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MBGA Committee Meeting - May 16, 2007

Location: IRC Chatroom

Meeting called to order at 19:09 CDT.

Committee members present: Steven (ertyu), Peter (Peter & Gloria), Tim (TurdleEggs), Tobey (3T's&aG), Ray (slippery_1), Dani (dani_carriere), Sandra (junglehair), Jacques (OHMIC), Paula (MHz), and Sean (Dragonfreys).

Committee members not present: Nick (bevro)

Members present: Brian (grnbrg), Scott (lizardo), Stan and Lynne (Z'tirnats & Zad)

Approval of Last Meeting Minutes


  • Tim asked that Dani be added to the planning subcommittee. Paula will amend minutes.
  • Tim moved to accept the amended minutes. Brian accepted and Ray seconded. All agreed.

Membership Report According to website Logins


  • Steve reported that there are currently 340 registered members. (307 are Manitoba residents and 159 have been active in the last 6 months)

Treasurer's Report


  • Peter reported that the bank financial statement is on the FTP site, but since last report a $500 cheque was received from the Walmart-Foodninja fund raiser and $250 of that was forwarded on to Cancer Care Manitoba. Current balance is $872.01. Major expense coming up is ~ $300 for the crests and another ~$70 for the event in BHP for the reservation of the Group Use Area.
  • Tim will mail receipt to Peter for Cache Hiding Lock 'n Lock give-a-ways ($30-$35) when he finds it.

Parks Canada Update


  • Brian mentioned the interview with Richard (kitecacher) on CBC Radio and that he had recorded it. And it's up on the web site.
  • Sean reported that not much has changed. Training is planned for early June with specifics yet to be determined. Richard has been bringing on summer staff over the past two weeks and getting them up to speed. The MBGA are still wanted as a resource but no specifics yet.
  • Tim asked if the MBGA could get involved with the policy release like an MBGA cache released to coincide with the policy release. Sean thought it would be possible but that Parks Canada is also hoping to have caches placed prior to the announcement. Sean will find out if an MBGA cache would be possible. Sean will find out the official date of the policy release but he suspects mid-June.
  • Sean pointed out there is a difference between Parks Canada and Caching Riding Mountain. Parks Canada has a strong established relationship with Caching Riding Mountain, but that is not exclusive. The two do have different objectives where as Parks Canada is try to promote education and increase visitors to the park where as Caching Riding Mountain is looking at this more from the commercial angle of drawing people to the area.
  • Tim asked if zone information could be provided so we can inform members of the appropriate areas in the park that caches can be placed and which are off limits. Sean will provide a zone map. Tim asked for any information that could be linked into the MBGA website to help promote the new policy.

AdSense update


  • Dani reported we're currently sitting @ $58.55 USD. It's down from last months minutes as somethings were counted twice in that report. This should now be correct.

Fooninja/Wallmart update


  • see Treasurer's report

Cache Splash update


  • Brian reported that it's going very good so far with 94 official splash caches and the percentage of problems has dropped down. Jacques (OHMIC) is in the lead for points followed closely by Granny Lois. There is one cacher that he's exchanged email with that has placed 4 or 5 caches with "splash" in the title, but no category selected, nor a banner link. These haven't been included in the Splash bookmark list, and won't be counted for the "Guess the Hides" contest. There are one or two hides that have been listed in categories that they don't fit. If they aren't changed (and some have been) they'll count for caches in the Guess the Hides, but will receive no points.
  • Tim asked what happens if a cache doesn't fit into any Splash Category? Sandra asked if they would be included in the cache counts even if they don't fit a category? Sandra cited an example of a Traditional hide that is not winter friendly. Brian stated that if it doesn't satisfy the requirements (Splash in name, banner link, category selected) it's not really entered. All agreed.

Hiding Seminar Update


  • Brain, Tim and Dani reported that it was a great success with good turn out and Stan did an amazing job.
  • Paula asked about a video of the session but it was reported none were taken.
  • Ray made a motion that the MBGA video tape a future training session with the purpose of providing it to members in rural areas or on request to other groups meeting the criteria established by the MBGA.
  • Much discussion followed with Stan/Lynne making the amendment to the motion to make a video now instead of waiting. Ray seconded the amendment.
  • There was more discussion and it was agreed that a video needs to be made but does not have to take place at a training session. All agreed. Stan and Lynne will be added into future discussion on this.
  • Tim asked Jacques to coordinate the making of the training video. Jacques agreed with input from Stan and Lynne.
  • Stan suggested that we make 3 caching videos for download purposes. 1) The simple basics of how to hide a cache and get it published. 2) How to do Puzzle caches etc. 3) Evil Camouflage and the art of not getting eaten by a Polar Bear.

Cache the Marsh update


  • Tim thanked Jacques for an excellent Cache the Marsh. Jacques reported it went well in spite of uncertain weather and to stay tuned for Cache the Marsh II.

Pub Nite Update


  • Brian reported that the next one has been published on geocaching.com and is at Muddy Waters at the Forks with a cache walk before, for those interested.
  • There was much discussion about the July Pub Nite as nothing has been decided yet for it. Suggestions included bonfire or a multi-event pub crawl with each hour a new pub. Many agreed on the bonfire but no one could confirm a place to have one. Tobey will look into it but the date will be July 7, 2007.

Topic Leisure Guide Fall/07 Update


  • Jacques reports nothing new but a bunch of phone tag.

CBC requested an interview


  • Jacques reported more phone tag. It was noted that Nick and Scott offered to help with this one.

Crest update


  • Brian reported he received an email with a proof photo about 10am this morning. Crests should be done in a week or two. We'll need to sell ~60 to break even.

MB/SK Event MBGA donations


  • Ray reported that the event is planned for 100 to be in attendance but it will be more like ~50.
  • Peter noted that a group in Alberta donated to the event. Both Ray and Paula offered to donate coins. Peter asked what the MBGA was donating? Suggestions included Lock 'n Locks, Ammo cans, logbook, MBGA cache stickers. TB tags as it is not known what the Saskatchewan group is donating. Tim suggested the MBGA get some stuff together and bring it to the event. All agreed. Dani noted she had room in her car to bring stuff if needed.

Cafepress Order


  • Steven asked if we wanted to put in an order for cafepress stuff so we have some on hand for events and for sale? All agreed it was a good idea. Peter reported that we could afford up to $150. A vote was taken between spending $150 and $100 and $100 won the vote 6 to 5. More can be purchased at a later date. Brian will order a smattering of MBGA logo items from Cafepress. Sandra suggested that the order should include a couple of Splash T-Shirts for the Splash event.

Association of Manitoba Museum


  • Ray, Jacques and Tim all reported that there is not much new but that they are still interested.

Vendor List and Donation Requests


  • Dani offered to write the letters and research the addresses but the letter should be signed and sent by Tim, the President. Scott reports an example letter is on the FTP site.
  • Sandra will forward the Rite-in-the Rain contact info to Dani.

Training Web page


  • Jacques reports nothing new.

Media Contact list on FTP site?


  • Jacques will look to do this when he's back in the office on Friday and also the media newsletter.

Warren Tourism Training


  • Jacques reported that they thought the cost of renting all the GPS units was too expensive. Jacques will do a workshop under Oak Hammock marsh on May 28 for them.

Planning Subcommittee


  • Tim reported nothing new here. He will get going on it soon but summer is a tough time of year.

Printing Services update


  • Brian asked Stan if they can do a vinyl banner? Stan recommended Sign Express. Brian will look into it.
  • Steve suggested getting brochures and business cards printed. All agreed. Current pdfs for this are on the FTP site but Stan noted that vector images work best for printing. Brian will forward vector images to Stan.
  • MBGA logbook were suggested. Stan will look into it using polyart paper.
  • Tim thanks Stan for his very generous offer.

Manitoba Parks update


  • Paula asked if there was anything new on this as the new cache approver, onecrazycanadian was asking if there was a policy yet. Sandra reported nothing new yet and the draft cache approval form she was sent in response to her Dunes Day earthcache is the same form we saw last year. The Park Manager she talked to seemed to think this was what they had to follow even though it was still a draft copy. Dani will touch base with Manitoba Parks contact from last year.

Ztirnats trip to Churchill and training session


  • Stan reported that they are going to be doing some caching & training in Churchill June 12 to July 2 at CNSC and a school, and asked for any donations for cache starter kits. Ray offered to bring a ready made cache and some unactivated coins down for Stan to pick up as he will be in town on Tuesday. Tim offered some MBGA coins, an ammo can and some MBGA cache stickers from Cary. Jacques will forward some training material. Sean offered some containers and will drop them off in Morris for Paula to give to Stan. Jacques will see if the basic geocaching DVD is available to send along too.

Northern Representative


  • Ray reported that he will be meeting with the rest of the Norman group this weekend and will see if they are still willing to accept him as their representative to the MBGA or if someone else would like to do it.

Mountain Equipment Coop update


  • Scott reports nothing new. Tim suggested holding a meeting or seminar there to show our interest. Scott noted the room(s) would likely hold 12-15 people.

Winnipeg Free Press Cottage Insert Article


  • Scott and Tim were featured in a geocaching article in the Cottage insert on Saturday May 12, 2007. Brian will scan in the article for Steve to put up on the website.

Brandon Event


  • Sean reported that he talked to HoggerJeff of HoggerJeff & piglets about planning an event in the Brandon area. HoggerJeff's schedule is erratic so he is unable to plan event. Sean will organize a simple lunch hour picnic event in early June.

New feature cache?


  • Steve asked for ideas for the next Featured cache. After many ideas it was decided to add both Heart Halting Horror in BHP and Raiders of the Cache Stash.

Manitoba Trails


  • Tobey posted the information on the Manitoba Trails walks to the forums if anyone is interested.

MB Agriculture Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI)


  • Tim reported that in the forums, Prokhor offered to be the contact for the MB Agriculture Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI). Jacques offered to make contact with them.

Cache-Effect retired


  • Tim will send a "thanks" note from the MBGA to Cache-Effect.

Next meeting?


  • A per discussion via e-mail, Tim noted that the general consensus was to have a June meeting and skip July and August. All agreed as a meeting can be called with two weeks notice anytime.
  • June meeting date and place to be determined via e-mail.

Meeting adjourned by Tobey at 22:31 CDT.

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