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Shinook & White Juan (Joe Graves) Nomination Statement

I live in a community just west of Thompson, Manitoba called Nelson House. I have lived here since May of 2008 after relocating from Red Lake, Ontario. I have also lived in Manitoba from 1996 to 2004 in various communities in Northern Manitoba.

I was introduced to geocaching in 2004 by my cousin in Nova Scotia and along with my wife, Lillian, we have loved it ever since. We purchased an Etrex Legend shortly after and began our journey in geocaching, which is still the same unit we use today. It has taken us to places all over the country where we have multiple finds in most provinces. We also have cache hides in Ontario and Manitoba, as well as some archived caches in Nova Scotia and many being adopted out. In 2005, we became members of the MGA (Maritime Geocaching Association) and took part in the Cache Cleanup, which was the retrieval of abandoned/archived caches that were believed to be geotrash. We ended up retrieving two in our area.

We have a great understanding of what it means to be geocachers, taking all precautions that go with it, ensuring that we have proper supplies, especially for those long hikes and bush walks. Safety is our number one priority and we take that aspect of geocaching seriously.

My occupational background is in Business Management. I have worked for the same company for 15 years and my job has taken me to communities that most people haven’t even heard of in Northern Ontario and Northern Manitoba. I’ve started out as an MIT and after 2 ½ years, became a Store Manager. Communication and organizational skills are the key ingredients when it comes to managing a business as well as a team of management and staff.

What I can bring to MBGA is Leadership, Organization Skills and Accountability. I can also bring a voice from northern Manitoba and my time to assist those who are new to geocaching in our area.

If selected to be a Board Member, MBGA will find that they will get a member who is dedicated and active who is willing to volunteer time and energy to help promote geocaching in our area as well as other areas in Manitoba. What I am unable to do is attend each and every meeting held by the Board Of Directors as it would be logistically difficult due to time constraints and cost of travel. Communication through email or through the MBGA website would be more feasible in that regard but will definitely attend a meeting if I am able to.

Finally, I would like thank the MBGA for considering me in the nomination process and I look forward to working with the MBGA in the near future.


Joe Graves