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Finders of the Lost Cache

Finders of the Lost Cache

Find one or more of these long lost Manitoba caches between July 1 and August 31, 2008 for a chance to win some cool geocaching prizes.

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  1. Each of these seldom found caches has been allocated points according to it's age, difficulty and terrain, as well as amount of time since it was last found.
  2. Every cacher who finds the cache during the contest will receive the full amount of points if this is their first time finding. If a cacher re-visits a cache they had found prior to the contest, they will receive half the point value for that cache. If an owner checks on one of the caches on the list, they will receive half the point value for that cache.
  3. Cachers must keep track of their own points and ensure that their list with the cache names, point value and total are received by the contest committee before the end of the contest.
  4. Contest will run from July 1, 2008 until August 31, 2008.
  5. The top 3 cachers with the most points will win first crack at the prize big. Additional prizes will be randomly drawn for from all participants. Winners will be announced during the GeoVenture 2008 event.

Lost Caches

Waypoint Points Cache Name
GCRA6N 4 Star Mound
GCQRBE 6 It’s About the Journey
GCVGW2 7 Camp Hughes TCDNMB
GC14J9D 7 Geeny Gmeeny Gminy G-Moe:
GC12XBR 7 Oak Lake Splash
GCP8TM 7 Tardis
GCW11C 7 West Hawk Lake Blitz - Indian Bay
GCX5ND 7 Winnie"s Big Cache
GCMWMQ 7 Yellow Park-1
GCW316 8 BLITZ: Raiders of the Cache Stash
GC1269F 8 CSI:Winnipeg - SPLASH!
GCR5J4 8 Heart Halting Horror in BHP
GCFFCA 8 Hulda Ostman (R.I.P)
GC12F7R 8 Madge Lake Splash
GC13TTZ 8 Second Home
GC15CJN 8 Tawow Cache
GCNE3H 8 Tranquil Treasure Trove
GCQM2K 8 Wildwood
GC6AF0 9 Bur Oak
GCYNYN 9 Faye Corbett Warmup Shelter
GCX1DM 9 joe"s cabin
GC12QRP 9 Kettle Hills Lookout or Crocus Hill
GC1555P 9 Nelson River Cache
GCPY32 9 Ol" Wagon Wheel Pioneer Cache
GC12NJ1 9 Splash A Cache with No Name
GC12WB7 9 Splashing New York Style
GC15VW6 9 Steeprock Trails
GCW51A 9 Totally Blitzed in a Pipe Dream
GC12MPY 9 ValleyView Splash
GCW8H8 9 West Hawk Lake Blitz - Picnic Island
GC14TGY 9 Willie"s Treasure
GCVRGD 10 Old Stumpy?
GCNFAB 10 On the Waterfront
GCPHXP 10 Spatial Splendor
GC1488Y 10 St. George"s Cache
GC14NZQ 10 Steeprock Treasure Island #1
GC136VN 10 The Old Bridge Splashed Into the Shell
GCQWJD 10 Whispering Waters
GCNWMB 11 Big Valley Cache
GCPFN1 11 Brereton Lake Bulldogs
GCX7H7 11 Chilly Churchill
GCW38Y 11 CRM-002 - Combining Trails, Gates and History
GCNZG0 11 Gees Louise, Driving me Nuts
GCXXH8 11 Higher Learning
GCE646 11 Last of the Manitoba Ents
GCW83B 11 Lone Island Lookout (MBGA Blitz)
GCYQKW 11 Manigotagan Pillow
GC13QKR 11 RustyBear
GC14R0T 11 The Cliffs
GCNT3A 11 What a view.
GC139XE 12 Beaver Splash
GC12WP6 12 Down For A Splash
GC16A8B 12 Hanging around Bald Hill
GCV5PT 12 Hazel
GC14Z8K 12 Lee River 2
GC139XK 12 Look Out Splash
GC11HXD 12 Manitoba High
GCW63Y 12 Mantario Lake (MBGA Blitz)
GCGQCJ 12 Miss Piggy
GCZH8W 12 Outer Limits
GCQRRF 12 Rice Creek Cache
GC139XC 12 The First Splash
GC139XN 13 Rock Splash
GCF771 13 Scooby"s Lunch
GC11546 13 These trees have eyes
GC13Q1C 13 Where the Phantom Falls
GCQD7D 13 Whitefish Lake Cache
GCNND1 14 Bellsite Lookout
GCNHWN 14 Kettle stone cache
GCVZMZ 14 Paddling Octopus Blitz
GC139XP 15 BTB Challenge Splash
GCXK2Q 15 CC4 Fernando"s Hide Away
GCW5VY 15 Île-près-du-marais
GCTA3N 15 Wildlife Tracking Telemetry Triangulation
GC96C8 17 Ye Olde Hawk Cache
GCWEWT 18 D-Quest 2
GCQEDH 18 Mantario Majestic
GCDCF 19 Cache of the stone people
GC13239 19 Elk Island Splash
GCGVHZ 20 Paddler"s Paradise
GCQ39X 21 Trees "n Trains
GCNKZK 22 Fishy Find
GCX2C3 23 In the Bush
GCYQKT 24 Manigotagan Turtle
GCW61Z 25 Blitzing God"s Country - Lynn"s Surprise
GCWZ0T 25 Chinaman"s Chest
GCN3EC 25 Cranberry Portage Swamp Walker
GCNEA2 25 Duck River Cache
GCF09B 25 Fine Dam Sight
GCVY3E 25 Gravel & Wave Blitz
GCV931 25 Hole in the Wall
GCX6YT 25 John Paul Crypt Cache
GC6CD3 25 knight"s veiw
GCWX8G 25 Lake of A Thousand Islands
GC5568 25 Mantario Vanilla Timber
GCWBHN 25 Manual GPS Trilateration Blitz
GCQ4NJ 25 Riding Around Multicache
GCQC79 25 Sandy Beach Remote Cache
GCG64W 25 Zebras and Tigers and Bears Oh My