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HoggerJeff & the Piglets (Jeff Reid) Nomination Statement

I started geocaching in early 2005 in Winnipeg. My family and I moved to Brandon in 2006 and have continued the hobby here. I was elected to the MBGA Board of Directors in 2008 and have served as the WestMan Representative of the organization for the past year. I have made the effort to attend a majority of the board meetings in Winnipeg during the past year and would continue to do so if elected in 2009. During the last year, my wife and I have organized two events in the area - The WWFMIII (GC1AK7Y) and The Hills Are Alive (GC1EWRD) as well as facilitating a MBGA pub nite here in the Wheat City (GC1FK5J). Although we have not been caching as much as we like lately, I would like to continue serving on the MBGA Board of Directors. I am hoping that this year I can use my skills as an industrial corporate trainer to begin offering some of the MBGA training programs in the Westman area. We have lots of ideas for new caches and events, and with or without a director's position, we fully intend to keep on caching!