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Board of Directors Meeting - May 12, 2009

Directors Meeting

Holiday Inn West


Sandra (junglehair), Steven (ertyu), Tim (TurdleEggs), Carmène (Mosaik Voyage), Dani (dani_carriere), Jacques (OHMIC), Jon (Trove Chasers), Jayson (Jaypeg), Stan (Ztirnats), Mike (glacier_ice)


Jeff (Hogger Jeff & the Piglets), Shinook & White Juan (Joe Graves)


Zad, Turdlefemme, Peter, MuStash, MHz

Agenda Items

Summer Contest

Steve (ertyu)


Hiding Seminar with an event Introduction and advanced hiding topics. 24 hour caching contest for finding Coupled with a hiding contest targeted to a specific size or type of cache, limiting 1 per category. Lose points if the cache isn’t Found in the 24 hour finding contest. Contest of difficulty level, voted after. Promote rural caches? Upsizing is possibility.


Definition of cache required. Bingo card with different caches types on the card all same. You must find the whole bingo card. 1 card per person. All summer long.

Subcommittee: Dani, Steve, Jacques and Mike

Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
Put together Bingo card Dani June
Hiding seminar to be set up Junglehair June

Churchill Trip

Stan (Ztirnats)


Statistics talked about all on track


Require MBGA to have cash flow through

Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
Pub night for July 2 Stan May 13

Lower Fort Garry event

Sandra (junglehair)


Maybe a 1-4pm event with table for MBGA Suggestions given, Parks will get back to us. Maybe door Prizes.


Still to be determined based on park feedback.

Approval Of Last meeting minutes and Reports

Tim (turdleEggs)

Follow Up

All items for follow up are in the reports.

Motion to Accept: Jayson
Seconder: Sandra

Provincial Parks Update

Dani (dani_carriere)


Parks is making some progress on their policy. Sandra will be identifying caches that we would like Grandfathered. Some in the heritage areas will probably not be grandfathered. Concern about Birds Hill having too many Caches now, Looking at form on website for cache approval. Working on criteria for caches.


Moving forward trying to finish as soon as possible

Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
Check re: Parks management meeting and MBGA to make presentation Sandra June

Advertiser Renewals

Mike (glacier_ice)


Expired contracts Inventory to be looked at and possible shopping for items at Geo event.


Raffling off a crest every month to help drive website traffic

Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
Letter template to be sent to Mike Dani May
Invoices to be done Dani May
Raffle of crest to be set up Jacques May

Treasurer Transition

Jon (Trove Chasers)


Invoices need to be cleared up with Dani/Sandra

Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
Reports to have Peters items added with Minutes Stan  

Directors Items

  • Jacques reported on TV Big Breakfast about geocaching this morning.
  • Carmene reported French leisure guide geocaching seminar given , English coming up on May 23rd
  • Jayson CotM is on its way but there is some delay in getting the information
  • Jon brought up the issue with the top 10 hider list showing archived caches. Steve will look into
  • Dani represented Geocaching at Riding mountain meeting, they are very positive about caching.
  • Sandra suggests that the MBGA have a first aid kit to take to MBGA events,Executive meetings should have agenda posted on the website.
  • Paula is working on the Geocoin design for the MBGA
  • Mike brought up series caches that are needing maintenance, should put up maintenance flag so that reviewer is aware of.
  • Stan asked for us to discuss Hall of Fame cachers at the next meeting.
  • Tim MEC contacted Tim and wanted to have another club night with the MBGA, they are looking for training from us, GPS training, geocaching training etc. It was also an idea to do some training at their Member nights.
Action Items Person Responsible Deadline
Executive to send email to Jayson with suggestions for CotM Executive June
Steve to check out the hider stats to see if archived can be filtered Steve June
Buy first aid kit for MBGA Carmene May

NEXT MEETING JUNE 9th Tuesday 18:00 for dinner and 19:00 for meeting Holiday Inn West


MBGA Events Report

May 12, 2009
by Sandra (junglehair)

  • CITO Event - May 9, 2009
    13 cachers braved the cold and snow to attend the CITO event. 37 bags of garbage were collected along a 1 km stretch of Bishop Grandin. Cost for lunch $43.54.

  • Adopt-a-Park
    I have requested information on the Adopt-a-Park program. Will provide more details when I learn more.

  • Grand Opening of the Headingley Grand Trunk Trail - May 9, 2009
    May do an official geocaching event in the future, but I advised them that since this one was part of a larger event, it likely wouldn't be published on geocaching.com. They hid 4 new caches in advance of the event with prize coupons for those that attended.

  • Cache the Marsh - Sunday, May 31, 2009
    Hosted by Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre

  • Geocaching at the Zoo II - Sunday, June 21, 2009
    New series of caches being hidden by Flotsom & Jetsom. MBGA to provide GPS units and info table for anyone that is interested in learning more about geocaching - same a s last year.

  • Churchill Trip - July 1 - 5
    Z'tirnats coordinating this trip with two events planned (one in Manitoba, and one in Nunavut). Over 20 people signed up to take part.

  • Lower Fort Garry's first annual Historic Hunt - Sunday, July 26, 2009
    Communicating with Wagonmaker on how the MBGA could help. Have suggested hosting an afternoon event so that no lunch is needed and offered that the MBGA could provide an info table and demonstrations similar to Zoo event. Still working out details.

  • GeoVenture - Friday August 28 - Sunday August 30, 2009
    Group Use area has been reserved for these dates. MtOlympus is scheming up his new (shorter/simpler) event cache.

  • Pub Nights
    No pub night planned for this month.

MBGA Membership Report

May 12, 2009
by Steven (ertyu)

As of May 10, 2009, there are currently 421 registered members. 399 are Manitoba residents. A gain of 21 and 22 members respectively since the April 14 meeting. During the past month a bug in the account renewal system was discovered and corrected. The bug was preventing members from getting notification of account expiration. This resulted in lower than expected membership totals during the past couple months and a larger increase this month.

MBGA Sponsors Report

May 12, 2009
by Mike (glacier_ice)

I'm reporting that there is nothing to report at this time as I'm still gathering all the required elements. :)

MBGA Treasurers Report

May 12, 2009
By Jon (Trove Chasers)

Chequing Account Balance Forward $1,378.97
PayPal Account balance forward $201.83
Total balance forward $1,580.80
Donation (Paypal Acct) $50.00
Training (Nick at White Plains in Headingly) $40.00
GPSr Rental (Nick at Headingly) $5.00
Correction to Pay Pal fee (Apr -3.28 s/b -3.78) $(0.50)
Transaction Fee - Paypal $(1.75)
Currrent Balance - Chequing $1,423.97
Current Pay pal Balance $249.58
Total Account Balance $1,673.55

MBGA Treasurers Report

Jan 13 to Apr 22/09
By Peter (Peter and Gloria)

Chequing $1,380.12
PayPal $201.83
Total Balance $1,581.95
Donations Rec'd $20.00
Cache Containers $75.00
TB Tags Sales $8.00
Event Income (RE:Beer Steins) $92.00
Web Ads $240.00
Training(External) Income $45.00
Beer Steins & Engraving -$234.39
Supplies -$98.95
Gift Certificates -$75.00
TOTAL Event Expenses -$408.34
Cache Containers Purchased -$69.06
Monthly Bank Fee -$3.75
Chequing $1,378.97
PayPal $201.83
Total Current Balance $1,580.80

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