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MBGA Board of Directors Meeting - November 25, 2008

Location: Pembina Village Restaurant (N49 52.250 W97 08.668)

Meeting called to order at 19:01 CST.

Board members present: Sandra (junglehair), Jeff (HoggerJeff & the Piglets), Steven (ertyu), Tim (TurdleEggs), Peter (Peter & Gloria), Dani (dani_carriere), Carmène (Mosaik Voyage), Jacques (OHMIC) and Paula (MHz).

Board members not present: Ray (slippery_1) and Georgia (GG+J)

Upcoming Events:

  • December Pub Nite - Friday, December 12, 2008
  • Holiday Event – Saturday, January 3, 2009.

Upcoming Training – Nick (bevro), Jacques, Sandra, Carmène

  • Men’s Breakfast - December 6, 2008 - Nick
  • Leisure Guide (English) - March 2009 - Carmène
  • Whyte Ridge Girl Guides - March 17, 2009 - Sandra

Old Minutes

  • Tim asked for any corrections to the minutes from October 7, 2008. None were given. Dani motioned for the minutes to be accepted as published on the website. Peter seconded it. 8 agreed. 1 disagreed. Motion carried.

Membership Report - Steven

  • As of November 25, 2008, there are currently 404 registered members. 374 are Manitoba residents.

Treasurer Report - Peter

  • Total available funds are $1,501.90. (Note this is much abbreviated from one given verbally at the meeting by Peter) Jacques motioned to accept the report as Peter stated it. Dani seconded it. All agreed.

Old Business

Manitoba Parks Geocaching Policy – Dani

  • Cathy Hummelt from Manitoba had to cancel at the last minute so this topic has been tabled until the next Board Meeting.

Winter Hiding/Finding Contest – Steven, Dani, Paula

  • Nothing new yet.

Policy Review – Tim

  • Tabled indefinitely.

MEC Club Shopping Night – Tim

  • MEC has once again replaced their partnership coordinator. Tim has asked the new guy, Jamie, to see if we could combine a Club Night with another group. Jamie suggested the following Saturday, November 29th where the Paddle Manitoba and the Manitoba Whitewater Clubs are having a club night. All agreed it was a good time if short notice for it. Tim will send out a Newsletter to tell the members about it. Jacques agreed to be there to welcome MBGA members.

MBGA Holiday event – Sandra

  • Shooting for a Saturday January 3rd for the event. Still need a venue. Sandra is waiting for a reply from Tannis (Tannisaurus) for use of their church again but will also look at renting a community club hall.

Pub Nite update – Sandra

  • It was decided to have a Pub Nite on a Friday in December. Sandra will look after it.

Membership Renewals Update – Steven

  • Steven has automated the renewal process so that after one year from last login to the website, a member will be given a e-mail stating they have 2 weeks to log into the web site to continue their membership. After 2 weeks with no login, the account is marked dormant and not counted in membership totals.

Web Page Subcommittee – Sandra, Steven, Tim, Carmène

  • Welcome section has been added to the top center of the website home page. Paula noted that it was not helping much with the amount of inquiries the club gets through the website asking about how to start geocaching. Sandra noted that there may not be any way to eliminate that type of inquiry. Subcommittee dissolved.

Training Web Page – Tim, Carmène

  • Nothing new yet. Due date for this project is now set to February, 2009.

Training Repository – Tim, Carmène

  • Repository on the MBGA FTP site has been started and Tim has uploaded all the presentations he had. Carmène will have a look when she can test the new access to the FTP site that may work better for her. Any other training materials that any Board member has should also be uploaded to that repository.
  • Carmène has also asked Board members to contribute caching containers and supplies to be used for training purposes.

Inquiries FAQ – Paula

  • Paula has created an FAQ based on all inquiries she has gotten in the past few months from the inquiries e-mail via the Contact Us page on the web site. It has 14 questions and possible answers and was uploaded to the FTP site.

GPS Central Ad Renewal Time – Dani, Peter

  • Nothing new. Dani still needs to contact GPS Central.

Long Term Goals – All

  • The board once again discussed some possible long term goals for the club and came up with the following:
    • A new geocoin will be designed to commemorate the MBGA’s 5th Anniversary in 2010 and will be minted for a delivery date of December 2009. It should be looked at possibly trading services for web page advertising with the coin minter.
    • A 2009 summer contest will be held with a grand prize of a GPS.
    • Organize a “Trade-up” contest where members can hand in one cache container and receive a large cache container including ammo cans.
    • Help organize a possible club trip to Churchill with Z’tirnats.

New Business

New Zoo Event – Sandra

  • Flotsom and Jetsom have expressed interest in setting up a new series of caches at the zoo and helping The Zoological Society event at the zoo for spring time.

Training Session in Brandon – Jeff

  • Jeff wondered if a training session should be held in Brandon in conjunction with other training agencies. It was noted some agencies are already doing geocaching training in the area but if there is a particular training session that is needed that Jeff can give it a try if he so chooses with help from the regular club trainers as necessary.

French School Division – Carmène

  • Carmène noted that the French School Division has show great interest in teaching their students about geocaching.

“How to enter waypoints” Forum Thread – Dani

  • Dani started a forum thread on how to enter waypoints into your particular GPS. So far only a couple of posts have been made covering a handful of GPS units. More is needed.

St. Boniface Geocoin – Carmène

  • Carmène noted that there are still a handful of St. Boniface geocoins available to be purchased.

Web Site Advertising – Steven

  • World Caching and also GPS City have inquired about advertising space on the MBGA web pages. Steven is negotiating.

Teacher’s Conference (SAG) – Jacques and Carmène

  • November 28, 2008 is the Teacher’s Conference and both Jacques and Carmène will be presenting there.

Ibycus Topo Maps – Steven

  • Steven will download and burn copies of ibycus’ free topo maps to give to members at events.

Dauphin Tourism – Sandra

  • Dauphin Tourism is interested in some geocaching training. Sandra is negotiating with them.

MBGA Brochures – Jacques

  • Still no news from Z’tirnats on these. It was decided that we do not need color brochures and that black and white ones would be just fine. Jacques will look into this again.

Next Meeting

  • The next meeting will be on January 13, 2008. The location will be Pembina Village Restaurant.

Meeting adjourned by Tim 20:42 CST.

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