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Jaypeg (Jayson Hancock) Nomination Statement

Jayson Hancock, aka Jaypeg, aka the giant. He is a Canadian and British citizen with unwavering loyalty to the throne (which is quite evident when you see his bathroom renovations). As with many Canadians that were born in other countries Jayson can speak two languages, Canadian and British. He also has the innate ability to understand and truly appreciate British humor. He is both an upstanding geocaching citizen and a collector of those tiny souvenir spoons. His roots in both countries could help greatly in acting as a diplomat in the event of an international geocaching incident.

Jayson has been an active geocacher for over a decade, although he has only been aware that he was geocaching for the last three years (the other seven years was spent looking for his wallet that he lost somewhere in the city). His passion and vigor for the hunt is only rivaled by 498,763 other geocachers. Jayson has also had the rare privilege of being one of the elite 15,600 cachers of the month within North America. He has placed a number of quality hides and has aggravated the local geocaching community with his IMPosing TB Prison. And while his love for the sport is unquestionable, he is generally unafraid to ask questions (well, really just one question, to Gina, many times in an eventual whining fashion, "Can I please please please please please go geocaching today?").

Jayson has been an employee of a government agency for several years. As a result he brings great skills that he has honed over the years. He understands the frustration of the slowly moving machine or bureaucracy. His years of government service have taught him how to bring the MBGA board to a screeching halt as Jayson is now uniquely skilled in bureaucracy and red tape. He would use his time on the MBGA board to question any ideas and directions brought to the board while sidetracking the board on useless tangents.

Jayson's other interests demonstrate his rich and diverse nature and include doing other non-geocaching related stuff. Jayson aspires to find more caches, crush the competition in cache stats, introduce many new people to the world of geocaching, create clever, difficult (and tall) hides and to one day hopefully be a Mr. Big and Tall club card member.