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MBGA Board of Directors Meeting - May 27, 2008

Location: Pembina Village Restaurant (N49 52.250 W97 08.668)

Meeting called to order at 19:15 CDT.

Board members present: Sandra (junglehair), Dani (dani_carriere), Jacques (OHMIC), Georgia (GG+J), Steven (ertyu), Carmène (Mosaik Voyage), Tim (TurdleEggs), Peter (Peter & Gloria), and Paula (MHz).

Board members not present: Ray (slippery_1) and Jeff (HoggerJeff & the Piglets).

Members present: Nick (bevro)

Upcoming Events

  • May 31, 2008 – St. Boniface 100 Years Celebration
  • June 7, 2008 – Geocaching at the Zoo
  • June 14, 2008 – Hula-baloo at West Hawk
  • June 21, 2008 – National Aboriginal Day Geocaching Event
  • July 11-21, 2008 – Second Annual Eastman GPS Challenge
  • July 18-19, 2008 – Cache My Ashern
  • July 31, 2008 – Reviewer’s Night Out
  • September 6-7, 2008 – GeoVenture 2008

Upcoming Training – Nick, Jacques, Sandra, Carmène

  • June 7, 2008 – Geocaching at the Zoo – Sandra
  • June 11, 2008 – Introduction to Geocaching, Thompson - Sandra
  • July 23, 2008 – Refit Centre – Nick
  • September 2008 – White Plains Recreation Association – Nick

Old Minutes

  • Tim asked for any corrections to the minutes from March 25, 2008.
  • Jacques motioned for them to be accepted. Sandra seconded it. All agreed.

Election of Officer and other Director positions

Positions and duties were accepted as follows:

  • President – Tim
  • Vice-President – Dani
  • Secretary – Paula
  • Treasurer – Peter
  • Web Developer – Steven
  • Public Relations – Jacques
  • Events Coordinator – Sandra
  • Training Coordinator – Carmène
  • Western Manitoba Representative – Jeff
  • Nothern Manitoba Representative – Ray
  • Cacher of the Month Coordinator – Dani
  • MBGA Events Calendar – Sandra
  • Training Crew : Nick, Scott (Lizardo), Sandra, Jacques, Carmène etc.
  • Newsletter – Tim
  • info@ email contact - Paula

Membership Report - Steven

  • As of May 27, 2008, there are currently 549 registered members. (500 are Manitoba residents and 165 have been active in the last 6 months. 25 new members since the Annual General Meeting.

Treasurer Report - Peter

  • Total available funds are $1403.93. (Note this is much abbreviated from one given verbally at the meeting by Peter) Jacques motioned to accept the report as Peter stated it. Georgia seconded it. All agreed.
  • Peter will make sure signing authority is updated at the bank. New signing authority will be any two signatures of the following 4 committee members:
    • Tim Turner (TurdleEggs) - President
    • Dani Carriere (dani-carriere) - Vice President
    • Peter McLure (Peter and Gloria) - Treasurer
    • Paula Ehn (MHz) - Secretary.

    Sandra Forbes no longer has signing authority.

Old Business

Roster – Paula

  • Paula circulated a roster of the current Director’s contact information and will update it with the changes as needed.

Annual General Meeting Reviewed – Tim

  • The Annual General Meeting held on April 30, 2008 went very well with enough attendees to make quorum. Although Mountain Equipment Coop were great hosts, the following suggestions were made to improve membership attendance for the next Annual General meeting:
    • potluck dinner/lunch
    • new location not downtown
    • weekend event instead of a weekday event
  • Any ideas are welcome.

Retiring Board Members – Tim

  • Tim will send out thank you messages to the 2007 Directors who have retired.

Board Transition Cleanup – Steven, Tim

  • Steven will cleanup the Director’s mailing list, change various passwords including the FTP site and give Sandra access to the MBGA calendar to post events. Tim will change the MBGA user’s password on geocaching.com and give Sandra access.

Membership Renewals – Steven, Tim

  • It’s time to cleanup the membership DB on the mbgeocaching.ca website. Tim and Steven will work on a renewal process to make renewal easy for the members.

Forum Cleanup

  • Nick suggested that the forums be cleanup up via moving old threads to an archive section. Since only newly posted to topics show up at the head of each category, it was decided to leave the forums as is for historical purposes.

MBGA Online Events Calendar – Sandra

  • The content of the online calendar on mbgeocaching.ca was discussed and it was agreed that only public geocaching events get posted there. Once given access, Sandra will clean it up for upcoming dates and keep it updated.

Donated GPS units – Nick, Carmène, Sandra, Paula

  • Nick submitted the serial numbers to Paula of the 6 donated GPS units currently used for training purposes and soon rental purposes. Paula will put the serial numbers up on the FTP site for future reference when needed. Sandra will label the GPS units both outside and inside the battery compartments for easy identification.
  • Renting of the GPS units was discussed in detail with the following results and recommendations:
    • Carmène will be the general keeper of the GPS units as she is centrally located and all trainers can easily get access to them.
    • Personal rentals will be kept track of by having the renter fill in a waiver form which includes contact info of renter and a credit card number to be used in the case of damage or lost units. Carmène will supply an excel template form for this purpose and upload it to the FTP site.
    • The GPS unit rental rate will be $20 per day. Discounts may be given for multiple unit rentals or multiple day rentals as necessary.
    • Carmène also recommended that enough rechargeable batteries be bought allowing for 2 sets of batteries per GPS unit along with a charger. This will save money and time by not having to buy alkaline batteries.

Manitoba Metis Federation Geocaching Event – Dani

  • Nothing new to report. Dani check with them to see what is happening on June 21, 2008.

GeoVenture 2008 – Tim

  • Paul (MtOlympus) has set the date for the event to be September 6-7, 2008. This was a more convenient time for him than in August. Tim and Sandra will get the event posted on geocaching.com soon.

Wolves to Whales Campaign – Sandra

  • Sandra has been in contact with the Spiritway Campaign organizers who are planning an event or contest involving places in Winnipeg, Thompson and Churchill. She has provided them with the coordinates of 5 of the 6 painted concrete wolves that are located in Winnipeg as requested. The 6th wolf, called “Lonesome Wolf”, was not at the location she was told he would be at. Organizers are looking to see if it was moved. Sandra is also running an Introduction to Geocaching course for them in Thompson on June 11, 2008.

MAFRI Eastman Contest – Steven

  • Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives are running another Eastman competition this year over 11 days in July and it involves completing tasks. Steven will find out if it is a geocaching type contest that should be posted on the MBGA online calendar or a GPS related contest that should be posted into the forums only.

Kids@Play – Tim

  • Miles (MilesMac) has requested some help with an annual event the Seven Oaks School Division holds in September. This year he wants to run a geocaching workshop for the kids in Kildonan Park as one of the such activities for the event. Tim will find out what exactly Miles requires.

Landsharkz Prizes – Steven

  • Steven has received all the prizes received from Landsharkz as payment for advertising on mbgeocaching.ca. Steven will update inventory on the FTP site accordingly.

Webhost Renewal – Steven

  • Steven has moved the mbgoecaching.ca web pages to a new host site called A2Hosting. This site cost $137.80 for 2 years of hosting. It was noted how much faster the web pages load now.

New domain – Jacques, Steven

  • A new domain, mbga.ca, was purchased and added to the current domains at Jacques request for a shorter easier to remember web address to give the media and public. Now both mbga.ca and mbgeocaching.com resolve to mbgeocaching.ca. Each domain costs $10/year. All agreed it was a good idea.

Making web pages friendlier for new cachers – Steven

  • Scott (Lizardo) had requested that something be changed or added to the main page of mbgoecaching.ca to provide easy access to introductory information that new cachers would be interested in. After much discussion on how to accomplish this, a subcommittee was struck to poll other geocaching websites and come up with a solution. Subcommittee members are Steven, Tim, Carmène and Sandra.

Pub Nite Beer Steins – Dani

  • Dani brought many examples of various beer stein types and designs that we could use and prices. It was decided to not go with a ceramic beer stein or the more expensive pewter beer steins but to stick with glass beer steins. Dani and Sandra had found a couple of glass designs that we could order from Keystone Engraveables in St. Vital Mall. Cost would be a $50 one time setup charge for the artwork plus the cost of the glass beer stein which is around $18 for the larger one. Dani will look into other local wholesalers like Xpressions and get back to us.

Policy Review – Tim

  • Tabled until September 2008.

Ad Sense – Dani

  • Tabled until December 2008.

Printing of Brochures – Jacques

  • Tabled until we hear from Stan (Z’tirnats).

Pub Nite update – Sandra

  • Next pub nite will be on July 31, 2008 for the Reviewer’s Night Out event. Sandra is working on a location for it.

Training Page Content – Tim, Carmène

  • Tim will fine tune the content of the training web page with Carmène and submit it to Steven so it can finally be posted on the website ASAP.

Other possible training sessions – Nick, Jacques, Carmène

  • Brandon High School session at the University of Manitoba consists of 3-5 sessions on a Friday. Nick is waiting for more information.
  • Treherne. Nick is waiting for more information.
  • Leisure Guide courses. Carmène has already passed all the requirements to be a trainer for the Leisure Guide and will handle these when and if they happen.

New Business

New FTF Certificate Generator on Web Site – Steven

  • Karen (Turlde-femme) provided Steven with several FTF certificate designs which Steven has incorporated into a new FTF certificate generator that allows cachers to add the cache name, date and cacher’s ID to the certificate and the resulting image can be printed or downloaded. Other certificate designs can be added if they are submitted to Steven.

City of Winnipeg Parks and Recreation Session – Jacques

  • Jacques took several people from the City of Winnipeg Parks and Recreation Division/Leisure Guide to St. Vital Park and had them run through a Clue game style contest based on the MBGA’s winter finding contest to give them an example of what geocaching can be used for. It was well received.

Prizes for Hula-baloo – Paula

  • Paula requested the donation of a couple of prizes for the Hula-baloo to add to the small amount of prizes she already has. All agreed. Paula will choose 2-3 items from inventory.

Manitoba Regional Tourism Network (MRTN)/Manitoba Tourism Contest – Tim

  • Tim suggested that a letter be written to MTRN/Manitoba Tourism to congratulate them on a successful contest and offer our advise on how the contest can be improved to appeal to more geocachers. All agreed and Tim will write the letter.

Next Meeting

  • A meeting in late June will be set via e-mail and the suggested venue is Jefferies Restaurant as it is a quieter venue. It was decided that no meetings will be held in July or August unless needed for a specific reason that can not be handled via e-mail.

Meeting adjourned by Georgia 21:12 CDT.

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