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MBGA Committee Meeting - March 25, 2008

Location: Pembina Village Restaurant (N49 52.250 W97 08.668)

Meeting called to order at 19:20 CST.

Board members present: Dani (dani_carriere), Tim (TurdleEggs), Peter (Peter & Gloria), Steven (ertyu), Sandra (junglehair), Jacques (OHMIC), and Paula (MHz).

Board members not present: Tobey (3T's&aG), Nick (bevro), Ray (slippery_1), Richard (KiteKacher), and Sean (Dragonfreys).

Upcoming Events - Tobey

Tobey not present but here’s listing according to the MBGA website calendar

  • April 10, 2008 - MBGA Pub Nite: Time Warp!
  • April 16, 2008 - Deadline for MBGA Board of Director Nominations
  • April 30, 2008 - MBGA Annual General Meeting
  • May 4, 2008 - Cache the Marsh 2
  • May 10, 2008 - Minutes of Fame Flash Mob Cache III
  • May 31, 2008 - St. Boniface 100 Years Celebration
  • June 14, 2008 - Hullabaloo at West Hawk
  • June 21, 2008 - National Aboriginal Day Geocaching Event
  • July 18-19, 2008 - Geocaching Poker Derby
  • August 23-24, 2008 - GeoVenture 2008

Upcoming Training - Jacques, Nick

  • April 12, 2008 - White Plains Rec. Association - Nick
  • April 30, 2008 - Leisure Guide (French) - Jacques

Old Minutes

  • Tim asked for any corrections to the minutes from February 12, 2008. Sandra motioned for them to be accepted. Jacques seconded it. All agreed.

Membership Report - Steven

  • As of March 25, 2008, there are currently 507 registered members. (459 are Manitoba residents and 163 have been active in the last 6 months. Also note that the milestone of 500 registered members was reached by the third MBGA birthday party on March 5, 2008.

Treasurer Report - Peter

  • Bank balance is $1133.99 plus Pay Pal at $233.54.

Old Business

MEC Partnership - Tim

  • Mountain Equipment Co-op has finally finalized a partnership between them and the MBGA. They are going to give MBGA members a 10% discount on club shopping nights, use of their facilities for meetings including the Annual General Meeting and are also going to donate to the MBGA several GPS units for training use, etc. GPS units will be presented at the Annual General Meeting on April 30, 2008 where the partnership will be formally announced.

Manitoba Metis Federation Event - Dani

  • Dani met with the group from the MMF and they are interested in hosting an event just for their members that will take them geocaching to many of their historic sites. They hope many of them will be permanent cache placements that will be published on geocaching.com. Some of their selected sites already have caches published there so they will place temporary caches just for their event in those cases. Their event will be on National Aboriginal Day on June 21, 2008.

Landsharkz Advertising - Steven

  • Landsharkz have been given the same deal as GPS Central and their ad is now in rotation with the GPS Central ad. They are willing to give us merchandise instead of playing us cash. Steven will look into how best we can spend the $240 and send the list to the executive for approval before ordering.
  • Since we have so little advertising on the website as of yet, we will keep the current prices of $20/month in place. If we have more interest from other companies wishing to advertise on the MBGA website, we will revisit the fee and may look at reducing the fee and at the same time extending the ads for our existing advertisers to make up the difference.

Annual General Meeting Committee - Sandra and Dani

  • MEC is going to allow us to shop from 5:00 - 7:00 on April 30, 2008 then they will move racks of merchandise out of the way for us to have our AGM right on the main floor of the store. They have only 20 chairs so we will have to rent some. Members are asked to bring their own coffee mugs to be eco-friendly. A 10% MEC discount will be given to all members but the normal $5 MEC membership fee applies to all.

Nomination Committee - Steven, Paula, Stan (Z’tirnats), Jason (FoodNinja) and Stan (MuStash)

  • We had many who volunteered to help out with the Nomination Committee. Thanks to all. Many names of cachers who have expressed interest in helping out the MBGA have been noted and will be asked if they would like to run for the Board of Directors of the MBGA. Steven has posted the request for nominations to the website and forum. Paula will assemble the list of members willing to stand for election. For those who are undecided, please decide shortly as the deadline for nominations is midnight April 16, 2008.
  • All nominees are to make up a 1000 character or less essay on themselves and submit it to Steven to be listed on the website after nominations close and before the Annual General Meeting.

Planning Committee - Tim, Paula, Peter, Sandra, Dani and Brian (grnbrg)

  • The Planning Committee has now dissolved as the bulk of the work is now done.
  • Tim will perform that very last of the Bylaws edits and the bylaws shall now be frozen from further edits until it’s voted on at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Most policies have been written. The remaining few will be written on an as needed basis.
  • Peter, with the help of the rest of the board of directors, came up with a budget to meet this year’s activity plans and still leave us more than $500 in the bank at the end of the year.

GeoVenture 2008 - Tim, Paul (MtOlympus)

  • Tim proposed a budget of $500 for GeoVentrue to cover the cost of the serviced group use site in Birds Hill Provincial Park for the weekend of August 23-24, 2008. Also included in these expenses are the burger BBQ wrap up supplies. All present agreed.
  • Paul will be creating a new race challenge as well as a family friendly version.

Pub Nite Beer Steins or Coffee Mugs - Steven, Dani

  • Steven suggested we give away one MBGA beer stein or coffee mug at each Pub Nite. To recover some or all of the cost, a raffle idea was proposed. All present agreed. Dani will look into the cost of having the logo etched into a glass beer stein and Brian (grnbrg) will be asked for costs from Café Press for the ceramic beer steins and coffee mugs.

Ad Sense - Dani

  • It was discussed that we may want to drop Ad Sense as it takes up room on the website but doesn’t bring in as much income as other advertisers. If was voted to keep it for now and revisit if more companies wanted to advertise on the website.

Brochure Printing - Jacques, Stan (Z’tirnats)

  • Stan is working on getting these printed and has redone the generic brochure we gave him to make it more Manitoba oriented. If all goes well, we should have some new brochures in time for the Annual General Meeting.

Cacher of the Month - Richard, Steven

  • The March Cacher of the Month has not been posted yet as Richard got a little behind due to his vacation. The next Cacher of the Month will be up as soon as it’s available and future ones will be worked on as time allows so they are ready to go when needed.

Blizzard Contest - Steven

  • Contest is now over and had great success with 41 new SNOW caches and the Clue game finished with TurdleEggs in handcuffs! The last of the prizes will be sent out shortly.

NetleyHunter Event - Chris (Netleyhunter), Tobey and Jacques

  • Chris expressed his wish to have an event at his cabin in the Netley Marsh this spring. Tobey and Jacques are working with him to find a suitable date and help him with how to setup a geocaching.com posting of the event.

Pub Nite Update - Tobey

  • Next Pub Nite will be a karaoke night and it has been published on geocaching.com
  • Tobey has agreed to setup the May Pub Nite before turning the reins over to a next event coordinator.

Poker Derby Geocaching event in Ashern - Chris (prohkor)

  • Chris is working on hosting an event set for July 18-19, 2008 in Ashern. No more details at this time.

Hullabaloo at West Hawk - Paula

  • Paula is going to host an event in or near the campground at West Hawk Lake in Whiteshell Provincial Park. Date is set for June 14, 2008. It will be a potluck/BBQ/bonfire. A possible Hula or Pirate theme was suggested. No more details at this time.

Training Website - Tim, Steven

  • Steven is still waiting for more content for the training web page. Tim will pass it along soon.

Lance Newspaper article - Scott (Lizardo)

  • Scott took the Lance reporter to the cache Yellow Park and explained geocaching to him. Look for the article soon.

New Business

Tourisrm/Geocaching meeting - Jacques

  • Tomorrow (March 26, 2008), Jacques will be running out to Portage la Prairie to meet up with Manitoba Regional Tourism Network (MRTN), Travel Manitoba and Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI) to discuss how to use geocaching to promote tourism in Manitoba. It will be a contest somewhat similar to the East Man (Eastern Manitoba) series that ran last year.

CDEM - Jacques and Dani

  • It was noted that the tourism book that the Economic Development Council For Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (CDEM) has a nice one page ad for geocaching which includes a reference to mbgeocaching.com as well as geocaching.com.

CITO event - Scott (Lizardo) and Tim

  • There will not be a CITO event this year on Earth Day as Scott is too busy to organize it and it’s almost too late for us to organize it. A CITO event should be held this year but does not need to be on Earth Day. It will be decided at a future meeting when this will take place this year.

Cache the Zoo - Sandra and Jim (Flotsom and Jetsom)

  • Sandra reports that Jim has things well under way and many caches should be showing up soon inside the zoo.

Internal Training - Sandra and Tim

  • There is a need to have more training type events for the membership like another hiding seminar, basic HTML programming etc. It was decided these are better to have in the winter months.

Next Hiding Contest - Steven

  • It was decided that the next big contest will be shooting for the September/October time frame.

Next Meeting

  • TBA

Meeting adjourned by Dani 21:28 CST.

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