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Splash Cache Banner

To create a Splash Cache banner for your cache, simply click on the category that you wish to enter your cache in. This will create a block of HTML code that you can cut and paste at the bottom of the cache description.

Select a Category

Category [Points] Requirement
  1. [2] Container made of plumbing parts.
  2. [2] Hidden in a pine tree. (-2 points for a spruce tree.)
  3. [2] Multi cache hide.
  4. [2] Puzzle cache hide.
  5. [2] Special equipment required.
  6. [3] 'Splash' themed cache.
  7. [3] Cache hidden at least 500m from a paved road.
  8. [3] Homemade container. (No ammo can, L&L, Altoid tins, etc)
  9. [3] Large cache (At least 5L).
  10. [3] More than 10m above ground level.
  11. [3] More than 50km from your home co-ordinates (You must be able to maintain the cache).
  12. [3] Multi-Puzzle Cache hide.
  13. [3] Night-time only cache.
  14. [3] Place a TCDNMB (Trans Canada Highway Manitoba) or a YLHDMB (Yellowhead Manitoba) cache.
  15. [3] Regular size (750ml+) cache within 10m of a paved road.
  16. [3] Regular size (750ml+) urban anti-cammo cache. Container must be brightly coloured, and within an urban centre. (Urban parks are ok.)
  17. [3] Rural cache 20km away from it's closest neighbor (Rural means you can't see your neighbor).
  18. [3] Swimming or wading required to retrieve cache.
  19. [3] Urban cache 2km away from it's closest neighbor.
  20. [3] Urban cache hidden in plain site which is visible from 20m away.
  21. [4] Wheelchair accessible cache. (Must be retreivable from a wheelchair.)
  22. [3] Winter friendly hide.
  23. [3] Wooden container.
  24. [4] Cacher Tribute themed cache. A cache dedicated to your favorite cacher. (Please ask the subject of the cache for permission, first.)
  25. [4] Difficulty 5 cache hide.
  26. [4] In an Rural Municipality that doesn't currently have a hide in it.
  27. [4] Regular size (750ml+) cammo'd cache. Must blend with surroundings. No cammo tape allowed.
  28. [4] Murder Mystery themed cache.
  29. [4] On the ground, away from any structure or object (buildings, trees, bushes, etc) taller than 15cm.
  30. [4] Puzzle cache with no text in the description.
  31. [4] Teach the finder to use a feature of their GPSr.
  32. [4] Terrain 5 cache hide.
  33. [4] Underwater cache.
  34. [5] Earth Cache.
  35. [5] Terrain 5, Difficulty 5 cache hide.
  36. [2] Kid-friendly cache or a cache hidden by a kid.

Sample Display

This cache was created to add to the number of QUALITY caches hidden in Manitoba. It is an official cache in the MBGA Cache Splash event.
Category :

Cut & Paste Code

You must check "The descriptions below are in HTML" in your geocaching.com listing for the banner to work.