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MBGA Committee Meeting - January 16, 2007

Location: Jeffrey’s N49 56.729 W097 05.203
Start/Finish: 7:05 – 8:45 pm

Committee Present: Steven (ertyu), Brian (grnbrg), Tobey (3Ts&aG), Roger (The-Stuntman), Peter (Peter and Gloria), Scott (Lizardo), Jen (ava_ad0re), Dani (dani_carriere),

Committee Absent: N/A

Members Present: Paula (MHz), Ray (Slippery_1), Paul (Mtolympus)

Committee Member Reports

Brian (Vice-President):

  • Milestone badges – should have a quote for next meeting
  • Windshield stickers, i.e. a geocaching permit, something to stick on your car. A label from Café Press with our logo, or mbgeocaching.ca

Peter (Treasurer):

  • $480.44 total
  • Made $87.15 from last event
  • Used PayPal account to order TB tags from the US
  • Danielle needs to give receipt to Peter for the domain hosting cost
  • Since May we have bought 5 batches of TB tags
  • The association owns 8 TB tags, a profit of $2.67 ea because they were on sale.

Jen (Secretary):

  • Kids’ Friendly list is not necessary

Scott (PR and Communications):

  • CBC interview has been done. OHMIC was interviewed, in French. A link and pictures are on the forum
  • Contacted by Chris Hornby (with Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Intiatives), working with the Ashern Chamber of Commerce, looking for info regarding geocaching in Northern Manitoba. If he can get people together, he’ll ask for a training session.

Steven (Website):

  • Now have a calendar
  • Updated various pages
  • All Executives have an email now
  • Transferring forums
    • MBGA will host the forums
    • We should start locking the old one down and link the new one
    • Different options with forums: free versus paying ($90/yr). All the options would eliminate need to double authenticate. Can add advertising to forums. Pros and cons for different options. However, we’ll try the free one first on a closed trial and test it out.

Tobey (Events):

  • Christmas event made $87.00
  • Summer Geocaching Adventure: see handout.
    • We’ll need to have a meeting specifically for this to discuss
    • $10 is a reasonable fee
    • Tobey and Paul will continue to work together on this
    • MBGA might be able to arrange prizes.
  • Pub Nite:
    • Next one at The Elephant and Castle
    • The Freehouse requires a $10 pre-charge per person for large groups.
    • Need a place without a band
    • Pub Nites don’t have to be in Winnipeg
    • March – do it on the anniversary (Monday)
    • Set days – The day will match the month, i.e. Feb 2, April 4, May 5, except for the anniversary.

Roger (Training and Workshops):

  • Manitoba in Motion
    • See Handout
    • A potential way of getting grant money if we can prove our association is getting people in motion. It is hard because they look to communities more, but we are province wide. Need to provide a legitimate use for the grant money, i.e. equipment for training, etc.
    • Passed on to Scott to follow up with.
    • Get a program into schools – a way to get kids on the trails?
  • Two workshops coming up
    • Feb 6 for Scouts
    • Feb 15 – at W. St. Paul School.
    • Tentative with Chris Hornby
  • Geocaching and Tourism Inquiries
    • Lots of requests, about how to use geocaching to increase tourism. Can only really show them how to do caches, it’s up to them to place the caches, etc.
    • Do we want to do something like we get together with Manitoba Tourism and do a general workshop on Tourism and Geocaching and them come to us, i.e. have a conference meeting later on, say 6 or 7 months down the road…

Danielle (President):

  • Google Cheque: $127.96 from Adsense
  • MBGA.com/.ca domains have been purchased for another year (or two)
  • Anniversary – Pub Nite – Could Tannis make a cake? We’ll reimburse her.
  • Elections
    • Everyone think about if you want to continue in the same position, quit or do a different position
    • We need a place on the website for the election
    • Nominations can be emailed
    • Topic on the forums
    • Date of election? 1st or 2nd week of March to mid March
    • Jen will work with Steven doing the elections
    • 2 weeks for nominations?
    • 1 week for voting/counting?
  • Northern Representatives
    • Slippery_1 & Capt.Kirk and McDee
    • Norman – Northern Manitoba geocaching group. Can they affiliate with the MBGA? Yes. It is ruled that the association formally recognizes the Norman geocachers as a subgroup of the MBGA. All in favour. They will choose a representative among themselves.

Old Business:

  • Business cards – Danielle is still working on it
  • Roger will contact the Leisure Guide.

New Business:

  • Scott – approached 2 months ago by Mindy from a travel group. She will be having people in from all over and is looking into having a geocaching event. Needs to let us know how many people there will be, and when (Sept/Oct). Is it commercial or governmental? A private company that trains people to be tourism reps/guides.
  • Roger – Invited to a seminar (maybe in March) in the Whiteshell. A group is hosing a tourism type meeting with geocaching as a focal point. He is invited there as an observer.
    • Think about if a subcommittee for Training and Workshops is needed. May have to split off into something tourism specific.
  • Adding Roger’s events to the calendar, the ones that MBGA is invited to, i.e. safety course
  • National Parks has finalized their policy. It looks like they will allow physical caches in the parks. Will let everyone know when it’s official.

Next Meeting: Feb 21st, 8 pm, Jeffrey’s.

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