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MBGA Committee Meeting - September 17, 2007

Location: Jeffery’s (N49 56.729 W097 05.203)

Meeting called to order at 19:105 CDT.

Committee members present: Nick (bevro), Steven (ertyu), Peter (Peter & Gloria), Tim (TurdleEggs), Sandra (junglehair), Jacques (OHMIC), and Paula (MHz).

Committee members not present: Ray (slippery_1), Tobey (3T's&aG), Dani (dani_carriere), and Sean (Dragonfreys).

Members present: Brian (grnbrg).

Old Minutes

Tim asked for any corrections to the minutes from June 22, 2007. Brian motioned that the minutes be accepted. Peter seconded it. All agreed.

Membership Report - Steven

Steven reported membership according the website as being 435 members total, 395 MB members, 202 active (website logins) in the last 6 months.

Treasurer Report - Peter

  • Peter reported that the current bank balance is $785.61 plus the addition of several outstanding new deposits including the Norman coin donation.
  • Many thanks for Ray (slippery_1) for the donation of the proceeds from the sales of the Norman coin to the MBGA.
  • No Ad Sense report – Dani
  • Sandra is in contact with GPS Central for the renewal of their Ad on the website and is waiting for a reply. Peter will be sending an invoice to them when they confirm they are renewing.
  • Peter also mentioned that we have now sold enough MBGA crests to cover the cost of producing them. We still have 100+ in inventory to sell.

Old Business

GeoVenture 2007 - Tim

  • 60+ came for the BBQ on the Saturday. 7 stayed each night for camping.
  • Paul (MtOlympus) has offered to create a new GeoVenture for next year. He may create 2 versions to include a family friendly version as well as the race version.
  • All expenses for the event have been paid.

Attracting More Event Attendance – Steven, Tobey and Tim

  • Tim will post to the MBGA forum as well as other group’s forums event info. This needs to be done as early as possible for a given event.
  • Tobey needs to get the event published as far as possible before the event. This allows for more people to plan on coming and also allows for out of town/province/country people to a better chance at attending as well.
  • Tobey and Tim need to make sure all events start with a general "Welcome" in the event short description that encourages not only cachers to attend but makes sure non-cachers are welcome as well.
  • Steven and Tim are to make sure all MBGA mailing list members are notified via e-mail of any upcoming events.
  • For events like GeoVenture, Tim and Tobey are to make sure that the description states clearly that the cache race is optional and what other options are available in an easy to read summary at the top of the long event description.
  • Sandra offered the idea of a Pancake breakfast on the Sunday morning of a weekend camping event to help promote camping at the event.

MBGA membership mailing list - Steven and Tim

  • Steven noted the lack of members on the mailing list. Several noted it was hard for members to find section on the website to add themselves to the mailing list.
  • It was suggested that the option be added to the new member sign up form on the website. Steven will add this with the default set to add them to the list. The new member must de-select the option to not be placed on the mailing list.
  • For existing members that are not already on the list, Steven or Tim will send a one time welcome e-mail explaining to members how they add themselves to the mailing list.
  • Absolutely no abuse of the mailing list will be tolerated. Posts to the mailing list should be restricted and no more than 1-3 messages per month. We do not want to overload our members with e-mails or members will start removing themselves from the list.

South Eastman GPS Challenge Winners

The contest closed on August 31, 2007 and the winners of the South Eastman Prize Packs were ertyu, spaceman_baz and odiethebug. Congratulations!

CafePress Prize/Promotional Items - Brian

Brian brought the items to add to the associations inventory. This included 2 MBGA mugs and a few MBGA T-Shirts. Tim will forward these items onto Tobey. Brain also donated a soft sided cooler to the prize inventory.

Caching Culture

The idea of asking Caching Culture to print and market MBGA T-shirts came up again. It was noted the lack of any response from Caching Culture for anything so the idea was put on hold until communications can be made regularly with Caching Culture.

Chevrons - Brian

  • Brian has a quote for $420 which includes 200 100th find chevrons, 100 500th Find chevrons and 50 1000th Find chevrons.
  • It was discussed how to distribute these chevrons to the members. One idea was to have an application on the website that members could fill in to request a chevron. Then once the member was confirmed to have earned the appropriate chevron, they could be presented it at the next event or it could be mailed to the member.
  • Should we do parchments instead of chevrons?
  • Committee agreed to put the idea on hold and to bring it to the members to decide at the next Annual General meeting.

Printing Brochures and Generic Business cards - Jacques

Jacques will locate the brochure and business card files on the FTP site and forward them to Stan (Z'tirnats) for printing. It was noted some specific vector format may be needed.

MBGA Banner - Brian

  • This banner would be displayed at events to help identify ourselves to new comers and help advertise who we are to the public.
  • Brian had a quote for a 3x5 MBGA vinyl banner with grommets from Sign Express for $120.
  • It was noted that the banner should be water-resistant, Brian will check into that.
  • All agreed to purchase a banner.

Vendor List - Dani

The idea of creating a vendor list has been put on hold until a form letter is created. Dani had offered to create one. Paula will send a reminder to her.

MBGA coin design - Brian

  • Ray (slippery_1) suggested that a contest be held to pick a design for a new MBGA coin. After much discussion about previous unhappy experiences with such contests, the committee voted to not to have a contest.
  • Brian will work on new MBGA coin design with target production to be spring 2008.

Pie Throwing Event - Brian

  • The idea of having a Pie Throwing contest as a way to raise funds was discussed. Several ideas were discussed including making it an auction.
  • All agreed it would be a good thing to add to a winter event.
  • Brian agreed to look into it and see who would be willing to take a pie for the MBGA.

Dragonfreys are Heading Down Under - Tim

  • Sean and family are heading to Australia for 2 6 month periods in an exchange program.
  • After much discussion, the committee decided to ask Sean to recommend a cacher(s) from the Western side of the province to help cover the area for training and promotion while he is gone until the next election. Tim will look after this.
  • It was noted that Sean has done an excellent job and hope he and the family have a great time in Australia.

Training Website - Nick

Nick offered to head up this and put something together so a formal training section could be added to the MBGA website.

Leisure Guide - Jacques

  • Despite submitting the information in both French and English in the same e-mail to the Leisure Guide, Jacques noted that only the French version was published in the Fall edition. French course is set for October 17, 2007 at a cost of $11.71 per person.
  • Jacques will make sure the English and/or French version is/are in the next edition of the Leisure Guide.

Selkirk Journal - Nick

Workshop planned for September 18, 2007 but may be canceled sure to lack of registrants.

Teachers Training Seminar October 2007 - Jacques

Jacques offered the use of a room at Oak Hammock for the seminar but has had no response from CAT.

Training payment and cancellations - Jacques, Nick and Peter

  • It was noted that at least twice now, a seminar/workshop was arranged and setup only to find out at the last moment or by showing up to find an empty room that it was canceled.
  • It was suggested that some incentive should be given to prevent this from happening. Future training session should require a deposit consisting of the $45 workshop fee to be paid prior to the seminar. Peter will send an invoice and confirm payment has been made. The deposit will be refunded if the workshop is canceled provided it is canceled with at least 48 hours notice to the trainer. All agreed.

Manitoba Home Schooling - Nick

MB Home Schooling has requested a training session where the MBGA would need to supply the GPS units, room etc. Nick is looking at taking them to La Berriere Park to take them caching on October 15, 2007.

Training calendar - Nick and Jacques

Tim asked how the calendar in google groups was working out for scheduling training. Both Jacques and Nick tried it but use the calendar on the MBGA website more by submitting entries to Tobey who then adds them. It was decided to scrap the Google Groups calendar.

Planning Committee - Tim and Paula

  • Tim re-assured all that progress is soon to come now that the busy summer is behind us.
  • Before anything can change with regard to the election process, we need a set of bylaws in place.
  • Tim and Paula will look at other club's that are similar and use their bylaws to create a set for the MBGA and bring them forward to the Planning Committee for fine tuning.

MBGA Training Video - Jacques

  • After much discussion, it was decided that the MBGA did not need to make it's own training video as many other videos and training material were already available. All agreed.
  • It was suggested that if a short video was needed we should ask permission from CBC for the excellent "Living Winnipeg" segment that Jacques did on geocaching. Jacques will ask for a copy from CBC. Thanks to Jacques for helping produce such a great video!

"How to use your GPS and/or GPS SW" training seminar - Jacques, Tim, Sandra, Brian, and Steven

  • The idea was brought forward by several members of having a seminar to teach cachers about features they can use on their GPS units to help in geocaching better and also about various software packages that are available to make loading waypoints and PDA's easier for geocaching.
  • Jacques suggested a tentative date of Thursday, November 15, 2007.
  • Tim offered to cover the GSAK portion of the seminar.
  • Sandra offered to cover the GPS Features and EasyGPS for the seminar.
  • Brian offered to see what the rates at the Park Theatre were for the seminar.
  • Steven offered to check with availability of a room in Smart Park for the seminar.
  • A venue will be needed that can do projections from a laptop etc.

Media Contact List - Jacques

Jacques has placed a copy on the FTP site.

Web Newsletter - Jacques and Steven

Steven sends the info to Jacques and Jacques then submits it.

MBGA Selling TB tags - Peter

  • It was decided to continue selling TB tags at $8.00 to the members at events because of the convenience it gives to the membership.
  • Peter will buy enough to cover the current demand at his discretion.

MBGA Hides in Riding Mountain National Park - Sean

Many thanks to Sean for hiding the 2 MBGA caches in Riding Mountain National Park to help kick off the official release of the Canada Parks new geocaching policy.

Canada Parks - Sean and Tim

  • It was noted that there is still confusion in the geocaching community about geocaching being banned in Canada's National Parks. Many cachers from across Canada including Sean have been working with Canada Parks to produce a geocaching policy that will allow some form of geocaching in the Canada's National Parks. Although the official policy is set to be released in late September 2007, several geocaches have now been placed in National Parks including the two MBGA caches in Riding Mountain National Park. These caches have followed the new policy of being approved by the local park staff prior to being placed and that these caches will have only logbooks and no trade items. Look for a formal policy from Parks Canada shortly.
  • Tim will post and update on this in the forums.

New Business

Service on the MBGA Committee - Tim

  • Tim asked if the MBGA should present a gift or some other form of appreciation to outgoing committee members.
  • It was decided that a formal thank you and a record of it in the minutes will suffice.

Winnipeg Sun Search for Gold - Tim

An alert should be sent to MBGA members that the Winnipeg Sun has started its annual Search for Gold contest again. Several caches have been lost due to the contest in previous years. Tim will post a warning on the forums.

Geocaching at Amateur Radio Events - Paula

  • Jim Sloane contacted Paula and Gord (Gord from Morris) to ask about the possibility of having a geocaching section added to the International Hamfest (IHF) that happens in early July every year at the Peace Gardens and also the Manitoba Amateur Radio Museum Hamfest (MARM) that happens every fall on the grounds of the Manitoba Agricultural Museum at Austin, MB.
  • Paula and Gord will meet with Jim to see if some form of temporary hides that the Hamfest Committees could setup themselves would meet the need.

Monthly Members Contest

The idea of a monthly contest to give something back to the membership was discussed and deferred until the next Annual General Meeting.

Cache Splash Prizes and Scoring - Brian, Sandra and Tobey

  • Brian will review the cache scoring to make sure it is accurate and up to date.
  • Brian and Sandra will discuss who will be awarded prizes, top 3 etc.
  • Sandra will put together a ballot to "vote for your favorite cache name" and have them available at the event.
  • Tobey will assign prizes based what she has in inventory and the results sent to her.
  • Event has been published and is on Sunday September 23, 2007 from noon to 3:00pm in Kildonan Park.

Winter Blizzard Event - Jacques, Tim and Steven

A winter event was discussed for January or February. A committee was struck to get started on the planning and to decide if this is primarily an event to promote "Winter-friendly" hiding and/or caching in the winter.

Updates sent via e-mail prior to meeting

New Web Host - Steven

Defer until February 2008 as renewal for current host is not until May 13, 2008

Pub Nite - Tobey

  • Due to the number of events in September, there will be no September Pub Nite.
  • Next Pub Nite is Friday, October 12, 2007 but a venue is needed.
  • Please submit venue suggestions to Tobey ASAP.

Tree Planting Event - Tobey

Published and will be held on Saturday September 29, 2007 on the Bishop Grandin Greenway.

New Feature Cache - Steven

Please send any caches you would like added to the Feature Cache rotation on the website to Steven.

Norman Report - Ray

  • Lots of new caches and a couple of new cachers up in Flin Flon
  • Profits from the sales of the Norman coins is now finalized and a check has been forward to the MBGA along with 3 silver Norman coins for prizes.

Next Meeting

October TBD

Meeting adjourned by Brian at 21:33 CDT.

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