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MBGA Committee Meeting - October 24, 2007

Location: Mountain Equipment Co-op (N49 53.631 W097 08.592)

Meeting called to order at 19:01 CDT.

Committee members present: Dani (dani_carriere),Peter (Peter & Gloria), Tim (TurdleEggs), Sandra (junglehair), Jacques (OHMIC), Richard (KiteKacher), and Paula (MHz).

Committee members not present: Ray (slippery_1), Tobey (3T's&aG), Nick (bevro), Steven (ertyu), and Sean (Dragonfreys).

Old Minutes

  • Tim asked for any corrections to the minutes from September 17, 2007. Dani motioned that the minutes be accepted. Sandra seconded it. All agreed.

Membership Report - Steven

  • As of October 23, 2007, there are 461 members total, 421 MB members, 211 active in the last 6 months(according to website logins).

Treasurer Report - Peter

  • Peter reported that the current bank balance is $1199.28 including renewal from GPS Central.
  • No Ad Sense report – Dani

Old Business

Printing of brochures and business cards – Jacques

  • Jacques has forward all info regarding brochures and business cards to Stan (Z’tirnats) for printing.
  • Jacques will follow up and ask for a quote for producing MBGA rite-in-the–rain logbook for MBGA.

Mailing List – Steven and Tim

  • It was decided to do the following:
    • Steven will mass subscribe all existing subscribers to the new mailing list.

    • Steven will delete the old mailing list.
    • Tim will publicize the new mailing list on the forums.
    • Tim will write a new welcome message.
  • Deferred until next meeting is mass mailing all membership about new mailing list.

Milestones on website – Steven & Peter

  • After much discussion, it was voted to keep the milestones on the website as a news item. Format can change so it doesn’t take up so much real estate on the home page. ie: columns, table, paragraphing etc.
  • List milestones for all MBGA members including non-Manitoba residents.
  • Automation of the milestones is a must. Use a solution that is the easiest to implement. Peter will look into scraping the info off cachers stats.
  • Defer any other decision until Steven is present to give us some options.

Vendor Form letter – Dani

  • Dani has started a good vendor list. Members present gave suggestions as to vendors to add to the list.
  • Dani has started on a form letter but realized that 2 versions are needed. One for snail mail and one for e-mail. She will have a working copy by next week.
  • Vendors who do donate prizes for events should be recognized in the event descriptions.

GPS SW Training Event – Tim and Sandra

  • Event set for November 15, 2007 with room booked via Miles (MilesMac)
  • There have been a few inquiries for specific GPS units but these will be covered during Q & A as time allows.
  • Tim and Sandra will get together before the event to make sure all is ready to go.

2008 MBGA Coin Design – Brian

  • No report.

Pie Throwing Event – Brian

  • No report.

Winter Blizzard – Steven

  • Steven reported via email that he will get his ideas for this event together and send it to the rest of the Winter Blizzard subcommittee by November to get things going for a January event.

Christmas Event – Tobey and Dani

  • A Christmas holiday event works well between Christmas and New Years.
  • A potluck with the optional gift exchange worked well last time.
  • Perhaps we can arrange to use Tanis (Tannasarus) and Scott (Lizardo) church again.
  • A Friday or a Saturday would be good.
  • Dani offered to help out this time!

Pub Nite – Tobey

  • Tobey submitted via e-mail that the November Pub Nite is published and will be held at the Pembina Village Restaurant on November 16, 2007.
  • She also suggested December’s to be at Baileys and January at Boogie Dinner.
  • It was decided to not have a Pub Nite in December in lieu of Christmas Event. Tobey can juggle venues at her discretion.

Training Web Page – Nick, Jacques, Tim

  • Tim and Jacques will get info together and submit it to Steven to get a page up by November as it has been requested by Mountain Equipment Co-op and other vendors so they can decide what best to donate to the Association.

Leisure Guide – Jacques

  • October French version of the course was canceled with short notice.
  • French version of the course has been rescheduled for February.
  • English version will be sometime in the spring.

Whitemouth Teaching Pre-Training - Nick

  • Nick reported via phone via Tim that this is set for late November.

West St. Paul Course – Jacques and Nick

  • Date is set for November 19, 2007 but Jacques will be out of town.
  • Jacques will talk to Nick to see how best to cover this training session.

New training/PR person – Richard (KiteKacher)

  • Tim welcomed Richard who will be looking after the Western potion of the province while Sean (Dragonfreys) is out of country.
  • Richard introduced himself and what he brings to the MBGA.

Parks Canada Policy - Richard

  • Richard has forwarded all the info on the new Parks Canada policy to the cache approver, onecrazycanadian.

Cacher of the Month – Sean and Richard

  • In preparation for his trip, Sean lined up several cachers of the months and submitted the information to Steven.
  • Richard offered to take on the task while Sean is away.

Planning Subcommittee – Tim

  • Tim and Paula have created a rough set of Bylaws for the Association. Tim will set up a meeting of the Planning Committee to discuss and firm up the Bylaws very soon!

New Business

Spring Cache Hiding Event in RMNP – Richard

  • Richard suggested the possibility of a cache hiding event in Riding Mountain National Park as a spring event. He will look into it.

How to Hide a Cache Seminar

  • It was suggested to have another seminar in the spring to teach cachers how to hide a cache since the first one was such a success.

Time for another Winnipeg Free Press Article – Dani

  • Dani noted that with all the caches going missing from the Winnipeg Sun Search for Gold contest, it may be time to have a new geocaching article published in the local paper to help educate people on what a geocache is.

Membership cards

  • The idea of membership cards has been suggested by several members.
  • Deferred until some Bylaws are setup to define membership by the Planning Committee.

Next Meeting

  • November TBD

Meeting adjourned by Peter 21:02 CDT.

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