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Board of Directors Meeting - April 14, 2009

Location: Jeffrey's Restaurant (N49 56.729 W97 05.203)

Meeting called to order at 19:14 CST.

Board members present: Sandra (junglehair), Steven (ertyu), Tim (TurdleEggs), Carmène (Mosaik Voyage), Dani (dani_carriere), Jacques (OHMIC), Jeff (Hogger Jeff & the Piglets), Jon (Trove Chasers), Jayson (Jaypeg), Mike (glacier_ice), and Stan (Ztirnats)

Board members not present: Joe (Shinook and White Juan)

Members present: Sean (Sean and Widget)

Upcoming Events

  • CITO Event - possibly May 2nd - Tim will contact Scott (Lizardo) and will followup on plans
  • Headingley Grand Trunk Trail - May 9 - Jacques will contact the Headingley group to see how we will be participating
  • Cache the Marsh - May 31st - Jacques is the organizer of this event
  • May Pub Nite - TBD - Sandra will follow up
  • 2009 Zoo Event - Sometime in June - Sandra will followup with Flotsom and Jetsom
  • Lower Fort Garry Geocaching - July 26 - Sandra will followup with Wayne (Wagonmaker)
  • GeoVenture 2009 - August 29/30 - Sandra will book site and follow up with Paul (Mt. Olympus)

Upcoming Training

  • French Leisure Guide - May 23rd - Trainer: Jacques
  • White Plains Rec Centre - Headingley - April 18th - Trainer: Nick (Bevro)
  • Intro to Geocaching - Brandon - July 8 and 26th - Part of Healthy Brandon events

Old Minutes

  • Approval of last meeting minutes from February 24, 2009. Jacques motioned for the minutes to be accepted. Stan seconded the motion. All agreed. Motion carried.

Membership Report - Steven

  • As of April 14, 2009, there are currently 407 registered members. 377 are Manitoba residents. A net loss of 1 member.

Agenda Items

Officer Elections

  • Roles and positions of the Board of Directors were discussed and selected by the group.

    • President - Tim
    • Vice-President - Dani
    • Communications Officer - Stan (previously Secretary position)
    • Treasurer - Jon
    • Training - Carmène
    • Events - Sandra
    • Public Relations - Jacques
    • Web Master - Steve

  • Approval of Board Positions. Mike motioned for the list to be accepted. Jeff seconded the motion. All agreed. Motion carried.

Signing Officers

  • The four signing officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) filled out the required paperwork for the bank.

Roles and Duty Assignments

  • Cacher of the Month - Jayson
  • Communications / General Inquiries - Jacques (in his role as Public Relations Officer)
  • Inventory Management - Dani
  • Newsletter - Tim
  • Sponsor Management - Mike
  • Merchandise - Dani

Regional Representatives

  • NorMan - Joe
  • WestMan - Jeff
  • EastMan - Tim

Board of Director EMail Addresses

  • Tim has solicited and received email addresses from Board members.

Roster Update

  • Tim will give roster list to Stan for update.

Manitoba Parks Geocaching Policy

  • Dani has been in contact with the MB Parks group. They have addressed our concerns of grandfathering existing caches in MB Parks, and the registering of new caches without the presence of Parks representatives on site. Dani and Sandra will meet with Cathy Hummelt on April 23rd to discuss the work they've done thus far.

Riding Mountain National Park Trail and Backcountry Plan

  • Dani has been communicating with representatives from Riding Mountain National Park regarding their gathering feedback and information from interested groups about their plans for backcountry trails in the park. There will be a public session held on April 20th at MEC and Fort Whyte Centre. Steve will publish the details on the MBGA website's calendar and forum.

Landsharkz TAGS (Trackable Adventure Guide)

  • TAGs are custom made trackable tags similar to Travel Bug tags. The MBGA will purchase some to sell as part of our merchandise and sell for the same value as Landsharkz.

Long Term Goals

  • MBGA Geocoin for the association's 5th anniversary - Steve and Paula (Mhz) have started looking into this
  • Summer or Fall Geocaching Contest.
  • Hiding Seminar.
  • Churchill Geocaching Trip - June / July 2009 - Stan will followup.
  • Mapping provincial parks using GPS track logs.
  • A suggestion was made to have a separate meeting to discuss the long term goals in detail.

New Business Round Table

  • Jacques - Geocaching 2010 MBGA Mega Event for the 2010 Homecoming. To be discussed as part of long term goals
  • Jayson - voiced concerns over cache containers that may draw unwanted attention from civic / provincial authorities.
  • Mike - suggested a Travel Bug trading event.
  • Sandra - was contacted again by person in northern Manitoba about cataloging Wolf statues. May be able to make it part of the Churchill trip.

Next Meeting

  • May 12, 2009 - Location: TBD

Sandra motioned for the adjournment of the meeting. Jon seconded the motion. All agreed. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned by Tim at 21:48 CST.

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