani_carriere
    • Vice-President
    • Secretary
      • nomination: ava_adore
    • Treasurer
      • nomination: Peter (of Peter and Gloria)
    • Public Relations and Communications
      • nomination: Lizardo
    • Event Organizer
      • nomination: MB Country Girl and cdnwpgr (team)
    • Training and Workshop Co-ordinator
      • nomination: The-Stuntman
      • nomination: bevro
    • Web Site Maintenance
    • Sub-committees (Workshops, Web site, Fundraising, etc)

Committee Elections in 2006

  • Nominations today, and accepted until February 28th
  • Note to be sent to the membership to ask for nominations
  • Election will take place on-line to allow people from all over province to participate
  • One vote per computer
  • Election will start 8PM Friday, March 31st and conclude at 8PM on Sunday, April 2nd.

Progress of Parks Canada Policy Review

  • General statistics:
    • Parks Canada received 124 emails, 47 of which (38%) included policy suggestions.
    • of the total emails, 42 (34%) were from individuals who identified themselves as part of a particular organization and 82 (66%) were from the public.
    • 78 individuals sent in emails, and 41 of those individuals (53%) sent in policy suggestions
    • 35 of the 52 reviewed policies were analysed
  • All of the policies and suggestions for geocahcing were categorized according to themes such as:
    • online posting,
    • behaviour,
    • cache container and
    • cache contents, etc.
  • A conference that will include representatives from Parks Canada employees from across the country, from Geocaching.com, and from 8 Geocaching organizations will meet in the first half of this year to review and finalize the results of the data gathering.

Fundraising opportunities

  • Why? (Event Costs, Web Site Maintenance, Advertising (ie brochures), Travel reimbursement for workshops)
  • Cafe Shops
  • Manitoba Lotteries
  • Other Suggestions?

MBGA Logo items

  • Geocoins (Thank you to Brian Greenberg)
  • Patches
  • T-Shirts, etc

Requests for Workshops and Cooperative Alliances

  • Sports Weekend in Wawanesa
  • St. Paul's Collegiate, Elie,MB - CATT program (Canadian Academy of Travel and Tourism)
  • Winnipeg Trails Association
  • Grand Marais Property Owners Association
  • Manitoba Recreational Trails Association

Coloured MBGA Logo - grnbrg

  • wanted a brighter alternative
  • Manitoba Tartan contains red, blue, green, and yellow
  • applied colours to MBGA logo
  • Sought approval from MBGA committee and Groundspeak... passed
  • To be used as an unofficial alternative to the official green logo.
  • dani_carriere will upload it and add links to this logo as well as original logo.

MBGA Mailing List - grnbrg

  • As an alternative to the MBGA logo, Brian has started mailing list.
  • Not meant to replace forum.
  • Contact grnbrg to sign up.

Event Location

  • Tannasaurus suggested that this location (Fort Garry United Church, 800 Point Road) be used for future events (good size rooms, inexpensive and relatively central) .. passed.

Event Travel Bug

  • Tannasaurus introduced Event Travel Bug. Whoever takes the bug would organize the next event.
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