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MBGA Board of Directors Meeting - August 12, 2008

Location: Jeffery’s Restaurant (N49 56.729 W97 05.203)

Meeting called to order at 19:09 CDT.

Board members present: Sandra (junglehair), Jeff (HoggerJeff & the Piglets), Steven (ertyu), Tim (TurdleEggs), Peter (Peter & Gloria), Dani (dani_carriere) and Paula (MHz).

Board members not present: Ray (slippery_1), Jacques (OHMIC), Georgia (GG+J) and Carmène (Mosaik Voyage)

Members present: Mike (mb0971)

Upcoming Events

  • August 31, 2008 midnight - Deadline for entry submissions for the Finders of the Lost Cache Contest
  • September 6-7, 2008 - GeoVenture 2008
  • September 13, 2008 - The Hills Are Alive!!!

Upcoming Training - Nick, Jacques, Sandra, Carmène

  • September 27, 2008 - Leisure Guide (English) - Carmène, Jacques
  • October 15, 2008 - Leisure Guide (French) - Carmène, Jacques

Old Minutes

  • Tim asked for any corrections to the minutes from June 24, 2008. Steven motioned for them to be accepted. Dani seconded it. All agreed.

Membership Report - Steven

  • As of August 12, 2008, there are currently 591 registered members. 538 are Manitoba residents and 195 have been active in the last 6 months. Since the last meeting June 24, there are increases of 24, 23 and 15 respectively.

Treasurer Report - Peter

  • Total available funds are $945.21. (Note this is much abbreviated from one given verbally at the meeting by Peter) Sandra motioned to accept the report as Peter stated it. Jeff seconded it. All agreed.

Old Business

Geoventure 2008 - Tim, Sandra, Paul (mtOlympus)

  • Supplies and volunteer coordination needs to be addressed. Duties were assigned as follows:
    • Tim - buy hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, etc. Tim will also be cooking the same.
    • Sandra - buy pancake mixture and syrup. Be volunteer coordinator for the event.
    • Paula - Bring Golf/Croquet flags. Flip pancakes.
    • Also some group coordinators need to be assigned to handle the group caching while the challenge is going on.

Fall CITO - Scott (Lizardo)

  • A group from BC has asked the MBGA to host a cleanup in conjunction with the TD Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup event they run each year. For more information on the Cleanup Event see http://www.vanaqua.org/cleanup/
  • Scott (Lizardo) has already applied and registered us for the event and picked an area for us to work in. The event will take place sometime in the week of September 20-28, 2008.

Fall Hiding Contest - Steven

  • A fall hiding contest was pushed to be a Winter-Friendly Winter Hiding Contest set for January-February 2009. This should help with getting cachers to hide caches that are winter friendly and get people out caching in the slower winter months.

Fall Hiding Seminar - Sandra, Tim

  • It was decided it’s time for another hiding seminar to help promote good containers, locations and to give people ideas on how to be creative with their hides if they want to be. Seminar will be planned for sometime in October 2008.

Membership Renewals - Steven, Sandra, Tim

  • It was decided that membership renewals would be sent to those who have not logged into the MBGA website for the past 12 months. Steven will look at devising a mechanism to do this.

Newsletter - Tim

  • It’s time again for another newsletter. Tim will send one out shortly.

Pub Nite Update - Sandra, Jeff

  • It was decided to not have a Pub Nite in August since most of the month is already gone past and it may be took little notice to create one now.
  • It was decided to have the next Pub Nite in Brandon on September 13, 2008. Jeff was given an MBGA beer stein to raffle off at the Pub Nite.

Web Page Committee - Steven, Tim, Sandra, Carmène

  • Nothing new to report other than Steven sent out some ideas and did not get any feedback until tonight. A new graphic will be created to catch the eyes of new cachers. Steven proposed putting this graphic and link at the top center of the news section of the website. If possible it will be added as an option that a user can turn off to remove the banner by editing their profiles.
  • Paula reports that several inquiries have been received asking about how to start geocaching.

Beer Steins - Dani, Sandra

  • 10 glass beer steins were purchased from awardscanada.com including an etched version of the MBGA logo. Cost of the 10 steins including etching was about $167. Also one of theses steins was customized to present to onecrazycanadian at the last event.

Summer Contest Update - Steven

  • Deadline for submission of entries will be set for midnight on August 31, 2008. Prizes will be awarded at Geoventure 2008.

Training Webpage Update - Tim, Carmène

  • Nothing new to report.

The Pas/CASARA Training Request - Ray, Sandra, Jacques, Sean (Dragonfreys)

  • Sandra sent Ray a quote as requested. Sandra and Jacques mentioned this to Sean who may be interested in doing the training if it goes ahead.

Mapping Manitoba Park Trails - Tobey (3T’s&aG), Sandra, Steven

  • Tobey sent a request for a place to add and download trail maps of various Manitoba and Winnipeg Parks. After lots of discussion, it was decided to see if we could provide a forum space where GPX tracks and PDF images of trail maps could be posted and downloaded. Steven will look into this.
  • It was also decided this would be a great thing to create an event around. Pick a park and members would be assigned a section to create a track log of the trails in that section. This type of event may not happen until next year and Beaudry Provincial Park was selected as the first park to try this in.

New Business

GPS Central Ad Renewal Time - Dani, Peter

  • Peter mentioned that it’s time to ask GPS Central if they would like to renew their ad on the MBGA website. Dani will contact them and make sure they understand that their ad is in a rotation of ads.

Cacher of the Month - Dani

  • Dani reports the next one is almost ready.
  • It has been decided to add an introduction section at the top of new Cachers of the Month pages to describe the cacher and as a way for the nominator to describe why they wanted to nominate this cacher.

Fusion Group - Steven

  • Steven reports receiving a request from a marketing firm called Fusion Group about prices to advertising on the MBGA web site. Steven sent them the standard information but has heard nothing more.

GPS City - Steven

  • Steven reports that GPS City has contacted him about a possible partnership for events, discounts and other possibilities. Steven will ask for more information and see if they are willing to donate some prizes for Geoventure or other future events.

MBGA GPS Units - Sandra

  • Sandra still has the 6 GPS units. She has not updated the inventory list with their model numbers yet. She will hold onto them for a while longer.

Partnerships with other Manitoba Groups - Tim, Jeff

  • It was discussed that other groups may be interested in partnering with us as we use the same trails but usual for different purposes. Mountain Equipment Co-op keeps a list of groups they partner with on their web site. Tim will look and see if any other group might fit well with a partnership with us for thinks like joint events or creation of trail maps.

Long Term Goals - Steven

  • Steven mentioned a lack of a long term goal or objective for the board to accomplish during the year. All directors were asked to come up with some objectives they think the club should try to meet in the coming year.

Next Meeting

  • The next meeting will tentatively be on September 30, 2008. Location is TBA.

Meeting adjourned by Sandra 20:50 CDT.

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