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Write up for the position of VP

I was honoured to be nominated for the position of Vice-President of the Manitoba Geocaching Association. I feel that I would bring a great deal of experience and expertise to this organization. I started geocaching in March 2002 and have witnessed the exponential growth of this game over the past five years.

When I was living in Rochester, New York, I assisted with the foundation of the New York Geocaching Organization and was President of NYGO for 2.5 years. During my tenure as President, I oversaw the production of the New York geocoin, I organized several geocaching events, I conducted GPS training sessions for a variety of groups, and I worked with the State Park Administrators to develop a geocaching policy for caches placed in their parks.

On a professional level, I work with mapping-grade GPS technology. As such, I am required to keep abreast of new technology and advancements in the field of GPS.

I would be happy to assist with the MBGA. I feel this is a great organization with an important role to play for the future of geocaching in Manitoba. It is useful to have a central point of contact for anyone with questions or concerns about geocaching. Especially as many parks are trying to develop policies or gain a better understanding of what this activity entails. I also feel that this organization helps to promote quality cache hides throughout the Province with activities such as the cache Blitz in May 2006.

Sandra Forbes (aka junglehair)