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MBGA Committee Meeting - March 21, 2007

Jeffery's (N49 56.729 W097 05.203)

Meeting called to order at 19:05 CDT.

Committee Members Present: Tobey (3T's&aG), Scott (Lizardo), Jacques (OHMIC), Paula (MHz), Tim (TurdleEggs), Peter (Peter and Gloria), Steven (ertyu), Dani (dani_carriere), Nick (bevro), Roger (The_Stuntman), Sandra (junglehair)

Committee Absent: Brian (grnbrg), Jen (ava_ad0re), Sean (DragonFreys)

Members present: Garth (ChargerDad)

Tim welcomed new members to the committee and congratulated previous committee on a great past year.

Old Minutes

  • Peter noted that the minutes from the very first meeting had the incorrect date of March 6/05. Steven will correct them to be March 5/05 on the web site.
  • Tim asked for any corrections to the minutes from February 21/07. Dani moved that the minutes be accepted. Scott seconded the motion. All accepted.

Membership Report

  • Steven reported membership according to the website as being 303 members total, 272 MB members, 142 active (website logins) in the last 6 months.

Treasurer Report

  • donations from members, MBGA Birthday Expenses, TB Tag sales noted.
  • past months overall income was $100.42.
  • current total assets $736.33.
    (Full treasures report kept for the records)

  • Peter asked if it was alright if he still bought TB's for re-sale via the club PayPal account. All approved.
  • Dani noted that the current AdSense total was $34.59US. Check will be cut to MBGA when total reaches $100US.
  • new signing authority needs to be setup at the bank. New signing authority will be any two signatures of the following 4 committee members:
    • Tim Turner (TurdleEggs) - President
    • Sandra Forbes (junglehair) - Vice President
    • Peter McLure (Peter and Gloria) - Treasurer
    • Paula Ehn (MHz) - Secretary.

Old Business

Parks Canada Package

  • Parks Canada deadline to have package ready to distribute is May 15/07.
  • this is the PR/training crew's current priority.
  • Jacques will contact Val Pankratz.
  • Sandra mentioned Geocaching U as a good source for material.

Ashern training session "Bringing Geocaching to Ashern - Chris Hornby

  • Chris undertook the training session himself on March 17/07.
  • Chris only requested the loan of the geocaching DVD but it never made it there.
  • Chris will be promoting and placing caches in and around Ashern.

Manitoba Recreational Trails Association (MRTA) Presentation at Dorothy Lake - Linda Moran

  • Tim and Roger attended on March 10/07.
  • Roger gave a 1 hour presentation.
  • Tim and Roger discussed how to improve the training process (scheduling, booking venues, etc.) PR/training crew will follow up on this.

Manitoba GIS User Group (MGUG) Presentation

  • requested someone to do a presentation on April 20/07 from 13:30-14:00 CDT.
  • Sandra is a member and may be there anyway.
  • Sandra will look into it and may be able to do the presentation if she will be there.

Selkirk Journal training session - Stephanie Foy

  • Roger gave training on March 6/07.
  • another training session requested for September 2007.

Teacher's Group Training

  • nothing new.
  • tabled until closer to October 2007.

Leisure Guide

  • missed Spring edition.
  • PR/training crew will push to have MBGA in the Fall edition.

Geocaching Permit Stickers

  • no update as Brian (grnbrg) not in attendance

FoodNinja Walmart Fund raiser

  • Tim, Dani, Scott and Brian were in attendance to see Jason(FoodNinja) have his head shaved at Walmart.
  • there is still some confusion over the destination of the funds from the fund raising as it appeared the donations happening at the event were to go to Cancer Care. Walmart is aware that some funds or all matching funds are for the MBGA.
  • Tim will follow up with Jason to make sure the money is going where Jason wants it to go and any funds raised for Cancer Care make it to Cancer Care.

CITO 2007

  • event set for Earth Day April 22/07 and was published
  • Scott still working on splitting up the areas for teams to clean and the awarding of prizes.
  • areas considered for the event are Whittier Park, Lagimodiere-Gabriel Park, Coronation Park along River up to Whittier Park.
  • Jacques offered to do some PR work for it.

Cache Splash 2007

  • event rules were discussed at length
  • decided to make a sub-committee to handle this and come up with a set of rules so the event can be published in a couple of weeks.
  • sub-committee members are Dani, Tobey, Sandra, Steven and maybe Brian if he's interested.

Hiding Seminar

  • agreed that one was needed as many newer members have been asking a lot of hiding questions
  • seminar should happen before or in the first two weeks of May to coincide with the Cache Splash 2007 Event.

Oak Hammock Marsh "Cache the Marsh" Event

  • Jacques will publish the event soon and it is set for May 6/07.
  • free BBQ with caching beginning at noon.
  • Jacques is placing 12 caches that will be published sometime after noon on May 6/07
  • it was noted that this would be a back to back event with the May Pub Nite in Stonewall on May 5/07.
  • moving of the May Pub Nite was discussed but voted to leave it on May 5/07.

MtOlympus event

  • Tobey and Brian have been working with Paul on this.
  • event is set for September 14-15/07.
  • Tobey looked into booking a group use area in the Birds Hill Provincial Park and it will cost approximately $94.00 .
  • it was agreed to pay for the reservation of the group use area and a check was cut for $100 to Tobey to make sure it was covered.

Pub Nite

  • April's Pub Nite has been moved to April 10/07 to accommodate Ray (Slippery_1) as he will be in town.
  • April's Pub Nite has also changed venue to the Nor-villa Hotel on Henderson Hwy to keep with the karaoke style as advertised.
  • Future Pub nites are tentatively lined up as follows:
    • May 05/07 - Stonewall, MB
    • June/07 - Toad in the Hole
    • July/07 - Hooligans
    • Aug/07 - Fox and Hound
  • other suggestions are welcome

Business Cards

  • personal cards will be made as necessary for PR/training positions
  • regular generic MBGA cards for the rest of the committee to place in caches etc.
  • committee members are free to have their own cards made up

Crests and Milestone Chevrons

  • no update as Brian (grnbrg) not in attendance


  • decided not to proceed with this at this time

Election Results

  • Steven reported receiving 45 votes which is up from last year's 30+ votes.
  • election results confirmed by Jen after results were posted on website.
  • election results approved.
  • tabled to next meeting is the revision of election process for next year's election.

Committee Position Revisions

  • Dani had a one line revision she already sent to Steven.
  • Jen had a similar revision.
  • Steven will combine the PR and Training position descriptions

New Business

Geocaching DVD

  • discussed the loaning of the geocaching DVD.
  • decided that DVD would only be loaned if accompanied by a committee member or a deposit was made to ensure it was returned to the committee.
  • it was suggested requester could also directly buy the DVD at GPS Central etc. It's only $30 and can be delivered most times over night.

Trade shows

  • Jacques visited the recent Boat Show and thought these type of trade shows (Boat/RV/Home etc) would be a good place to have a booth or share some space in a booth to help promote geocaching.
  • booths are too expensive for the MBGA.
  • Scott has brochures if a space can be found to display them.

Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (CDEM)

  • Jacques mentioned CDEM is interested in geocaching.

Association of Manitoba Museums

  • Jacques mentioned that this association would be interested in having caches by their museums (mostly rural) to help promote these smaller museums.

New web host

  • Steven has been looking into performance issues with current webhost.
  • Current web host paid up until Spring 2008.
  • Another web host has been tested and proved to be several seconds faster.
  • New web host is $50US/year which is the same rate as current web host.
  • Tabled to be looked at again in fall 2007.

GPS Central Ad

  • should GPS Central's Ad be placed in the new forums?
  • will revisit when new invoice is ready to go the GPS Central.

Manitoba Community Services Council Inc. Grant

  • Tim is looking into requirements for MBGA to apply for a grant.
  • things that meet their requirements are CITO events, training seminars but also can apply for basic operating expenses.

Income Tax

  • Sandra asked if the club had considered filing income tax forms.
  • Peter had looked into it when he set up the bank account but at the time it was not required.
  • any grants received may change that so Peter will look into it again.

Planting Trees and/or Adopting a Park(s)

  • Scott reports nothing new.

Committee Members Only section of the Forum

  • Sandra asked about creating a committee members only section of the forum.
  • Steven said it could be done but the authorization portion would be tricky.
  • tabled to next meeting

Chinese Reporter from Los Angeles

  • Steven reported a Chinese reporter stumbled into the MBGA chat room and interviewed him.
  • Steven has copy of article but it is in Chinese.
  • Dani offered to have it translated so we could post it on the web site.
  • Steven will forward the article.

Passing of information from committee members stepping down to new committee members

  • Nick and Jacques will meet with Scott and Roger to talk about the transferring of training and PR information.
  • Scott will pass question bank to Sean for Cacher of the Month.
  • Tim, Sandra and Paula will register their signatures at the bank when Peter has submitted the required change of signature forms. Forms were filled out by Tim, Sandra and Paula at this meeting and returned to Peter.
  • Paula will solicit committee members for contact info to create a new full contact list for committee members to use.
  • Steven will update contact info on the website as follows (<position>@mbgeocaching.ca):
    • events => Tobey
    • info => Sean (General Inquiries)
    • pastpresident => Dani
    • pr => Jacques
    • president => Tim
    • secretary => Paula
    • training => Nick (Training & Workshops)
    • treasurer => Peter
    • vp => Sandra
    • webmaster => Steven (Website & Forums)

Committee Members FYI

  • AdSense checks sent to Dani who gives them to Peter.
  • GPS Central checks go to Peter after he has invoiced them.
  • domain renewal invoices go to Dani.
  • Peter currently has access to the Paypal account but will give Tim access as well.
  • Cafe Press checks go to Brian then to Peter.
  • Dani and Steven have web host access.
  • Steven has full administrators access to the website and forum. Various committee members have partial access like Tobey to the calendar and Brian as a forum moderator.
  • Tobey and Dani have access to the MBGA userID on geocaching.com.
  • Brian, Steven and Scott have administrator access to Google groups.

Next Meeting

  • the next committee meeting will be at 19:00 CDT, April 25/07 at Nick's Boardroom, 99 Scurfield Blvd. (N49 49.051 W97 11.484)
  • Nick will provide a speaker phone so Sean can call in.
  • all present agreed.
  • Tabled discussion of May meeting being in IRC until next meeting

Motion to adjourn meeting by Tobey and seconded by Dani.
Meeting adjourned at 21:35 CDT.

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