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MBGA Committee Meeting - April 25, 2007

Location: 99 Scurfield Blvd, Winnipeg, MB

Meeting called to order at 19:15 CDT.

Committee members present: Nick (bevro), Steven (ertyu), Peter (Peter & Gloria), Tim (TurdleEggs), Tobey (3T's&aG), Dani (dani_carriere), Sandra (junglehair), Jacques (OHMIC), Paula (MHz), and Sean (Dragonfreys).

Committee members not present: Ray (slippery_1)

Members present: Scott (lizardo) and Brian (grnbrg).

Old Minutes

Tim asked for any corrections to the minutes from March 21, 2007. Steven motioned that the minutes be accepted. Scott seconded it. All agreed.

Membership Report

Steven reported membership according the website as being 323 members total, 291 MB members, 148 active (website logins) in the last 6 months.

Treasurer Report

  • Peter reported that the current bank balance is $622.76.
  • Dani reported that Ad Sense is currently sitting at a total of $72.00US. Ad Sense will send a check when it reaches $100US.
  • Peter reported signing authority at the bank has been changed.

Old Business


Sandra reported that she gave a half hour presentation to the MGUG group on April 2, 2007, consisting of about 30-40 people.

Selkirk Journal Training Sept/07

Jacques will follow up

Teacher Group Training Oct/07

Jacques is in contact with them.

Leisure Guide Fall/07 Training Session

Dani will find contact name.

Geocaching Permits

Brian gave 23 permits to Peter to sell at $2.00/permit.

FoodNinja/Walmart Fundraiser

Tim will accept the $500 check from Jason at the Unicity Walmart tomorrow morning (Apr 26, 2007). $250 will go to Cancer Care Manitoba and $250 will be a donation to the MBGA.

CITO 2007 Event

Scott organized this event and it seemed to be a big success from the amount of garbage collected, the BBQ and GPS Golf game. Scott claims he broke even on the event expenses with lots of donations of equipment and supplies. Thanks to Jacques for the media coverage for the event. It was suggested that next time it might be better to concentrate our resources in fewer parks as the 12 in this event spread us a little thin. Also it was suggested that a required number of people needed should be given for each area in the event.

Cache Splash Event

Cache categories were discussed. Urban as opposed to rural hides were defined to be buildings more than 500m away from nearest neighbor by Brian. All agreed that a family friendly category for 3 points should be added. Brian and Steven will update the event pages appropriately.

Parks Canada

The local management team for Riding Mountain National Park are focuses on training for its staff. The MBGA has been asked to be a resource for the training but no to perform the training. Sean offered to represent the MBGA for this purpose. There will be about 10-15 people in a training seminar and these will occur in June, 2007. Jacques and Sean will be taking care of this.

Hiding Seminar

Jacques is hosting the MBGA Hiding Seminar at Ecole Leila North Community School, 20 Allan Blye Drive, Winnipeg on May 1, 2007. Thanks to Miles (milesmac) for the location and offering to film the event. Lori (1queenand4jokers) will be talking on creative hides while Stan (Ztirnats) will talk on creative containers. A discussion followed about giving away a cache starter kit to all who attended. Brian motioned for the MBGA to spend $75 and buy the items needed to make caching kits for the event. Sandra seconded the motion. All approved.

Cache the Marsh Event

The event is now published for May 6, 2007 at Oak Hammock Marsh. See event listing for more details.

MB/SK joint Event

Event listing is out and it's set for June 9, 2007 at Madge Lake in Duck Mountian Provincial Park. Organizers include Ray (Slippery_1), Dani (dani_carriere), Owen (parker2) and Sean (Dragonfreys). Tim asked about the possibility of a side trip to The Pas during the event but it was noted that that would be a 4 hour side trip.

MtOlympus Event in Sept/07

Unserviced group area has been reserved. Discussion took place as to where a serviced group use area was needed and the answer was yes. To upgrade to a serviced area it will be about $80 more. All present agreed to the increase and Tobey will change the reservation and will be reimbursed for the difference from the MBGA.

Pub Nite

  • May 5/07 is in Stonewall
  • June/07 ???
  • July/07 tentatively set for Fox and Hound
  • August/07 tentatively set for Movados

Business cards

To be made available to committee members via the FTP site. Dani and Scott will upload these there.


Brian sent in order for 250 crests at approximately $300.00. Chevrons will be bought at a later date. Crests will be sold to members at $5/crest.

Club jackets

No, not at this time

Revision of election process

Tabled until Fall/07

Association of Manitoba Museums

Tim, Jacques and Ray are taking care of this one.

New webhost

Tabled until Fall/07

GPS Central

Peter will send them a new contract around July for same $20/month rate. A note should be added to remind people who order from GPS Central to make sure they fill in the "Where did you hear about us?" field with mbgeocaching.ca when making their order online. Tim will contact them regarding donations.

MBGA event donations

Prize donations to events should be of the form of MBGA wear, TB tags, etc., not cash. This will be reviewed for each event to see what fits best. As an example, Pub Nites do not require any prizes. It was decided to give the Ray (slippery_1) $50.00 towards the prizes for the MB/SK event if the SK group matches the donation as it may be too late to get MBGA type prizes in time for the event. The MBGA donated 2 sets of TB tags to the CITO event in Grand Forks on April 14, 2007.

Vendor donations

Tim will create a list of vendors like GPS Central and Mountain Equipment Coop who have been contacted to donate prizes. A list of vendors and a form letter should be placed onto the FTP site for committee use. Vendor list should include contact info and last time they were contacted. Amended April 26, 2007: Tim is asking for someone to create a list of vendors and contact them.

Manitoba Community Services Grant

Tabled until the MBGA has a little more structure behind it such as a mission statement etc.

Income tax

Peter reported that the MBGA does not need to file for Manitoba income tax unless we buy things tax exempt. For the federal income tax, we would only need to file if our income is above a certain level (i.e. greater than $10,000+) even if we do receive grants.

GST number

Peter reported that the MBGA has no GST number as we do not charge GST on any training we do.

Committee only forum

It was decided to not have a committee only forum.

Committee only FTP site

Steven reported it is up and running and there it has a very large limit for space.

New Business

Manitoba Eco-Network Annual Environmental Awards

Jacques proposed to nominate Scott for the award on the MBGA's behalf. All present agreed.

Rite-in-the-Rain Logbooks

Sandra mentioned that in the past other groups have contacted the rite-in-the-rain company and gotten a pile of logbooks donated. Sandra will look into it.

Grant CD

Roger (Stuntman) forward to the committee the information to purchase a CD containing all the possible grants the MBGA could apply for. The CD cost $50.00. It was agreed not to purchase the CD.

Cache of the month

Steven reported that cache of the month would be taken from the forum, Manitoba’s Favorites or from the committee. The first Cache of the month is up, Hulda Otsman. Additional caches will be added from a forum recommendation, the Manitoba Must Finds list or from the committee. Next cache addition will be Camp Hughes.

DiscoverGPS.ca advertising

Steven reported that their offer to use did not seem to follow what the MBGA has done in the past and it was decided to not accept their offer. Steven will get back to them.

Training webpage

Tim brought forward the idea of creating a training webpage that would list 5-6 options for types of training and a related fee structure. A request for training button could be placed on the page and it would send the requester to the forums. Steven assured everyone he would put the page up as soon as he received the content for the page. Sean, Nick and Jacques will collect and give Steven the content needed. Charles (burchil) will be contacted to for any related training related info he may be able to pass along to the MBGA. It was also suggested that it should be listed that trainers have limited availability during working hours.

Training Fees

No fees will be listed on the website as these will be assessed on an as per training opportunity basis. Tim created a General Guide for fees to be charged. It was discussed at length and modified to better match the type of training that is done. A quote will be issued for any training request and will be based on a standard fee plus expenses. No quote will be made unless a trainer is available. Peter will create an invoice for each training session performed to be given to the company/group at the training session by the trainer. The company/group will be given 30 days to send payment by mail to Peter but may also pay via the trainer if they wish.

Training session in Arbourg May 30, 2007

This is a half day session. Nick is handling this one.

Training session in Portage la Prairie May 29, 2007

Two sessions. One in afternoon and one in evening. Nick is handling this one.

Training Calendar

It was suggested that a calendar be made available to the training crew so they can schedule around each other and not duplicate efforts. Google Calendar was suggested.

Mountain Equipment Coop

Tim told us the info Scott had relayed to him about this. MEC created a new position filled by Mike Lautt and his job is to deal with groups just like the MBGA and try to help us out. MEC donated a few prizes for the CITO event and have also offered the MBGA meeting space in their building. They are looking into getting the MBGA some type of GPS(s) that can be used for training purposes and maybe a 10% discount for MBGA members on store merchandise.


Jacques noted that this training session was postponed until May 28, 2007. The full day session is for Oak Hammock Marsh and the evening portion is for the MBGA. Jacques is handling this.

Warren Tourism Training

They are looking for a full day training session. Jacques is looking into it.

Web Newsletter

Jacques mentioned how you can inform the media about upcoming events using this Web Newsletter service. It is free for use if you send out less than 50 in a year. Jacques will look into it.

Media Contact List

Jacques will find an up to date media contact list and place a copy on the FTP site.

MBGA annual general meeting

Nick suggested that the MBGA have one annual general meeting just before elections around February or March each year. This would be much like the one we had the February 2006 Potluck. Brian moved that the MBGA should hold an annual general meeting in February or March of each year. Dani seconded the motion. All approved.

MBGA mailing address

The official MBGA mailing address is now Peter's mailing address.

Advertising on Splash event pages

Groundspeak asked that all advertising be removed from any Splash event pages linked into pages on geocaching.com. Steven has removed the ads.

Planning subcommittee

Tim suggested that the MBGA form a subcommittee to sit down and set out things like club goals, objectives for the future, set priorities and any other ideas. Subcommittee members are Tim, Sandra, Peter, Paula, Brian and Dani.

Provincial Parks Application form

Sandra brought draft copies of the form to the meeting.

Printing services

Stan (Ztirnats) works at Prolific Graphics and has offered the MBGA printing services for free for brochures etc. Brian will ask if we can have an MBGA vinyl banner printed as well.

Brandon area event

It was suggested that the Brandon area should have an event. This could be their own version of Pub Nite or another type of event such as a hiding seminar or BBQ. Dragonfreys will contact some members of the group and see if they are interested.

Next Meeting

IRC meeting, May 16, 2007, 7:00pm. Brian will set us up in our own chatroom and capture the transcript of the meeting for Paula to make into minutes.

Meeting adjourned by Brian at 21:50 CDT.

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