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Cache Splash 2007

Cache Splash

MBGA Cache Splash
The MBGA Cache Splash event is a "hide scavenger hunt" similar to last years Blitz event. There is a range of requirements listed below, and each cache published must meet the requirements of one category. Each category has a score, and the hiders with the highest total score will receive a prize.
Splash Caches List
Map of Splash Caches
Splash Standings


In order to qualify for points in the MBGA Cache Splash event, caches must:
  • Be published between 12:00 am, May 1st and 11:59pm May 31st.
  • Have the word "Splash" somewhere in the title.
  • Include the Splash Banner at the top or bottom of the cache description on geocaching.com. (You must check "The descriptions below are in HTML" in your geocaching.com listing for it to work.)
  • Meet the requirements for one and only one of the Cache Splash categories. Caches that meet the requirements for more than one category will be awarded points for the category with the highest score.
  • Must be active until September 1st. Caches that are muggled or disabled must be promptly replaced or reactivated.
  • Caches that are found to not meet the stated category requirements will not be counted.
  • There is no limit to the number of caches that may be placed in a given category.
  • Categories specifying a minimum distance to a neighboring caches will be confirmed when published, but will not be disqualified by subsequent hides within the stated minimum radius.
  • A cacher who places his or her first cache will earn a 10 point bonus.
  • All other rules and guidelines that apply to hiding a geocache must be adhered to irregardless of the requirements of a category.
*Note: Remember to post a reviewer note that you would like the cache published after May 1 to qualify for the Cache Splash.

Guess the Number of Splash Caches

The cacher who guesses closest to the number of published caches during the event will be awarded a prize. You can guess twice. Guesses were accepted until 11:59 pm May 12.


  1. [2 points] Container made of plumbing parts.
  2. [2 points] Hidden in a pine tree. (-2 points for a spruce tree.)
  3. [2 points] Multi cache hide.
  4. [2 points] Puzzle cache hide.
  5. [2 points] Special equipment required.
  6. [3 points] 'Splash' themed cache.
  7. [3 points] Cache hidden at least 500m from a paved road.
  8. [3 points] Homemade container. (No ammo can, L&L, Altoid tins, etc)
  9. [3 points] Large cache (At least 5L).
  10. [3 points] More than 10m above ground level.
  11. [3 points] More than 50km from your home co-ordinates (You must be able to maintain the cache).
  12. [3 points] Multi-Puzzle Cache hide.
  13. [3 points] Night-time only cache.
  14. [3 points] Place a TCDNMB (Trans Canada Highway Manitoba) or a YLHDMB (Yellowhead Manitoba) cache.
  15. [3 points] Regular size (750ml+) cache within 10m of a paved road.
  16. [3 points] Regular size (750ml+) urban anti-cammo cache. Container must be brightly coloured, and within an urban centre. (Urban parks are ok.)
  17. [3 points] Rural cache 20km away from it's closest neighbor (Rural means you can't see your neighbor).
  18. [3 points] Swimming or wading required to retrieve cache.
  19. [3 points] Urban cache 2km away from it's closest neighbor.
  20. [3 points] Urban cache hidden in plain site which is visible from 20m away.
  21. [4 points] Wheelchair accessible cache. (Must be retreivable from a wheelchair.)
  22. [3 points] Winter friendly hide.
  23. [3 points] Wooden container.
  24. [4 points] Cacher Tribute themed cache. A cache dedicated to your favorite cacher. (Please ask the subject of the cache for permission, first.)
  25. [4 points] Difficulty 5 cache hide.
  26. [4 points] In an Rural Municipality that doesn't currently have a hide in it.
  27. [4 points] Regular size (750ml+) cammo'd cache. Must blend with surroundings. No cammo tape allowed.
  28. [4 points] Murder Mystery themed cache.
  29. [4 points] On the ground, away from any structure or object (buildings, trees, bushes, etc) taller than 15cm.
  30. [4 points] Puzzle cache with no text in the description.
  31. [4 points] Teach the finder to use a feature of their GPSr.
  32. [4 points] Terrain 5 cache hide.
  33. [4 points] Underwater cache.
  34. [5 points] Earth Cache.
  35. [5 points] Terrain 5, Difficulty 5 cache hide.
  36. [2 points] Kid-friendly cache or a cache hidden by a kid.