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MBGA Committee Meeting - February 21, 2007

Location: Jeffrey’s N49 56.729 W097 05.203
Start/Finish: 8:00 – 9:45 pm

Committee Present: Steven (ertyu), Brian (grnbrg), Tobey (3Ts&aG), Roger (The-Stuntman), Peter (Peter and Gloria), Scott (Lizardo), Jen (ava_ad0re), Dani (dani_carriere),

Committee Absent: None

Members Present: Paula (MHz), TurdleEggs & TurdleFemme, OHMIC

Committee Member Reports

Brian (Vice-President):

  • Caching Permits – get a bunch to sell at events – cost is $0.82 each (after tax and delivery) and sell for about $2.00 ea. Will get about $20 worth. Brian will order them, and Peter will write a cheque.
  • Chevrons – will be given away for reaching milestone levels, i.e. 100/250/500/1000 finds. We will hold off on these until after the crests are paid for and the bank account recovers.
    • Only have 4 members with 1000+ finds. May look into custom making them.
  • Crests – will order 250 for people to purchase, cost $1 and sell for $4/5.
  • At 8:30 am on Friday at the Unicity Walmart, Foodninja is donating a cheque to the MBGA. Brian and others will show up for pictures.

Peter (Treasurer):

  • Only debit was $1.50 for bank fees
  • $24 from TB tags
  • $5 surplus
  • Bank Balance $530.78
  • PayPal $105.12
  • Total 635.90
  • Danielle gave Peter a receipt and invoice for the domain renewal.

Jen (Secretary):

  • Polls for the election will open Mar. 1st
  • People for the contested positions need to write a 250 word bit about why they want the position, what they’ll bring etc. Send to Steven by Feb 25th.
  • Term starts immediately
  • Next meeting will be blended
  • Email will be transitional.
  • Runner ups will be offered “Member-at-large”
  • Term limits – decided it wasn't warranted to rejected volunteers at this point. A suggestion for next year from Paula – elect a body of 10ish and then have them select from within the group who will do what, decided at the first meeting of the newly assembled group.

Scott (PR and Communications):

  • Brought MBGA business cards for the committee. Can print more cards, with what people want specifically.
  • Contact from Mississippi – very impressed by the website, liked the mechanics of it, content, etc.
  • CITO location
    • Has been looking at locations for Earth Day, i.e. Whittier Park, etc. Open to suggestions.
    • Plant a tree – as part of CITO or as part of another event.
    • Could co-ordinate CITO events with areas within the province, maybe a competition? Could invite other individuals/locales to have their own as a log-able event. Could do before after/pictures.
    • Scott will post and manage this event.

Steven (Website):

  • Everything is running smoothly

Tobey (Events):

  • Do we want another Blitz type event? “Cache Crush 2007”?
    • Limited categories
    • Do we want to have all the hiding done in May, and then have them all revealed on June 1st at the same time? We would have to coordinate this with the reviewer, if it is possible. Or do we want them spread out over the month?
    • Tobey will start a thread on the forums for suggestions/planning
    • Big Cache Event – who can place the largest cache?
  • Next Pub Night is in Stonewall?
  • OHMIC is planning an event for May.
  • Tobey and Brian met with mntolympus (Paul) to discuss his event. It will be on the second weekend in September. Will book the group use site at Birds Hill. If there is a fee, the MBGA will cover it but ask for donations at the event. Friday will be a BBQ, and the event will start on Saturday at 8 am.
  • For events, be sure to send them to Tobey so they can be but on the calendar and avoid overlaps, even if it is tentative dates.

Roger (Training and Workshops):

  • Last training event – the person who set it up never showed. Roger emailed him but received no response.
  • Called the Leisure Guide – we are not in it for the Spring, even though they have our info. But now he at least has a contact with the city.
  • From the Selkirk Journal – upcoming event: 1 night, March 6 training event.
  • Still waiting to hear from Chris Hornby, Linda Moran (Interlake) and Joanne Hebert.
  • Parks Canada – can maybe pass to Sean or go along with him.
  • Still waiting to hear about the teachers group for October. Apparently they expect us to provide a training location, which we do not have. Have to find out if they will pay for a rental space.
  • Co-position:
    • PR and Training work hand and hand. What takes the load off is the scheduling and organizing. It takes the pressure off of the training. PR and Training should be blended – someone doing the scheduling and organizing and another person actually going out and doing it.
    • Will contact Bevro & Ohmic & Sean to see if they are agreeable to this.
    • Suggestion from Steven – have a page that has info about our training – i.e. what type of training we offer, prices etc to help alleviate the back and forth communication. Roger will send this info to Steven.

Danielle (President):

  • Sean will work with Val for the Parks Canada training session. They want staff trained by May. It is to teach staff how to Geocache so they can better understand it in regards to the policy. Roger will email Sean. It is a matter of putting documentation together – a training package. Manitoba is providing the materials for all of Canada to be training on. Also working with Riding Mountain Biosphere. Parks Canada may be willing to cover “costs.” If we are offered money we won’t turn it down, but we will not ask for payment. We also need to find out what Parks Canada is actually expecting from the MBGA.
  • There will be a weekend event starting on June 9th sponsored by both Manitoba and Saskatchewan geocachers at the Madge Lake campground in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park. For those not able or willing to camp, Madge Lake also has hotels, condos and cabins available to rent. The event coordinators are Owen Parker (parker2) from Saskcachers, Ray Young (slippery_1), Sean Freys (Dragonfreys) and dani_carriere, with participation from several other Saskcachers and MBCachers.
  • This is the last official meeting for this committee.

New Business:

  • Brian – Do we want to do Jackets with an embroidered logo? A jacket costs about $100, a fleece only $40. We’ll put his across on the forums to see if there is interest.

Next Meeting: March 21st, 7 pm, Jeffrey’s.

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