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Cacher of the Month - September 2009

Xplorer and Ramblin' Rose

Xplorer and Ramblin' Rose
Xplorer and Ramblin' Rose

It's improvising time again. WHAT?...NO PROFILE PICTURE!!! Now I have to read their own description.
Wow, Xplorer and Ramblin Rose are two people that enjoy life, being with their grand children and each other. With thirteen grandchildren I assume they have been married for a few years, which is an accomplishment nowadays.
Sorry, but I can’t make anything up about these people. They are genuinely nice people that everyone should get to meet. Congrats Xplorer and Ramblin Rose on being the Cachers of the Month.

  1. When did you start Geocaching?
    March 12, 2005 with the 'Pointed House' (GCM73R) as a team although Xplorer found 2 before that while snowmobiling with FreeS and Curiouser and Curiouser (Teal's Treasure, GCJMHA) on Jan. 29th and 1Q4J (FLGC) in Feb.

  2. How did you find out about Geocaching?
    1Queen and 4Jokers were so excited about this new family sport so they got us hooked. If you read our 'Tribute to the Queen and 4 Jokers', you will realize how they did it!

  3. What was it about geocaching that got you hooked into the game?
    The thrill of the hunt, the great places that it brought us to that we likely never would explore or find otherwise and it's rather exciting to know that there are thousands of caches all over the world to go find!

  4. Have you cached in any other provinces, countries?
    Yes, Alberta and Ontario, ND, SD, MN, Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mexico while on a cruise. We placed a cache in Ethiopia that only two cachers ever found since it was on a refugee camp where our kids/grandkids lived, near the Sudan border.

  5. Have you ever introduced someone to geocaching? If so, who?
    Yes, the oldest member of Team Viper as the other team members had already been exposed to it before by 1Q4J. We went to visit them in St. Albert and decided that we needed to explore that place. He couldn't believe all the trails and parks that he'd never known were there. That team has far surpassed our two family caching teams in Manitoba in numbers! Of course that is likely because they live in a city and might we add 'a tad addicted'.

  6. How do you describe the sport of Geocaching to your family and friends who haven't tried it yet?
    High tech treasure hunting with plenty of extra benefits including hiking and exploring fascinating 'new' places.

  7. What are other interests or hobbies that you have (please go into detail / accomplishments)?
    Xplorer enjoys golfing, his antique tractor collection that he displays in parades, and farming. Ramblin' Rose loves gardening, reading, playing with the grandkids and we both love traveling.

  8. What are some things you don't like about geocaching? What are your pet peeves?
    Too many mosquitoes and ticks in certain seasons. What are your pet peeves? Micros where larger caches could be placed unless they are very unique ones that 'fit' the area.

  9. What is the most interesting/unusual place that geocaching has taken you?
    It's difficult to narrow it down to ONE place but we love historical caches such as the Katrina memorial, the French Quarter in New Orleans, Jerome in AZ, the Sun Valley pkw ones for numbers as they are actually interesting ones, and ... so on.

  10. What is the most memorable cache that you have found (or tried to find?)
    It's very difficult to have only one...even just one in one province or state would be difficult to narrow down. The most recent one was finding the oldest cache in AZ, simply called 'Geocache' (GC57) with Team Viper. We were well prepared for desert caching with hiking sticks, plenty of water, snake bite kit (taken along at our mother's request), etc! How amazing to cache in midwinter wearing summer clothes amidst saguaros and other cacti with mountain views in the distance. Since there had been no rain for the last little while, we could hike along the creek bed, occasionally sinking into deep sand but totally enjoying our surroundings. Although we found 3 other caches along the way, the highlight was definitely finding the first cache planted in AZ in absolutely great shape with the original logbook inside. We took some time to read log entries, take pictures, leave our signature items and TB's. We saw no snakes or tarantulas that we had anticipated to make this an Indiana Jones kind of hike. However, it was quite the workout in the heat, Xplorer was stabbed by a cacti spear right through his shoes and the rest of us had scratches to prove we'd persevered and proven we're ready to be desert cachers!

  11. What is your favorite Caching Story?
    One of our fav caching stories happened at 'The Crack' (GCR6W3) with Team Viper in Arizona and we still can't believe we didn't find it! We looked for it after going on a longish hike to the oldest cache in AZ. Poking and prodding inside the 'crack' with our hiking sticks beforehand didn't really reassure us that there would be no creepy crawlies inside. The rocks looked like they would crash down at any moment! Xplorer and Lady Viper volunteered to climb into this crack to attempt to find the cache. Well prepared with a flashlight aimed inside by RR and hiking stick in hand, LV squeezed gingerly inside with advice galore from the others. You have to remember that although one team's caching name includes 'Viper', neither one of them is interested in encountering the 'real thing' and LV and RR are sisters with the same phobias! After searching fairly well, she allowed Xplorer to have a turn. No luck and time was running out as we'd soon have to make our way back to Scottsdale before our fuel ran out and/or the sun would go down... This Indiana Jones experience would be talked about extensively and we wished we'd read the previous logs beforehand. Hopefully we'll be able to say we found it someday.

  12. What is your most interesting item found in a cache?
    Various Geocoins and TBs

  13. What items if any do you carry with you when you go on a hunt?
    For a longish hike, a backpack with hockey or duct tape, repellent, some swag, water, granola bars, the usual extras. For a drive-by, not much besides GPS and pencil/pen and possibly some swag.

  14. What kind of GPSr do you use?
    Garmin 60Cx

  15. What methods do you use to avoid muggle detection?
    Phoning someone (on the GPSer) or taking lots of pictures.

  16. What is the meaning of your username?
    We used to have CB radios on the farm so these were our 'handles'. Xplorer drove a Ford Explorer at the time while Ramblin' Rose was my name. He loves exploring and I love rambling and roses so we decided to continue to use them for our cacher names.

  17. What was the most memorable travel bug that you have found?
    'A Menehune Sailboat' from Hawaii that we picked up at Maple Grove and placed/retrieved in Cozumel on our first cruise and later placed into the cache near Biloxi.

  18. Which geocachers do you respect or standout to you the most?
    Far too many to name besides the 'sister' teams. We vividly remember looking for 'Pollock Island' and meeting TurdleEggs and his mom, checking on his cache! We have many awesome creative cache hiders/finders in our province and there are even some in USA!

  19. With whom do you normally go geocaching?
    Each other, 1Q4J, and Team Viper. RR has gone on several fun WOW trips to Minneapolis and we used to cache with FreeS and CC but both are on a hiatus at present.

  20. If you could cache anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?
    Everywhere and anywhere. Ramblin' Rose would love to go to Cambodia and Vietnam and Xplorer enjoys caching in Canada and the States.

  21. Is there a challenging local cache you have in your sights right now? Which one?
    We are looking for the time to find Netleyhunter's 'The Cave', 'Cabin Lake, pt. 1 and 2' and several others of his around Red Rock Lake.

  22. Of your placed caches, which is your favorite?
    Xplorer's would be Wolseley Expedition b/c he loves creating devious and clever hides. RR's would be 'Tribute to 1Q4J' and our 'Gold' caches b/c she loves big caches with lots of loot for kids. We both enjoy historical/unique places so I suppose most of our caches are our favs.

  23. What kind of books do you prefer to read?
    Xplorer prefers true stories and biographies. Ramblin' Rose reads basically any genre except science fiction. What was the last book you read? Xplorer read 'What do you do if you don't die' about Steven Fletcher's life after his accident. Ramblin' Rose has been reading several murder mysteries.

  24. Can you play a musical instrument?
    RR used to play the organ and enjoys singing.

  25. How far from your house is the nearest unfound cache?
    4 miles -- 'What's in a Cacher's name?' -We still need a few 'numbers' to complete it.

  26. Besides your GPSr, what other tools (electronic or otherwise), or software do you make use of?
    Laptop (GSAK), sometimes a reachy stick or magnetic reachers, hiking sticks and the usual.

  27. Do you use your GPSr for other reasons other than Geocaching?
    We have a car GPS for traveling.

  28. What is in your iPod/CD player right now?
    Either celtic, bluegrass, some country, or Southern Gospel although we're pretty eclectic in our tastes in music.

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