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Tim (TurdleEggs) Nomination Statement

I had the privilege of serving as the MBGA President in 2007-2008. In this term the committee developed bylaws, policies and a budget to assist the board in its decision making and better position the MBGA for granting opportunities.

In 2008-2009 I would contribute to the board on what I believe are important roles of the MBGA:

  • Host social events to bring MBGA members together
  • Launch contests to encourage GeoCaching - both hiding and finding
  • Educate members on quality GeoCache placements
  • Keep GeoCaching a fun and free, volunteer driven activity available to all
  • Be a resource for members and a point of contact for anyone wanting to learn more about GeoCaching in Manitoba
  • Ensure members throughout Manitoba have an opportunity to have their ideas heard and participate in MBGA activities
  • Teach respect for nature and responsible GeoCaching

You can find me on the top ten lists and under Cacher of the Month. Please feel free to contact me at

Tim (TurdleEggs)