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Annual General Meeting - March 21, 2009

Location: Fort Gary United Church (N 49° 50.791 W 097° 08.611)

35 Members registered and present, 0 proxy votes registered

Meeting called to order at 19:23 CDT

All present members introduced themselves.

Previous AGM Minutes

  • Tim (TurdleEggs) asked for a motion to accept the 2008 AGM minutes as published on the website. Jacques (OHMIC) so moved and Dani (dani_carriere) second the motion. Approved.

President’s Report – Tim (TurdleEggs)

  • 2008 was a great year for Geocaching in Manitoba. There were 934 caches placed compared to 773 in 2007. We had 29 events versus 26 the year before.

    The MBGA’s goals are to be a resource for Manitoba Geocachers, to encourage quality caching and keep Geocaching fun and active in Manitoba.

    As a resource to Manitobans the MBGA’s main assets are its website and member discussion forum. The website is highly ranked and well visited and as such, attracted another advertiser in 2008 – WorldCaching - in addition to GPS Central and LandSharkz. We’re always trying to make the web site better and this year information for new Geocachers and a FTF certificate generator were added. The forum and live Chat continue to be very popular and well used by members.

    To encourage quality caching, the MBGA put on three training sessions free to members, an Introduction to Geocaching held in Thompson, How to Hide a Cache and an Introduction to HTML were held in Winnipeg. In addition the MBGA hosted two well attended Introductory Geocaching sessions through the City of Winnipeg Leisure Guide. Also, MBGA volunteer instructors provided training to seven other groups over the year. The MBGA partners with Oak Hammock Marsh who is well suited to provide Geocaching adventures at the marsh for larger groups of children and several inquiries were forwarded to the marsh.

    To help keep Geocaching fun and lively, the MBGA hosted two successful contests, a summer contest designed to encourage cachers to find more challenging caches called Finder of the Lost Cache, and a winter event called 12 Degrees Below Zero designed to get members out in the snow to find and place caches in the normally slow winter months. The MBGA hosted three group caching events which were very popular with new cachers. In addition the MBGA hosted eight other events including the well attended pub nights, Christmas and Birthday parties. In 2008 the MBGA introduced raffling off the highly prized engraved Beer Steins available only at the pub nights. Also, Mountain Equipment Co-op hosted a “Club Night” for MBGA members to shop after normal store hours and receive 10% off their purchases. Finally, for the second year in a row the MBGA hosted the GeoVenture weekend campout at Birds Hill Park with the cache challenge created by myolympus. After GeoVenture 2008 we conducted a survey and as a result GeoVenture will be held in August this year and the cache challenge will be shorter.

    The MBGA wasn’t the only one creating contests and hosting parties and several members also created great challenges and events such as chewys’ GeoGolf, Hogger Jeff’s Brandon Hills group caching , DragonFreys Clear Lake caching cruise, MHz’ West Hawk HulaBaloo and Flotsom and Jetsom’s very successful partnership with the Zoological society to bring Geocaching to the Zoo. As well, our own cache approver, OneCrazyCanadian, hosted a pub night to meet the Manitobans, Netleyhunter created the elaborate Green Wing challenge, Ztirnats and Hogger Jeff hosted the very popular MOB events and Freudian Slips hosted their annual event in Cranberry Portage. The Oak Hammock Marsh hosted Cache the Marsh II, Geocachers Tourism Riel created a very fun activity based geocaching adventure to celebrate Saint-Boniface’s 100th anniversary, MAFRI-Eastman created a fun geocache challenge designed to explore Eastern Manitoba and the Ashern Chamber of Commerce hosted a camping event.

    Geocaching is becoming better known in Manitoba and the MBGA received requests for information from several schools, new members moving in, and Regional Tourism Associations. In addition, the MBGA Board of Directors gave interviews to the Winnipeg Free Press and CBC. The Province of Manitoba has also approached the MBGA to enter into a partnership designed to ensure that wilderness areas and heritage sites in Provincial Parks are protected while still encouraging caching in the parks. A discussion on the process of cache approvals for Provincial Parks is currently taking place.

    The MBGA is on solid financial ground without imposing any membership fees. The MBGA’s income comes primarily from advertisers, training fees, merchandise sales and member donations. All of the MBGA’s trainers are volunteers as are all the board members who work without compensation. In addition I’d like to thank GPS City for their donation of prizes for GeoVenture and Mountain Equipment Co-op for their generous donation of four GPS units to the MBGA.

    Two of the MBGA’s officers are retiring this year and I’d like to recognize their efforts here.

    Peter (Peter and Gloria) has been with the MBGA since the board’s inception in April 2005. Peter started out as one of the rural representatives and has been the Board treasurer for the past three years. Peter also took on the role of merchandise sales and you could always count on seeing Peter with a display of goods for sale at events. There was even a time where Peter donned a sandwich board adverting Travel Bugs and MBGA Crests for sale. Peter was instrumental in developing the MBGA’s first budget and did a scrupulous job of tracking the MBGA’s financial records.

    Paula (MHz) has been secretary for the past two years and in addition to keeping us orderly and on track at meetings, Paula was instrumental in developing the MBGA’s bylaws. Paula also threw a great party at West Hawk last summer and has spearheaded and helped out on a great many board activities well beyond her scope as secretary. You will both be missed.

    Two directors are also retiring from the board. Georgia (GG + J) kept the meetings lively and most importantly, brought cake to the birthday party. Ray (slippery_1) worked hard to keep Northern Manitoba on the Geocaching map by personally placing 39 caches and hosting two events during his two year term. Thank you both for your contributions to the board.

    And of course, I’d like to thank members at large who are eager to offer a hand when it’s needed and come up with creative new ways to keep Geocaching interesting. In particular, Nick (bevro) for tirelessly providing much of the training despite his busy schedule away from home, Charles (burchil) and Scott (Lizardo) for stepping up and providing the most recent Leisure Guide training when no other instructors were available and Flotsom and Jetsom for creating the very fun Endangered Species challenge in partnership with the Zoological society. Last but no least, I'd like to thank Tannis (Tannasaurus) for providing a wonderful venue - one the MBGA has taken advantage several times for hosting events.

    On a closing note I’d like to thank all the 2008 Board Members, Sandra (junglehair), Steven (ertyu), Carmène (Mosaik Voyage), Dani (dani_carriere), Jacques (OHMIC), Georgia (GG+J), Jeff (HoggerJeff), Ray (slippery_1), Peter (Peter and Gloria) and Paula (MHz) for your volunteer time, creative ideas, and for the pleasure of being able to work with such an agreeable group of people over the last year.

  • Susan (kismet1) made a motion to accept the President’s report as. Seconded by Tobey (3T’s&aG). Approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Dani (dani_carriere) on behalf of Peter (Peter & Gloria)

  • Financial Year End report for 2008
      Income Expenses Net
    Donations $51.00 $0.00 $51.00
    Event $629.78 $1,036.51 ($406.73)
    Merchandise $776.00 $451.04 $324.96
    Training (External) $305.00 $115.93 $189.07
    Web $224.86 $175.80 $49.06
    Misc. $0.00 $21.53 ($21.53)
    Total $1,986.64 $1,800.81 $185.83
    Opening Bank balance January 1, 2008 $1,329.82
    Net for 2008 $185.83
    Closing Balance December 31, 2007 $1,515.65
  • Tobey (3T&aG) made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as. Seconded by Jayson (Jaypeg). Approved.
  • Dani then presented the suggested 2009 budget for the member’s information as follows:
      Income Expenses Net
    Donations $50.00 $0.00 $50.00
    Event $500.00 $1,150.00 ($650.00)
    Merchandise $350.00 $625.00 ($275.00)
    Training (External) $300.00 $180.00 $120.00
    Web $460.00 $0.00 $460.00
    Misc. $0.00 $50.00 ($50.00)
    Total $1,660.00 $2,005.00 ($345.00)
    Opening Bank balance January 1, 2009 $1,515.65
    Estimated Net 2009 ($345.00)
    Closing Balance December 31, 2009 $1,170.65

Membership Report – Steve (ertyu)

  • As of March 21, 2009, there are currently 408 registered members. 377 are Manitoba residents.

    Since the last AGM, April 30, 2008, there have been 168 new member accounts created. In November 2008, we finalized a new membership renewal process. As a result, inactive members are no longer included in our membership roster. Over the winter period, our membership levels have remained steady with new members balancing lapsed memberships.

  • Jacques (OHMIC) motioned to accept the Membership report as presented. Seconded by Georgia (GG+J). Approved.

Events Report – Sandra (junglehair)

  • There certainly was no shortage of events in Manitoba the past year. The MBGA hosted/co-hosted 18 events in the past year. There were an additional 10 events hosted by members.

    One of the best attended events was held at the Assiniboine Park Zoo which was hosted by Flotsom and Jetsom with assistance from the MBGA. There were 32 logs for the event, which included many new cachers that wanted to try geocaching for the first time. The flash mob event hosted by Ztirnats and Z’ad also had 32 logged attendees.

    GeoVenture at Birds Hill Park was another great success and plans are already underway for a 3rd annual event. At one point during the weekend, we counted 64 people in attendance which resulted in 27 logs. The pancake breakfast was well attended and will likely be repeated this year. Let’s just hope the pancake flippers can keep up!

    Two workshops were held in Winnipeg during the year. The first was in October and the subject was “how to hide a geocache”. In February of this year, Dani gave an excellent presentation on HTML as well as dropping a few hints on how to solve some of those challenging puzzle caches we have around the city. There was also a geocaching presentation/demonstration in Thompson, Manitoba last June.

    There were 10 pub nights held throughout the year. There are typically about 20 people in attendance and usually the same 20 people. For a different twist, we also held a breakfast event at the Star Grill in the Conservatory. This was followed by a day of caching through the Assiniboine Forest. Several brave souls faced the freezing temperatures to find all but one of the caches in the northern portion of the forest. Geeny Gmeeny Gminey G-Moe was the only DNF.

    Upcoming events: The next Karaoke event is already listed. It will take place on April 9, 2009 at the Norvilla. The official CITO weekend is May 2-3 and the MBGA is looking at coordinating a clean up event that weekend. Cache the Marsh, Geocaching at the Zoo and GeoVenture are all in the works again for this year.

Training Report – Jacques (OHMIC) on behalf of Carmène (Mosaik Voyage)

  • There were many training seminars and related events we presented this past year such as:

    • Endangered Species - Zoo - Sandra (junglehair) and Flotsom and Jetsom
    • Event - Tache Historic Society – Jacques (OHMIC)
    • How to Hide a Cache – Sandra (junglehair)
    • Intro to HTML – Dani (dani_carriere)
    • Intro to Geocaching – Tache Historic Society – Tim (TurdleEggs)
    • Intro to Geocaching – Thompson – Sandra (junglehair)
    • Leisure Guide - Carmène (Mosaik Voyage) and Dani (dani_carriere)
    • Leisure Guide – Charles (burchil), Scott (Lizardo) and Dani (dani_carriere)
    • Mens Breakfast Club – Nick (bevro)
    • 2 session at the Reh fit Centre – Nick (bevro)
    • Robert Andrews School – Zoo - Carmène (Mosaik Voyage)
    • University of Manitoba Education Students – Nick (bevro)
    • 2 sessions for the White Planes Rec Society – Nick (bevro)
    • Whyteridge Girl Guides – Sandra (junglehair)
  • Dani (dani_carriere) motioned to accept the Training report as presented. Seconded by Jayson (Jaypeg). Approved

Election of the new Board of Directors – Tim (TurdleEggs)

  • Tim listed the nominations received prior to the AGM as follows: Dani (dani_carriere), Sandra (junglehair), Jacques (OHMIC), Tim (TurdleEggs), Steven (ertyu), Jeff (HoggerJeff & the Piglets), Jayson (Jaypeg), Joe (Shinook & White Jaun), Jon (TroveChasers), Mike (glacier_ice), Stan (Ztirnats), and Carmène (Mosaik Voyage)
  • Tim then made a call for nominations from the floor. No nominations from the floor.
  • Nominations closed.
  • Susan (kismet1) motioned to accept the board as nominated. Seconded by Wayne (wagonmaker). Approved.
  • Old board is now dissolved.

New Business

  • No new business was raised.

Notices for the good and welfare of the association

  • Paula (MHz) pointed out that the club had ammo cans for sale. Dani added that the club also had travel bug tags and MBGA crests for sale.
  • Tim pointed out that Helen from Landsharkz had setup a table at the back of the room.
  • Lori (1queenand4jokers) pointed out that the donated MBGA items she took to the Edmonton event were won by VE6Dave who was very pleased to have them.
  • Mike (glacier_ice) had brought a large supply of free 35 mm film canisters for anyone who wanted some.
  • Paula (MHz) reminded people to pick up any TB’s they can help along.
  • Tim (TurdleEggs) briefly mentioned the spring flood this year and reminded cachers to retrieve and/or disable any caches they own that may be flooded this spring.
  • Wayne (wagonmaker) announced he was going caching in the area after the meeting and welcomed anyone who wished to join him.
  • Scott (Lizardo) asked if there will be any more club nights at Mountain Equipment Co-op. Tim (TurdleEggs) stated that there will be more and can be setup fairly quickly when wanted.
  • Helen from Landsharkz mentioned that Landsharkz can offer bulk deals to clubs on certain merchandise for clubs to resell. It was also mentioned that she needed a ride to the airport after the meeting.
  • Sandra (junglehair) thanked Tim (TurdleEggs) for chairing the meeting(s). All agreed.

Motion to adjourn by Bernhard (tromelin).
Meeting adjourned at 20:02 CDT

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