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Cacher of the Month - October 2008



  1. When did you start Geocaching?
  2. I started in April 2006.

  3. How did you find out about Geocaching?
  4. I first heard about geocaching in Nov. of 2004. I had received an email from Yahoo with links to interesting sites.

  5. What was it about geocaching that got you hooked into the game?
  6. I would have to say it's the thrill of the hunt and the places it takes me.

  7. Have you cached in any other provinces, countries?
  8. I've cached in Ontario.

  9. Have you ever introduced someone to geocaching? If so, who?
  10. My brother in Ont.

  11. How do you describe the sport of Geocaching to your family and friends who haven't tried it yet?
  12. I tell them it's a hi tech treasure hunt. Where people hide things, post the coordinates online. Then I use a GPS to go find their treasure.

  13. What are some things you don’t like about geocaching? What are your pet peeves?
  14. My only pet peeve is the weather. Since I only drive a bike I'm at the mercy of the elements.

  15. What items if any do you carry with you when you go on a hunt?
  16. I subscribe to the Boy Scout motto Be Prepared. I carry on me a flashlight, swiss army knife, multi tool. In the saddle bags on my bike I carry various tools, rain suit, first aid kit and anything else I think I might need for a hunt.

  17. What kind of GPSr do you use?
  18. I made my first 300 finds with the Explorist 100. Then I used the Explorist 400. Last week I bought the Colorado 300. Now I'll know what I'm looking for.

  19. What methods do you use to avoid muggle detection?
  20. Lately I've dropping my bike gloves a lot. Or I use the cell phone trick. I also have to stop and fix my bike a lot.

  21. What is the meaning of your username?
  22. I was trying to open an email account for the first time in Jan 1999. Everything I could think of was already taken. A friend was watching TV when he called to me. I looked at what he was watching and went what's this called. He said Foxfire. One of Angelina Jolie's first movies. I tried that and it was taken. They gave other choices based on foxfire like 6, 66... I didn't want a number after my name so I came up with syxx.

  23. What was the most memorable travel bug that you have found?
  24. The most interesting TB I've discovered was a 27lb hunk of metal.

  25. Which geocachers do you respect or standout to you the most?
  26. I respect the hiders the most. If it wasn't for them I would have nothing to do.

  27. With whom do you normally go geocaching?
  28. I usually do all my caching by myself. I've cached with others I've met on the trail.

  29. If you could cache anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?
  30. I would say Britain with all it's historic sites, towns and villages.

  31. Of your placed caches, which is your favorite? Why?
  32. That would be Twin Bridge Multi Cache. It's a simple multi but I get a lot of DNF's on it.

  33. What kind of books do you prefer to read? What was the last book you read?
  34. I like action adventure, SF, and horror. Last book I read was Carrie by Stephen King.

  35. How far from your house is the nearest unfound cache?
  36. That would be a pesky little time machine, 0.9 miles away. Being a Doctor Who fan as soon as I read the name I knew where it was. But the solution eludes me.

  37. Besides your GPSr, what other tools (electronic or otherwise), or software do you make use of?
  38. I have a cell phone with camera. I like to use the maps on the cache listings to plan routes.

  39. What is in your iPod/CD player right now?
  40. I still use a walkman. I listen to a tape I recorded a long time ago containing some of my favorites from the 70's and 80's. Like Chris DeBurgh, Meatloaf, Billy Squire.

  41. When you’re caching on your HPV (Human Powered Vehicle), you attach your GPS to your handle bars. Do you find it affects the accuracy of your signal? Are the any problems you find caching on a bike? Any advantages?
  42. I haven't noticed any problems with accuracy. GPS stays on the handlebars till I get to the location. Then it comes off to make the find. Only problem I find while caching by bike would be drivers who don't understand that they have to share the road. Biggest advantage for bike is that it can go anywhere.

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